The Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund (CPISTF) continues its mandate of providing financial aid for students who are pursuing post-secondary education focused on the printing industry. 

For the current school year, beginning in September, CPISTF recently awarded 46 students from across Canada with a combined $61,250 in scholarship funding. A total of $18,750 was awarded to 12 new students enrolled in the first year of an approved course of study. A further $42,500 was provided to 34 continuing students already enrolled in the scholarship program.

“Every year the Board of Trustees is challenged to select the best and brightest as recipients of our scholarships and this year was no exception. We are pleased to be able to support 46 students in their pursuit of a career in the graphic communications industry,” said Don Gain, Chairman of CPISTF.  

The value of each annual scholarship is $1,250, but one student “exhibiting a high level of talent” is awarded $5,000 through the Warren Wilkins Prestige Scholarship (WWPS). David Vega of Brampton, Ontario, received this year’s WWPS. He is attending Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management program in downtown Toronto.

The fund is largely driven by the independent support of firms and individuals within Canada’s printing community. All scholarship applicants must be enrolled in or plan to be enrolled in a full-time two-, three- or four-year approved program and exhibit a commitment to pursue a career in the printing industry. 

The Printing Industries of America (PIA) is in the midst of trying to invalidate two digital workflow patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that put printers at risk for infringement.

The patents, 6,611,349 (System and method of generating a printing plate file in real time using a communication network) and 6,738,155 (System and method of providing publishing and printing services via a communications network), have allowed its owner, CTP Innovations LLC, to target printing companies, who in some cases have been sued for infringement. The patents address methods for receiving customer files, using a computer network to perform various prepress functions and creating a plate-ready PDF.

“We’re not going to stand by and let a patent troll intimidate our members into paying unnecessary licensing fees,” said Michael Makin, President and CEO of the PIA. “The patents should never have been granted, since the claims were obviously based on prior patents and published documents. I hope this action will give our members the upper hand in fighting these frivolous lawsuits and causes the patent owner to discontinue its licensing campaign.”

The PIA says it hopes the petitions are accepted, after which time there will be a review by the USPTO over 12 months.

In May of this year, Xerox and Ricoh joined forces to combat a different patent holding relating to converting print documents into digital files. In 2011, NPR's This American Life radio show looked at the issue with a segment called When Patents Attack and followed up earlier this year with a second part to the series.

The Manitoba Print Industry Association announced its new Board of Directors, with Rob Young of Pollard Banknote to serve as President for 2013/2014.

The Manitoba Print Industry Association (MPIA) is a non-profit organization created to attract and retain individuals into the printing industry in Manitoba. The MPIA has partnered with the Province of Manitoba to focus on extending collaborative human resource development and training initiatives.

The complete MPIA Board of Directors looking after the group’s initiatives in 2013/2014 include:

President: Rob Young, Pollard Banknote
Vice-President: Gord Boultbee, Harris Printing
Past President: Glenn Buffie, Derksen Printers
Bob Harvie, Prolific Graphics
Jim Macklin, Winpak
Andrea Read, Transcontinental
Tony Kasdorf, The Standard Press
Herb Vielhaber, Cascades Boxboard
Mark Davis, Corporate Source
Greg Ward, Ward's Printing
Jonathan Leech, Harris Printing

The Printing Industries of America announced the winners of the 2013 Premier Print Awards today in which four Canadian printers received accolades for producing the best pieces in seven categories.

More than 2,800 projects were submitted for judging at this year’s competition. Best of Category awards, referred to as the Benny Award, were handed out to 112 winners, and numerous other printing companies from around the world received Awards of Recognition and Certificates of Merit. All the Benny-winning pieces will be featured in a publication mailed out to 10,000 print buyers, as well as be awarded at the Premier Print Awards Gala at PRINT 13 on September 8.

Hemlock Printers received three Best of Category (Benny) awards for the Digital Printing-Novelty Books, Environmentally Sound, and Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colours, printers with 101-250 employees). 

PDI picked up two Benny Awards in Digital Printing-Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colours) and Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (printers with 101-250 employees). 

Calgary-based Rhino Print Solutions received its Benny in the Art Books (1, 2, or 3 colour) category.

Students at Ryerson Unversity's Graphic Communications Management program received Benny acclaim for their RyeTAGA Student Journal in the Post-Secondary Students category.

Finally, Toronto-based Webcom Inc. won its Benny Award in the Digital Printing-Juvenile Books category.

