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Agfa unveils new Arziro Design 4.0 features

August 30, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Agfa Graphics has introduced the fourth version of Arziro Design, a dedicated ecosystem for the general security printing market. This Adobe Illustrator plug-in update includes a host of new functions and two new features: a comprehensive guilloche generator and, for validated security printers and government entities, rainbow colouring capabilities to protect against forgeries and counterfeiting.

Where previous versions of Arziro Design were equipped with a guilloche library, this version also includes a guilloche generator. This allows the user to create guilloches that can be combined with other tools to create complex security design in Adobe Illustrator on Mac or PC computer.

Rainbow or iris printing is a rainbow colouring process used in security printing to help prevent colour-accurate reproduction of the document by photocopiers or scanners. It is designed to protect security documents against colour separation or copying by subtly merging colours into each other, resulting in a gradual colour change. The new rainbow functionality in Arziro Design allows security designers to view the rainbow inks while creating the document, create inkjet proofs with the rainbow print visible and generate the correct output for print.


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