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Agfa Launches Avalon N16-80 XT

July 22, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Agfa Graphics introduced the 16-up Avalon N16-80 XT thermal platesetter, which the company describes as its new range of top-line models suitable for large commercial and packaging operations.

The Avalon N16’s 16-up external-drum engine is equipped with Grating Light Valve (GLV) imaging heads, with 512 or 1,024 channels (beams). The Avalon N16 range includes four models that produce between 16 and 42 plates (1,448 x 1,143 mm) per hour. The entry-level Avalon N16-50 E (16 pph) can be upgraded to the higher speed Avalon N16-50 S (24 pph) and Avalon N16-50 XT (30 pph) models in the field. The flagship Avalon N16-80 XT produces 42 pph.


Agfa Avalon N Automation for the N16 includes internal plate punching, dual, triple and quad cassette loading and online processing. A drum auto-balance system allows switching between different-sized plates.

The Avalon N16 internal punching system performs punching for both the drum and the on-press registration, immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. By adding optional press punch blocks, imaged plates can be loaded straight onto presses with different punching.

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