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Aleyant releases tFLOW 9

April 23, 2018  By PrintAction

In April, Aleyant introduced its tFLOW 9 software for digital workflow automation and customer service for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics. Version 9 of tFLOW now includes the ability to send customizable welcome emails for new user creation to enable them to  view and approve jobs within tFLOW.

In addition, Version 9 features tab-managed links that give users access with public and private login links. tFLOW automatically recognizes which users have private and public access and allows them to use tFLOW accordingly.

The new version also includes Approval Reminders with a “send reminder” option for users in the job screen to more easily follow up on required job tasks. It has a more flexible API, according to Aleyant, and its user-defined SmartPrep variables can be sent directly through an API to other applications with no development needed.

In addition to the  number of standard variables included in tFLOW, users can also create their own custom variables. With the tBOT auto file downloader, tFLOW now has the ability to separate cutpaths from artwork and send them to different systems for further processing. tBOT is the tFLOW downloading application that connects to RIPs, cutters and imposition systems.

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