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callas Updates pdfToolbox

February 11, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

callas software has released what the Germany company describes as an important update for pdfToolbox 7, which was first released a few months ago. The new update, version 7.2, includes the ability to create HTML-based customizable reports for both pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfToolbox Server.

“Releasing a major pdfToolbox version with completely novel concepts always stimulates our customers to come up with creative ways in which they want to use those features,” stated Dietrich von Seggern, Business Development Manager at callas software. pdfToolbox 7 introduces a completely new preflight report format.

“It’s not just about providing your own colours and company branding,” continued Dietrich von Seggern. “Because this new report is based on HTML and CSS, it’s very easy to modify. But more importantly it also allows the use of JavaScript and has access to a lot of preflight information generated by pdfToolbox. So not only can you modify the look and feel of the report, you can really customize the content as well. Reducing complexity of the report if your audience needs that for example, or including specific information missing from the default report.”

The new report starts from a template consisting of an HTML file, CSS and JavaScript and can be adjusted using common HTML tools. That template is converted to a printable PDF file on the fly by callas pdfToolbox whenever a PDF document is preflighted and a preflight report is generated. Starting with this pdfToolbox update, the options of the new report format can now be used in pdfToolbox Desktop.

pdfToolbox 7.2  also introduces performance improvements for Process Plans, the preflight profile variant introduced in pdfToolbox 6 that allows multiple conditional steps to be executed on PDF files. There are also a number of optimization changes related to Mac OS X 10.9.

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