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Advantage ColorGraphics installs new Landa S10P nanographic printing press

March 23, 2022  By PrintAction Staff

Tom Ling, president and CEO of Advantage ColorGraphics, unveiled the company’s new Landa S10P nanographic printing press earlier this week at the company’s Greater Los Angeles headquarters. Advantage ColorGraphics serves brand-owner customers and trade printers in the U.S. and abroad. The company has found success in its combination of one-to-one, high integrity relationships and use of the best marketing and production technologies available to satisfy a demanding, high-profile customer base.

The search that brought Ling and an internal team to unanimously choose the Landa S10P began with “exploding” demand for personalized printed material, and the continuously busy state of Advantage ColorGraphics’ offset presses. At the volumes they were producing, Ling and his colleagues knew they needed a press to support the turnover.  

The Landa S10P has the agility and productivity necessary to take Advantage ColorGraphics into print’s multi-faceted future. Ling said, “Landa offers the performance of offset with digital print’s unending versatility. For us, this hybrid convergence of technologies is the way forward.”


“Two factors are driving consumer communications preferences, and those are, in turn, driving printers to Landa,” said Sharon Cohen, chief business officer at Landa Digital Printing. “To begin with, it’s now well-established that print will remain an essential component of advertising and, more generally, any information exchange. Second, people love personalization, whether electronic or print, but especially print. The numbers are proving it out. 

“The result is that printers still need powerful offset quality, but they need it faster and not just for shorter runs. Printers’ brand-owner customers are competing for the momentum that successful, omni-channel campaigns are able to induce within very short time spans. Additionally, both commercial and package printers must now have the ability to fulfil all types of database-driven marketing for their customers.” 

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