Below is a full list of this year’s Best of Category award winners:

Soft-Cover Books
1010 Printing International Limited
The Total Gun Manual

High School Students
Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School
14th Annual James Alegre Invitational Basketball Tournament Poster & T-Shirt

Art Books (4 or more colours)
Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited

Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited

Novelty Books
Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited

Stochastic Printing
Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited
40th Anniversary of the World Heritage

Labels and Wraps—Cut and stack, sheetfed
Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited

Special Innovation Awards—Printing
Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited

Booklets (1, 2, or 3 colours)
Baton Rouge Printing Company
The Family Church Women's Conference

Booklet or Brochure Series
Body of Work
Body of Work The Chameleon Series

Service Catalogs (4 or more colours, non-printer)
Body of Work
Trivett Classic Car Corporate Book

Book Jackets
Body of Work
Trivett Classic Car Corporate Book

Art Prints
Body of Work
Behind the Florentine Veil

Body of Work
Body of Work 2014/15 Calendar

Digital Printing—On-Demand
Body of Work
Body of Work 2014/15 Calendar

Other Special Finishing Techniques
Body of Work
Trivett Classic Car Corporate Book

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (prepress companies, finishing, advertising, and other graphic arts firms)
Body of Work
Body of Work Casino Collection Catalogue

Business and Annual Reports
(1, 2, or 3 colours)
Burton & Mayer, Inc.
Special Olympics Annual Report

Hard-Cover Trade Books, Journals, and Other Books
C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd
The Earth, Our Home

School Textbooks
C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd
Lippincott's Textbook for Nursing Assistant

Diaries and Desk Calendars
C&C Offset Printing Co., Ltd
2013 Year of the Snake

Invitations (1, 2, or 3 colours)
C&S Sales
Wynn Invite

Fashion/Popular Culture Magazines
(printers with fewer than 250 employees)
Clear Image Printing
7 Magazine

They Said It Couldn't Be Done
Color FX, Inc.
Hamid N. Zadeh Series

Media Kits
Color Incorporated

Cross-Media Promotion
Color Ink, Inc.
FunDeco Furniture and Décor

Magazine Series
Colorcraft of Virginia, Inc.
Nature's Best

Programs (1, 2, or 3 colours)
Colorcraft of Virginia, Inc.
The Crisis

Programs (4 or more colours)
Colorcraft of Virginia, Inc.
50th U.S. Senate Youth Program

Cartons and Containers
Samsung Galaxy Note—Sell Kit

Direct Mail Campaigns, Consumer
ColorGraphics, A Cenveo Company
Chrysler 2013

Business and Annual Reports
(4 or more colors, printers with 21-50 employees)
Colornet Press
The Grammy Museum Annual Report

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines (printers with fewer than 250 employees)
Continental Colorcraft
Process Magazine "The Art of Stochastic Printing"

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 21-50 employees)
Craftsman Printing Inc.
Life's Best Moments. Furnished.

Brochures and Broadsides, Large
DGI, A Bolger Company
Radiance Redefined

Flyers (4 or more colours)
Digital Hub
Aflac Handout

Booklets (4 or more colours, non-printer)
Dillon Bindery, Inc.
Shift Your Thinking

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, non-printer)
Dillon Bindery, Inc.

Business and Annual Reports
(4 or more colours, non-printer)
Dillon Bindery, Inc.
The Options Clearing Corporation

Service Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 51-100 employees)
Dual Graphics
Artifact Photography Book

Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colours, printers with more than 250 employees)
EarthColor Houston
MINERA FRISCO 2012 Annual Report

Booklets (4 or more colours, printers with 20 employees or less)
Evolve Printing
"THINK" Evolve Printing 2012

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion
(printers with 20 employees or less)
Evolve Printing
"THINK" Evolve Printing 2012

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion
(printers with 21-50 employees)
Facform Impressos Ltda.
Facform 2013

Internal Communication Pieces
(1, 2, or 3 colours)
Fey Printing
Matheson Seed Kit

Genesis Press
Wofford's "Taking Chances" Mailer

Directories and Source Books
Geographics, Inc.
2013 Voyages Atlas Directory

Customized/Personalize/Variable-Data Digital Printing
GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions
Rock it Out Tour—Dscoop8 Promotion

Booklets (4 or more colours, printers with 51-100 employees)
Graphic Visual Solutions
Dream by Cougar

Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colours, printers with 51-100 employees)
Graphic Visual Solutions
Nursing Annual Report 2011

Hi-Fidelity Printing
Graphic Visual Solutions
Dream by Cougar

Business Cards
H & H Graphics
Anything but Ordinary


Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colours, printers with 101-250 employees)
Hemlock Printers Ltd.
Teck 2012 Annual Report

Digital Printing—Novelty Books
Hemlock Printers Ltd.
Dream Pieces: The SAIT Polytechnic Trades and Technology Complex

Environmentally Sound
Hemlock Printers Ltd.
North Face Broadside

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion
(printers with more than 250 employees)
Herff Jones Yearbooks
Ideas That Fly, Volume 18

Presentation Folders/Portfolios
(4 or more colours)
HM Graphics
BANK OF AMERICA—Global Market Literature Kit

Point-of-Purchase Materials
HM Graphics
MAURICE'S—Holiday Store Decorations


HM Graphics
Popcorn Factory—Envelopes

Promotional Campaigns, Consumer
HM Graphics

Direct Mail Campaigns,
HM Graphics
Phonak Quest Product Direct Mail Campaign

Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or "Invisible" Printing Inks
Hot Graphics & Printing, Inc
HOT's Promotional Book

Service Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 101-250 employees)
Imprenta Mariscal Cia Ltda
Pura Raza Española

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 20 employees or less)
Impresos Florida, S.A. de C.V.
Catalogos Mini 5 Modelos

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 51-100 employees)
Impritec, S.A. de C.V.
Catalogo Handbags SS13

Magazines (Cover—sheetfed;
Infagon Web, S.A. de C.V.
Morelos: Turismo, Cultura y Desarrollo

Web Press Printing (4 or more colours, coated paper)
Infagon Web, S.A. de C.V.
Amura Praga

Service Catalogs (4 or more colors, printers with more than 250 employees)
Ipsis Grãfica E Editora S/A
Ipsis Litteris 8

Internal Communication Pieces
(4 or more colors)
J.S. McCarthy Printers
Estēe Lauder Start Book

School Yearbooks
Jostens Printing and Publishing
U.S.N.A. Lucky BAG 2012

Juvenile Books
Leo Paper Products Limited

Newsletters (4 or more colours)
Leo Paper Products Limited
Leo Express Vol. 31

Business and Annual Reports
(4 or more colours, printers with 20 employees or less)
Leo Paper Products Limited
Annual Report

Diecuts, Pop-ups, Unique Folds, and Involvement Devices
Leo Paper Products Limited
På Besøg hos Prinsesse Puf

Stationery Packages
(4 or more colours)
Leo Paper Products Limited
Treasured Passages Connecting Hearts & Histories

Service Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 20 employees or less)
Master Print Group
Farr—Gold Series

Product/Service Catalogs
(Cover—sheetfed; Interior—web)
Offset Multicolor S.A. de C.V.
Anuario 2012

Stochastic Printing
Offset Multicolor S.A. de C.V.
Catalogo La Europea 2012

Web Press Printing (4 or more colours, uncoated paper)
Offset Multicolor S.A. de C.V.
Berger Times No. 15

Service Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 21-50 employees)
Offset Santiago S.A. de C.V. 
Gabriel Orozco

Invitations (4 or more colours)
O'Neil Printing
Barrett-Jackson, Palm Beach

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (printers with 51-100 employees)
O'Neil Printing
Wide Format Printing

PBM Graphics, Inc.
Bell Helicopter Navy Poster

Digital Printing—Brochures and Booklets (4 or more colours)
PDI Inc.
PDI-Innovation brochure & sleeve

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (printers with 101-250 employees)
PDI Inc.
PDI-Innovation brochure & sleeve

Magazine Inserts
Performance Companies
MiO Water Reveal

Large-Format Printing
Philipp Lithographing Company
Corona Crawfish Boil—Mass Display

PJ Printers
It's a Wonderful Life

Single Promotional Self-Mailer
PJ Printers
It's a Wonderful Life

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with 101-250 employees)
Premier Press
Mastercraft Catalog Two Thousand Twelve

Stationery Packages
(1, 2, or 3 colors)
ProGraphics Communications
White and Haines Identity Package

Binders (Loose-leaf)
Heron Dance, Art Studio

Miscellaneous Specialties—Other
R and R Images
Cosmo Pitch Book

Fashion/Popular Culture Magazines (printers with more than 250 employees)
Regal Printing Limited
Helmet Magazine #3

