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Convenience Group Installs HP Designjet L25500

February 7, 2012

The Toronto-based operation of the Convenience Group, which has dozens of locations across Canada, has expanded its production capabilities with a new HP Designjet L25500 inkjet system. For the past 34 years, Convenience Group, which describes itself as architectural and window-film experts, has been establishing its 3M Certified Dealer/Applicator network for the past 34 years.
Convenience Group works with a diverse group of clientele in the property, facility and retail management fields, as well as the architectural and interior design community. Convenience Group is often asked to revamp corporate office spaces, which the company describes as work well suited for HP’s Latex Ink technology – employed by the Designjet L25500.

“HP Latex Inks are advantageous for our backlit applications,” said Vahid Seyfaie, Graphic Operations Manager, Convenience Group. “The translucency of the ink is very appealing because it allows the light to shine through the colours.”

Colin MacLeod, Product Marketing Manager for Convenience Group, continues to explain: “We provide a number of wrapping services for our customers. Latex ink is ideal for wrapping difficult substrates. For example, if we’re wrapping an exposed brick wall we use a specialized film that, after heating, molds into the textured surface of a brick wall. We need to use an ink that can mold with our film without cracking.”


HP describes its Latex ink technology as being water-based, while containing no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) – without requiring any special ventilation equipment or external dryer.

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