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Color-Logic doubles gold colours

January 24, 2022  By PrintAction Staff

Color-Logic expands the number of different gold colours available in its basic Color-Logic license from 25 to 55.

For most jobs, Color-Logic users will no longer find it necessary to stock gold inks or substrates, or to match golds using trial or error.

“Many digital press manufacturers now offer silver and gold inks or toners to compliment their traditional CMYK inks or toners. But without Color-Logic, these presses are limited to a single gold colour. Color-Logic licensees now can offer their customers 55 different gold options, and these golds can be used not only as spot colours in designs, but also in the many embellishment options available in the Color-Logic software. Perhaps even more important, digital press owners no longer need to waste precious production time swapping out silver ink or toner to run gold,” said Mark Geeves, director of sales and marketing, Color-Logic.


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