Digital Printing—Cookbooks
Regal Printing Limited
Moet & Chandon Champagne

Special Innovation Awards—Other
Regal Printing Limited
Hour 25

Art Books (1, 2, or 3 colours)
Rhino Print Solutions
Composition in Stone

Fashion/Popular Culture Magazines (printers with more than 250 employees)
Ripon Printers

Magazine Series
Ripon Printers
ELITE LUXURY PUBLISHING—Jan/Feb 13, Mar/Apr 13, Nov/Dec 12

Booklets (4 or more colours, printers with more than 250 employees)
RR Donnelley Pittsburgh
2014 Equis Brochure

Post-Secondary Students
Ryerson University
RyeTAGA Student Journal Publication

Product Catalogs (4 or more colours, printers with more than 250 employees)
Stilgraf Artes Graficas e Editora Ltda.
Catalogo AB Maes

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines (printers with more than 250 employees)
Stilgraf Artes Graficas e Editora Ltda.
Revista Santa

Foil Stamping and Embossing/Debossing
Superior Foil Print Pty Ltd
My Mother—Ava Rushgrove

Promotional Campaigns, Business-to-Business
The First Impression Group
The Bear Pre-Arrival Kit

Booklets (4 or more colours, printers with 21-50 employees)
The Fox Company, Inc.
Miron Construction Brochure

Booklets (4 or more colours, printers with 101-250 employees)
The Hennegan Company, a Consolidated Graphics Company
Briggs & Riley Winter 2013/Spring 2014 Consumer Catalog

Brochures and Broadsides, Small
(4 or more colours)
Watermark Press
Friends of the Academy Platinum Circle

Digital Printing—Juvenile Books
Webcom Inc.
These Hands

Foil Stamping and Embossing/Debossing
Wide Ocean Printing Co., LTD.
Wide Ocean Printing Company Red Packet Set 2013 


Pacific Bindery Services of Vancouver received a 2013 Product of Excellence Award for its first-place finish in the Stitching category of the Binding Industries Association’s annual competition dedicated to the best in post-press production.

Twenty-five Product of Excellence Awards were handed out by the Binding Industries Association (BIA) after a panel of judges weighed through more than 200 entries from around the world. Pacific’s Product of Excellence Award, representing the only first-place finish by a Canadian company, is for its stitching work on the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia project.

Pacific was founded in 1971 and now describes itself as the largest bindery and finishing operation in Western Canada, employing 80 staff. The company is led by Brad Clement.

BindTech Inc. of Nashville – with over 300 employees – won the BIA’s 2013 Graphic Finisher of the Year Award, while Holum and Sons Co. of Westmont, Illinois, was named the Custom Loose Leaf/Information Packaging Company of the Year. Pacific Bindery was named by the BIA as Canada’s Top Graphic Finisher back in 2009.

The full list of 2013 Product of Excellence winners includes (Category/Company):

Mechanical Folding, Leo Paper Products Ltd.
Stitching, Pacific Bindery Services Ltd.
Adhesive Binding, Bindtech Inc.
Case Binding, Leo Paper Products Ltd.
Mechanical Binding, Seidl's Bindery
Diecutting, Leo Paper Products Ltd.
Foil Stamping and Embossing, C & C Joint Printing Co. (Shanghai)
Hand Work, Leo Paper Products Ltd.
Gluing, Reindl Bindery Company Inc.
Special Products, Bindtech Inc.
Graphic Finisher Self Promotion, C & C Joint Printing Co. (H.K.)
They Said It Could Be Done, McGraphics Inc.
Foil Stamping/Debossing, Holum & Sons Co. Inc.
Screen Printing (Single Colour), Duraweld Ltd.
4-colour process digital onto vinyl, Space Age Laminating & Bindery
Applique, Silvanus Products
Turned Edge Casebound, Trends Presentation Products
Sewn Products, Silvanus Products
Boxes and Totes, Pack Appeal
Innovative Use of Materials, Binding Solutions, Inc.
Special Products, Holum & Sons Co. Inc.
Product Design, Holum & Sons Co. Inc.
Self Promotion, Trends Presentation Products
They Said It Couldn't Be Done, Trends Presentation Products
Turned Edge Casebound, Silvanus Products

The Ontario Printing Industries Association (OPIA) last week handed out its several awards in its annual Excellence in Print Awards program.

