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DALIM Releases ES 4

December 3, 2013  By PrintAction Staff

DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, released its ES 4 platform, which is a customer-facing Web-based suite of tools for the creation, production and management of marketing media. The fourth version of ES (Enterprise Solution), according to the company, extends its support of images (with layers), video, Flash and animated GIF banner ads, as well as with Website content, documents and imposed forms for cross-media campaigns.

ES 4, in addition to its current ability to handle managed content within its own database, can now work with referenced content, which DALIM describes as useful for those who need to work with very large video files or external storage devices and other file system-based digital asset management (DAM) systems. ES 4 now also offers DAM features to automatically catalogue, enrich and share images and other assets, such as video or ePub or can be integrated with 3D augmented reality models.

For Web-based projects, print-ready PDFs are automatically or interactively enriched with active URLs, picture slide shows, videos, tables of content, and action buttons. These PDFs can be exported to HTML5 or ePUB3 content to be embedded in a Website or mobile e-readers, including customized iPad Apps, through Apple’s iBookstore or Amazon Kindle Store. For print workflows, ES 4 features an imposition module that can import both CFF2 and JDF templates to automate step-and-repeats, as well as complex print and packaging impositions for PSPs.

DIALOGUE Engine 4 – a soft-proofing application – includes new HTML5 viewing, mark-up and validation. It relies solely on HTML5 for the most-common operations. New annotation management features allow users to comment and reply to notes someone else has written. Also, annotations can be turned into a checklist for participants to check as “done”, for better tracking of to-do items. When working in a colour-controlled environment, DIALOGUE Engine 4 now reads a spot colour’s spectral value in addition to Lab equivalents.

“DIALOGUE Engine 4 now with its important HTML5 implementation-and ES 4 are stronger and more versatile than ever,” stated Dr. Carol Werlé, CEO of DALIM SOFTWARE. “Individually or integrated through a powerful API, these products are capable of fulfilling the needs, equally, of printers, publishers, brands, corporations and retailers. With the help of intuitive Web services, finding, accessing, sharing, transforming or repurposing media assets becomes seamless and automatic; Whether for print, packaging or non-print content.”

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