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Domino launches K600i digital embellishment technology

July 6, 2020
By PrintAction Staff

Domino Digital Printing Solutions has officially launched its next-generation digital embellishment technology that can either be used as a digital spot varnish or a digital adhesive for cold foil applications.

First seen as a preview at Labelexpo Europe, visitors were able to see and compare the quality of the highly embellished labels that were created using Domino’s UV-curable clear ink UV67CL with two K600i ink jet printers installed on an AB Graphics’ Digicon Series 3 finishing line.

Domino’s newest ink launch, UV67CL, can be used either as a digital spot varnish or a digital adhesive for cold foil applications, for added flexibility with a single fluid. It is compatible with standard media, including polyethylene, polypropylene and, under some conditions, certain coated papers.


“This new UV67CL ink for use with our high speed, high resolution K600i ink jet printers was developed in response to feedback from our customers, the label converters,” said Jim Orford, K-Series product manager at Domino. “They continue to face increased demand from brand owners for enhanced label designs, which not only make their products stand out on the shelf and encourage consumer engagement, but also add value to their products and brand image. Our customers wanted to be able to achieve this by delivering the highest quality, most visually striking and diverse label designs, but without compromising their manufacturing process.”

The UV67CL clear ink can be used to create embellished labels with a high laydown of digital spot varnish or cold foil images, removing the necessity for screens and plates used in the traditional analogue embellishment processes. The combination of printing variable data with embellishment provides the advantages of digital printing as part of the label finishing process, generating highly detailed digital spot varnish and cold foiling labels with minimal impact on productivity and throughput.

Domino’s K600i ink jet printer can be integrated into an existing web-fed press or finishing line. Alternatively, Domino can supply a complete embellishment technology in conjunction with a number of label finishing partners. One K600i print bar is required for cold foil applications, capable of print speeds of up to 75m/minute; for printing spot varnish, a dual bar K600i system is used with speeds up to 50m/minute, depending on the required ink laydown. The latter can also be used to digitally print high opacity white, providing a cost-effective alternative to screen printing.