The top divisional winners of the 2013 OPIA Excellence in Print Awards included C.J. Graphics Inc. Printers & Lithographers and Metroland Media Group Ltd. Both companies are based in Toronto.

C.J. Graphics won the top award in three divisions, including Sheetfed, Digital and Specialty Printing. The Tempo Division of Metroland Media received the top OPIA award for Web Printing.

The awards were presented at the Mississauga Convention Centre on the night of May 22, which featured a keynote address from personal-finance guru David Chilton, who is best know for his books The Wealthy Barber (1989) and more recently The Wealthy Barber Returns. Chilton is also one of the panelists on CBC’s hit television series, The Dragon’s Den.

Michael Makin, CEO of the Printing Industries of America association, yesterday issued an open letter Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costco Wholesale Corp., about an article to be published in The Costco Connection newsletter. The article, according to the PIA, includes several misconceptions about the impact of paper on the environment.

Makin’s open letter to Costco’s CEO comes just a few weeks after the PIA helped to end what it felt to be misleading claims leveled in Toshiba (No Print Day) and Google (Go Paperless 2013) marketing campaigns about poor environmental chains of responsibility in the printing and paper industries.

The following message from Michael Makin was sent on April 1 to the Printing Industries of America membership.

Dear Members:

This is not an April Fool’s joke. It has been brought to our attention today that the printing industry is under attack by yet another industry giant. Costco Wholesale Corp. is planning to distribute the April 2013 issue of The Costco Connection with an article titled “Good for the earth and business” by Carrie Madren. This article claims to be dedicated to green and sustainability but contains several serious misconceptions about the negative environmental impact of paper and the superior performance of electronic communication.

In an open letter to Costco Wholesale Corp. CEO Craig Jelinek today, I encouraged the organization to consider the facts about print. Printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint with all other media requiring energy every time they are viewed and, additionally, most of the energy is from non-renewable fuels, whereas paper made in North America is made with at least 60 percent renewable energy.

I told Mr. Jelinek that the printing industry in this country employs almost one million people, many of whom are Costco customers. Presenting distortions of fact as Costco has done in their newsletter is a disservice to them.

Facts about our industry, with information for even more resources to dispel the common misconceptions about print, can be found in The Value of Print Flip-Book, available in the Printing Industries Press Online Store; or in a  digital version; and most recently as a mobile app for Apple, Android, and Blackberry users.

The Flip-Book is an invaluable tool that can be used to give responses to the common misconceptions about print, promote its effectiveness with statistics, discuss the importance of the printing industry and its large economic footprint, and refer to additional websites for more information.

Let’s all rally behind our industry and encourage Mr. Jelinek to correct the false claims in his April newsletter.

Michael Makin
CEO, Printing Industries of America

Michael Makin has declared victory over Google’s Go Paperless 2013 campaign after his letter to the Google executives has caused them to remove a misleading slogan of “Save money. Save time. Save trees.”

In Makin’s initial letter to Google, he described how the printing industry is at the forefront of sustainability efforts and that printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint, whereas electronic devices require the mining and refining of numerous materials and non-renewable resources. “We all must do our part to respect the environment, but pitting one segment of the communications spectrum against another is not the right way to achieve this goal.”

Below is the newly released letter to the PIA membership about how it has changed the Google campaign:

Dear members,
It may have taken months, but I am pleased to report that as a result of the protest by Printing Industries of America—along with other groups such as Two Sides—Google has corrected its misleading claims made as part of its ill-conceived Paperless 2013 campaign. While the campaign to reduce office paper use will continue, its offensive tag line “Save money. Save time. Save trees” has been eliminated!

You may remember that in January this year, I sent an open letter to Google CEO Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt, challenging Google on this offensive initiative. It appears our protest did not fall on deaf ears.

Misconceptions like these are common in our industry, and that is why Printing Industries of America has spent time and resources putting together The Value of Print campaign, a tool that can be used to dispel many misconceptions about our industry.

The Value of Print Flip-Book and its accompanying mobile app can be used to give responses to the common misconceptions about print, promote its effectiveness with statistics, discuss the importance of the printing industry and its large economic footprint, and refer to additional websites for more information.

I want to thank Messrs. Page and Schmidt for reconsidering the message of the Paperless 2013 campaign. This is just one more victory for our industry, but we can’t sit back now. I am encouraging everyone to view a copy of the Flip-Book by visiting and to help spread the true message about print. And don’t forget to download the app, available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry users.

