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Durst Introduces Variodrop and New Rho Systems

April 4, 2013  By

At the ISA trade show in Las Vegas, Durst Phototechnik AG unveiled two new versions of its Rho 1000 continuous inkjet wide-format systems with the Rho 1012 and Rho 1030 models. Durst also introduced its new 10-picoliter Variodrop print-head technology, now available on all P10 Series printers, which the company believes to hold important implications for greyscale printing.

The Rho 1012 – equipped with Durst’s 12-picoliter Quadro Array print-heads – reaches speeds of up to 5,000 square feet per hour. The Rho 1030 reaches production speeds of up to 10,000 square feet per hour, which, when applied to fully automated configurations, allows for long-run production of large-format UV applications.

The Rho 1000 platform is available in various configurations, including a fully automated stack-to-stack board-printing option, registered ¾ automation, roll-to-cut sheet or roll-to-roll.


“The introduction of the 1012 and 1030 is a natural result of what we’ve been hearing from the production printing segment,” stated Christopher Howard, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing for Durst U.S.  “By adding the capabilities of our two new printers, along with the automation solutions, we make this a very strong solution for many of our print partners.”

At ISA, Durst also introduced its new 10-picoliter Variodrop printing technology featuring what the company refers to as multi-pulsing.

Durst explains the Variodrop’s multi-pulsing technology is based on delivering two voltage pulses, with the second pulse pumping precise amounts of ink into the droplet before it detaches from the nozzle plate – without forming any satellites. Conventional greyscale relies heavily on the accuracy of drop placement, according to Durst, which can be affected by the uniformity of drop velocity and variations in print-head conditions can lead to a mismatch of greyscale drop velocities.

“Compared to the often uneven droplets that are formed from a not-well-tuned greyscale wave form, this double-pulse drop shape we produce is perfectly uniform and the placement is always evenly spaced with Variodrop,” stated Dr. Richard Piock, CEO of Durst Phototechnik AG.

Durst is demonstrating its Variodrop printing technology on a Rho P10 320R UV system at the Las Vegas Sign Expo event, which continues until April 6. The company is also teaming up with Zund America and Caldera to demonstrate a complete production workflow – from ripping to printing to cutting.

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