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Canon PRISMAsync Achieves G7 Certification

August 22, 2016  By PrintAction Staff

The Canon PRISMAsync Color Print Server for imagePRESS presses has received the G7 Certified System designation from the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (Idealliance). The organization’s G7 System Certification program evaluates the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 greyscale definition.
With this certification, Canon explains the PRISMAsync Color Print Server is recognized as the first embedded complete closed loop G7 system for electrophotography and the first colour print server that provides an integrated colour profiler and G7 calibration method. Canon continues to explain it is the first digital press provider to implement this calibration directly at the digital front end.
One of the key concepts of G7 is the idea of having a calibration target to achieve predictable print results, explains Canon, which allows for a much easier match from proof to print and across disparate technologies and substrates. Canon continues to explain that print shops seeking G7 calibration on their digital engines historically had to perform a range of steps in order to achieve a G7 state, which often required creating output profiles, specialized knowledge of the DFE and external software to achieve G7 greyscale conformance.
With the G7 Calibration feature of the PRISMAsync Color Print Server Canon explains users can calibrate within minutes using a wizard-driven procedure directly at the Canon imagePRESS console. The company explains these DFE-based tools require no additional investment in software, hardware or training for the average end user.

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