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Allprint Ainsworth Sales Staff Joining Cober Printing

February 18, 2010
By Jon Robinson

Cober Printing Ltd. finalized a deal to take on the sales staff and clients of Kitchener-based Allprint Ainsworth Associates, which filed for bankruptcy protection on February 5.

“We are in the process of transitioning all the sales staff and clients over to us, as well as any production people needed to support those sales,” says Peter Cober, President of  Cober Printing, which is also located in Kitchener. “We have met with all of the salespeople and they are on board, and the clients also seem to be quite comfortable with it.

“The rest of my day will be spent focusing on the company’s CSRs and estimators and support staff,” continues Cober, who expects to complete these arrangements sometime next week. Work from Allprint is already starting to filter into the Cober Printing facility.

Cober says he is currently not pursuing any of the hard assets from Allprint Ainsworth, which includes three older 40-inch Heidelberg perfecting presses, as well as a 29-inch Heidelberg perfector and an HP Indigo 5000. While Cober Printing also runs Heidelberg perfecting presses, including a 40-inch 10-colour and a 40-inch 5-colour, Allprint’s offset machines are of an older generation. 

Cober Printing has long been recognized as one of Canada’s most technologically innovative commercial printing companies. The company currently runs three HP Indigo presses, including a recently purchased 7000 model.

“We have a lot of expertise with Web-to-print applications and digital storefronts, in-house mailing and very sophisticated distribution and fulfillment, with RFID and barcodes, for example,” says Cober. “So we think we have the opportunity to do a fair bit of up-selling with [Allprint’s] existing sheetfed clients – to get more dollars out of them.”

While Allprint has filed for bankruptcy protection, the company is more than likely headed for receivership. Company owner, Klaus Ertle, said he was retiring last Friday, February 12, as the 50,000-square-foot Allprint facility ceased operations.

If Allprint Ainsworth does enter receivership, its presses and hard assets would be then auctioned off.

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