Michael Makin, MBA
President and CEO

The Canadian Printing Industries Association released a progress report yesterday about its direction, as well as the status of the Printing Industries of Canada initiative, with the upcoming closure of the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council.

Below is the full statement issued by Sandy Stephens, Chairman of the Board for the Canadian Printing Industries Association:

Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) is one of the two founding members of the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC). The Government of Canada decided to end core funding for all Sector Councils effective March 31, 2013. As a result, CPISC will cease operations shortly, as announced last week. That closure will be a loss for the industry.

During its years of activity, the Sector Council generated significant intellectual property specific to our industry. The Council will transfer these assets to CPIA for continued industry access. CPIA will maintain and continue to develop these resources and, as a result, our Association has been strengthened.

While CPIA and the Sector Council have been mutually supportive over the years, they have been separate legal entities. Therefore, the closure of CPISC will not have an adverse impact on the Association.

In 2012, CPIA and CPISC announced the potential formation of a new association, Printing Industries of Canada (PIC). While the demise of CPISC has rendered the future of PIC uncertain at this time, it has not affected CPIA’s pivotal role in our industry.

CPIA has long been recognized by elected and appointed officials of the Government of Canada as the legitimate voice of our industry. That advocacy role has been, and will continue to be, the primary mandate of the national Association. Key current initiatives include an examination by Environment Canada of air emissions from the printing and packaging industries; in-house digital operations within Government of Canada offices; and the lead content in print raw materials, of concern to the Consumer Product Safety Branch at Health Canada.

CPIA, with its 80-year history of service to the Canadian printing and allied industries, will continue. Just as our industry must constantly evolve to meet an ever-changing business environment, so must our Association. CPIA is scheduling a teleconference call with industry leaders from across the country to solicit input on the future direction of the Association.

Despite the pending dissolution of the Canadian Printing Industries Association, the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund (CPISTF) is to remain as a viable entity providing scholarships to students in post-secondary graphic communications programs in Canada.

It was also recently reconfirmed that the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC) would be closing down, effective March 22, 2013. The CPIA and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) were founding members of CPISC, which received large government grants to institute human resource initiatives.

CPISTF Chairman Don Gain, President and CEO of Harmony Printing in Toronto, emphasized that CPISTF will see some administrative changes but will continue to offer scholarships to those students already supported, as well as to new students for the upcoming 2013/14 school year.

“You may have heard that the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC) will cease operations later this month however our scholarship program is a separate legal entity from both CPISC and CPIA,” said Gain. “Though CPIA has been extremely supportive financially and administratively over the many years of our existence we have always had our own Board of Trustees governing the activities of the Fund.”

The organization is continuing to accept applications through the CPIA, but will soon provide a new Website and contact information.

Dscoop, a cooperative of HP printing technology users, recently wrapped up its eight annual conference in Nashville, announced plans for what the organization calls two major business developments: Dscoop University and Dscoop Print Directory.

Dscoop University, to be driven by HP, is a community-training program designed to help print service providers grow their businesses. The curriculum is to span multiple market segments and functional tracks like marketing, sales, operations and technology-specific topics. According to Dscoop, the course curriculum is to be primarily derived from the experiences of Dscoop members, supplemented by HP resources.

“A unique attribute of the Dscoop community is its ‘members helping members’ platform of knowledge sharing,” stated Eric Hawkinson, Executive Director of Dscoop. “It will also be a real differentiator against other business development and training programs offered elsewhere in the print industry.” Dscoop University is to offer dual-platform learning through an online component and in-person venues.

The Dscoop Print Directory is to be launched this spring as a Web-based tool for brand owners and designers to research and connect with print service providers employing HP technology. The directory, which is to be available in nine languages, will provide information about each participating print service provider’s capabilities.

Founded in 2005, Dscoop (the Digital Solutions Cooperative) is an independent global community of graphic arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP equipment and related solutions, including HP Indigo and HP Scitex printers and presses.

The Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC) and the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) have announced further details of its planned merger. The new organization will be known as Printing Industries of Canada and will launch officially in April 2013, when the funding from the Government of Canada's Sector Council program lapses for CPISC.

“The boards of CPISC and CPIA have worked diligently to create this new body. We have reached out to the industry, listened to its input, and I’m pleased with this effective model for a national association that will deliver the services and value printers have told us they want,” said Jeff Ekstein, Co-Chair of CPISC.

