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Crawford Technologies unveils fully automated AI-powered print file indexing

May 19, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

Crawford Technologies releases SmartSetup v2.0 with AutoSense that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to simplify the task of indexing and extracting data from print files.

SmartSetup is a no-code software solution designed to fully automate the time-consuming task of indexing. In the past, developers would need to write scripts or programs to accomplish these functions.

Projects that benefit from SmartSetup include print files for setup, post-composition, data verification, document re-composition, redactions and archiving.


“This innovation is a solid game changer because it can save organizations millions of dollars, significant labour costs and shave years off complex migration projects,” said Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “This unique technology makes it easier for organizations to onboard customer communications to their document factories, hastening digital transformation efforts.”

The SmartSetup template builder runs on Windows. The templates are supported in Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management and eDeliveryNow platforms.

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