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Aurigma adds InDesign support to Customer’s Canvas

August 14, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Aurigma intends to showcase its new InDesign support for its Customer’s Canvas online web-to-print editor at Print 18. The new support, Aurigma explains, will allow printers and marketing providers to harness Adobe InDesign functionality for creating professional-looking design templates that end-users can personalize online.

Previous versions of Customer’s Canvas supported the Adobe Photoshop format, and adding InDesign to the family will allow current and future customers to reduce the learning curve for designers creating templates and publishing them to the website, the company explains.

“In a highly competitive printing market, every element is important for companies, including the quality of print templates. In many cases, modern desktop publishing systems are more convenient for creating design templates than online solutions,” says Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO at Customer’s Canvas by Aurigma, Inc. “As we continue to improve our web-to-print editor, we focus on providing customers with flexible options for creating templates, such as the ability to import them from popular desktop solutions.”

Print 18 visitors will have the opportunity to experience the new technology firsthand and receive guidance from the Aurigma team on the uses and benefits of Adobe InDesign support.

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