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Datamark to Shut Doors

March 11, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Datamark Systems headquartered in Laval, Quebec, is shutting its doors leaving some 400 people out of work across all of its facilities, including around 300 people in the Montreal area who are primary employed at the company’s main plant in LaSalle.

Management informed its LaSalle employees of the decision on Friday, February 28, announcing layoffs would begin immediately and likely last for the next few weeks, until facilities were closed. In a letter to employees obtained by Le LaSalle Messenger newspaper, Datamark states, “A combination of erosion markets and reduced margins due to the price of the commodity for many of our products and service suggests that there is no more Datamark reason to continue the operations of the company.”

In April 2013, Datamark Systems announced the shutdown of its Boucherville commercial printing division (IntraMédia), which was relocated to the Lasalle facility. At that time of the relocation, Datamark CEO Jeffrey Zunenshine stated, “The printing industry continues to undergo significant pressure the move optimizes Datamark’s ability to remain highly competitive and flexible through merging of operational strengths. By rightsizing our facilities and capacity to meet the current and future needs we will be in a much stronger position to adjust to market realities.”


Founded just over 35 years ago, Datamark Systems had morphed into a document and business communications business with a presence across North America, primarily focused on financial services, retail and insurance markets. Its services included the content management, design, production and multi-channel distribution of internal and external business documents, such as e-form, Websites, stationary, commercial printing, multi-part forms, labels and specialty products.

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