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Agfa introduces Oberon RTR3300

February 11, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Agfa in early February announced a new addition to its large-format inkjet printer assortment. The Oberon RTR3300 is a dedicated 3.3-m roll-to-roll machine that combines “extreme productivity and quality with an extensive media scope and a unique ease of use.”

The new Oberon RTR3300 comes in four-colour plus white and six-colour versions. In Express mode, the Oberon RTR3300 hits 150 m²/h, while in Production mode, the Oberon reaches 85 m²/hour. The dual-roll option is capable of handling two rolls each up to 1.6 metres wide, doubling the total output.

The UV LED inks on the Oberon RTR3300 were optimized for flexible media and printing of solid colours. They obtained the highest category of Greenguard Gold certification, Agfa explains, nothing that they meet rigorous chemical emissions standards and can be used in sensitive indoor environments, such as schools or healthcare facilities. In addition to its air-cooled LED curing lamps, the Oberon RTR3300 features a water-cooled table designed to keep the printing zone at room temperature.

Thanks to a unique media loading setup, a single operator can quickly load the media, Agfa explains, adding that the smart multi-queue functionality guarantees “effortless” job planning in view of the available materials. The free fall option, which may be used to print on demand, is designed to reduce media waste. A light box next to the printing area allows for on-the-spot quality inspection of backlit prints, while a double light curtain works to ensure that jobs don’t get interrupted and media wasted, even when an operator accidentally moves into the safety zone.

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