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Canon Canada announces Arizona 2300 Series UV curable flatbed printer

October 22, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Canon Canada, Inc. has announced the new Arizona 2300 Series UV curable flatbed printers is currently available for the Canadian wide format print market.

The Arizona 2300 Series features a true stationary flatbed table structure and is built around the new Arizona FLOW technology, a unique vacuum technique that supports a zone-less, multi-origin table layout. FLOW offers up to 20 per cent more productivity, as it requires less masking and taping, and is supported by three-sided pneumatic registration pins to secure the substrate in place on the table. The pins also allow printing from edge to edge on the substrate, to align substrates to either the left or the right edge of the table, or both. Users can also easily and accurately print double-sided, as well as on odd-shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media without using a jig.

In addition, no operator time is required for taping the media down, resulting in faster changeovers between jobs, shorter set-up times and hassle-free job switching. According to Canon, FLOW technology enables the printing on more challenging media, such as canvas, wood and glass.


The Arizona 2300 Series provides customers with the ability to print up to 1,001 square feet per hour. The automated maintenance system offers hands-free printhead maintenance and reduces downtime by restoring nozzle function in as little as 24 seconds—including white ink, which can be difficult to maintain. In addition, its high-resolution camera alignment system enables easy, quick and precise printhead alignment and flatbed table mapping.

Using Arizona Xpert, the printer offers self-learning capabilities so users can design and repeat complex, multi-layered projects. The software is equipped with machine learning capabilities to help customers when they want to print a similar application, saving them set-up time and automating the production process.

The Arizona 2300 offers UV-LED curing for 40 per cent less energy consumption than traditional curing systems and has been safety-certified by TÜV and DGUV for the North American market.

The Arizona 2300 uses less than 0.74 ml of ink per square foot on average, including maintenance. The right ink droplet size is used across each print for low ink consumption, and the series’ UV inks have been UL Greenguard Gold certified, making prints safe for use in schools and hospitals. An air filtration option is also available.

The Arizona 2300 features the award-winning VariaDot printhead technology, which offers bright white inks and a clear, glossy varnish. It also features a roll media option, which allows customers to choose even thin, heat-sensitive media, and also allows the ability to switch between rigid and flexible media jobs with no machine preparation. The Series can also be upgraded with a static suppression kit, providing active suppression of static electricity.

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