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Dynagram Launches DynaStrip 7.5

June 4, 2013  By

Dynagram of Quebec City released version 7.5 of its DynaStrip imposition software with several new productivity features.

DynaStrip 7.5 includes new tools to manage the colours and ink densities for every imposition mark. Users, according to the company, now have complete control in placing any mark on selected colours and avoiding excess ink coverage by using a different percentage of ink density for each colour layer (CMYK or Pantone). 

A colour selection dialogue menu, with density settings allowing values between zero and 100 percent, is available for all printable marks, including: Linear marks (the density value of each segment is combined with that of the ink), Register, Assembly, Text, Trim and Bleed, and Fold marks, as well as barcodes, distance tags and sheet corners. Dynagram states this new feature is compatible with all output formats like PDF, JDF, PJTF and PS for separation and composite environments.


DynaStrip 7.5 also includes improvements to the import and export of TPL templates, which allows users to minimize the layout differences due to each format’s specific aspects. According to the company, this includes better management of text marks placed on both sides of the sheet; automatic addition of process colours in the colour table to better manage marks; and support for ink densities during import/export of TPL templates.

With version 7.5, it is now possible to manage up to 400 hot-folders simultaneously in the DynaStrip Automation module. In addition, the JT-Flow module allows new algorithms to increment and decrement pagination when copying sheets.

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