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Agfa Unveils Jeti Ceres Inkjet

January 16, 2017  By PrintAction Staff

Agfa's Jeti Ceres provides for a primer option for durability when printing on unusual or difficult roll-based medias.

Agfa Graphics launched its Jeti Ceres RTR3200 UV LED roll-to-roll printer for what the company describes as mid- to high-end applications. The new engine can include a combination of optional white printing and primer for producing higher-end image quality and durability.

The Jeti Ceres, leveraging Agfa’s UV LED inks and thin ink layer technology, is a dedicated 3.2-metre roll-to-roll printer capable of printing on single- and dual-roll medias at speeds of up to 186 square metres per hour.

“The Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED could be considered the roll-to-roll equivalent of the renown Jeti Titan series,” said Reinhilde Alaert, Marketing Product Manager, Sign & Display High-End. “Our goal with this new engine is to maximize productivity while staying true to Agfa Graphics’ industry-leading image quality and low ink consumption, which is why we bring a roll-to-roll alternative in the Jeti product family.”


The Jeti Ceres can print on heat-sensitive medias like self-adhesive sheets and PVC without warping or wrinkling them, which opens up new opportunities and allows printers to reduce the costs.  The new printer is equipped with white ink circulation that extends along the entire ink line. “Agfa Graphics’ thin ink technology results in wide-gamut, vibrant images – no matter the substrate. Our inks’ high pigmentation, along with our deep understanding of the physics of ink jetting, keeps ink consumption low, extremely precise and waste-free,” said Alaert.

Agfa Graphics’ Jeti Ceres also adds a primer option for durability when printing on unusual or difficult roll-based media. The engine pre-prints a layer of primer automatically before depositing ink, preparing the top layer for surface tension to better receive ink.

Asanti, Agfa’s wide-format printing workflow software, comes with the Jeti Ceres system, which also makes it compatible with Agfa’s cloud-based PrintSphere for flow of information between customers, colleagues, freelancers, departments and other Agfa printing solutions – streamlining file sharing and enhancing data security.

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