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Domtar Ads Encourage People to Print

April 27, 2010  By

Domtar CEO John Williams wants you to keep printing those emails, guilt-free.

According to a story by The Globe and Mail, Williams said people should feel comfortable in using paper and that those “Think before you print” messages at bottom of emails are “bull.” The company is launching a new advertising campaign called “Put it on Paper” which the company hopes will de-stigmatize consumer and office printing.

“There is an appropriate use for paper. You should feel comfortable to
use it appropriately and you shouldn’t be feeling there is some
environmental negative when you use it,” Williams said at a news
conference Monday.


According to the report, in addition to print ads, Domtar will also pursue a younger audience via social networking sites. “We’ve got to do some work about having them believe and feel that printing isn’t a sort of environmental negative.”

Read the Globe and Mail story.

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