PIC’s mandate will cover four areas: promotion of print, advocacy to government and media, collaboration with key industry bodies, and education. The mandate of PIC was established after organizers held focus groups across the countries and obtained feedback and suggestions. “The association truly reflects what the industry wants,” said Sandy Stephens, Chair of CPIA.

Membership is open to printing companies, suppliers to the industry and education/training organizations. The new organization is soliciting founding memberships via a three-year commitment to PIC. 

“We feel confident the industry will support PIC and its mandate,” added Ekstein. “And we look forward to launching a truly effective national association that delivers a focused value to our industry in promotion, advocacy, collaboration and education in a cost-effective manner.”

PAC, The Packaging Association, and the Canadian Flexographic Training Committee have announced new scholarship funding for Ryerson University’s Graphic Communications Management program and Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund.

The new funding announcements came just days after one of the largest turnouts to celebrate the achievements of students in Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management (GCM) program, who received close to $100,000 in scholarships and awards.

PAC, The Packaging Association, made a new donation of $25,000 to be distributed over five years in the form of 20 scholarships, beginning in GCM’s 2013/2014 academic year. The awards will go to students who successfully complete the first year of the program, with special emphasis on packaging curriculum. These students will also be members of PAC, which has been working closely with GCM for the past few years, particularly in relation to its RyePack student initiative.

CFTC then announced it would donate $17,500 in scholarships to the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund, which directs a majority of its funding to GCM – Canada’s only 4-year degree program dedicated to graphic arts studies. The funding is to be put towards one perpetual CPISTF Scholarship and two CPISTF Adopt a Student scholarships.

“With the establishment of these scholarships, offered specifically to students with flexography in mind as their chosen career path, the industry is assured of obtaining many highly qualified future employees and potential customers,” stated Ron Schroder of the Canadian Flexographic Training Council, who also joins the CPISTF board of trustees.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) confirmed today that the association is to join forces with the Canadian Printing Industry Sector Council (CPISC). The two groups are still working out specific details about the new entity and its leadership, but can confirm it is scheduled to be in place for the start of 2013.

The spokesperson was also able to confirm that the new entity is to be membership-driven and represent the printing sector on a national basis. The marketing and finance committees overseeing the amalgamation also plan to present a new value proposition for members.

The Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC), led by Executive Director Marie Eveline, was established in 2006 as a non-profit organization – through the Sectoral Partnerships Initiative of Human Resources and Social Development Canada – to tackle human resource issues within the allied printing sector. 

In November 2011, CPISC announced the Federal government would begin phasing out its core funding (effective March 31, 2013). The organization received government contributions of over $3 million in its 2010 and 2011 fiscal years, which includes funding for projects and reports, as well as the core functions like administration.

The CPIA, based in Ottawa, was founded in 1939 to represent interests of its member firms for policy formation, regulation and legislation. In the past, membership in the CPIA was contingent upon a firm belonging to one of the association's Formally Affiliated Regional Associations (FARAs), based on provincial location. In the past couple of years, however, key FARAs like the British Columbia Printing Industries Association and Ontario Printing Industries Association have broken off from the CPIA.

More details about the specifics of the new entity, its leadership and value proposition for the printing sector are expected to be released over the next few weeks, heading into 2013.

In February 2012, the Printing Industries of America and the National Association for Printing Leadership announced the formation of a Unification Task Force to study an idea to combine the two U.S.-based associations, which are the two most-powerful dedicated printing associations in North America.

The Unification Task Force yesterday announced its recommendation to cease unification discussions and that the two groups have decided to remain independent. After studying issues like legal, financial, governance, membership structure, and programs, the Task Force concluded it was not possible to formulate a combined entity that accommodated the needs of both a direct and locally delivered structure.

“Our organizations have a great deal of respect for each other. The Task Force studied several approaches to unification as well as facilitated several months of good conversations about how to best serve our industry and our members,” read a joint statement from Laura Lawton-Forsyth and Darren Loken, co-chairs of the Unification Task Force. “Despite our best efforts, at this time, we feel it’s in their best interest for the two associations to remain independent but actively collaborate on key events and programs.”

The PIA and NAPL also announced plans to continue collaborating on programs and ongoing partnerships in the Graphic Arts Show Company, GAERF, as well as conferences like the Vision 3 Summit.

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