Emerging Leader of the Year

Emerging Leader of the Year

Damian McDonald, President, ampersand

When Damian McDonald was in his early-20s, he faced a decision about whether to continue a promising career in Web development, which had taken him to epicenter of computing power in California, or to join his father, Mike, to lead the family business into the future.

McDonald chose to leave Silicon Valley and return home where ampersand was housed in Guelph, Ont. His technological influence was immediately felt at the company, which pushed its 29-inch sheetfed press to print well over 500-line screen, one of the only printers in Canada to do so, while also working to overcome the early-day bottlenecks of sending massive data to one of the region’s most advanced digital presses.

McDonald also focused on emerging XML interchange with prepress and led ampersand to win consecutive CIP4 awards for Best Process Automation, competing against world-leading printers. As President, McDonald is now driving ampersand into the future in a new Guelph facility with a Xerox iGen 150 and a 40-inch press that continues to produce High Definition staccato.

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