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Brought to you by FUJIFILM
Fujifilm's newest line of dry toner printers strongly supports new applications and business challenges that could not be handled in terms of size and efficiency until now.
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Xerox unveils strategic reinvention plan for core print business, revenue diversification

Canon Canada welcomes new CEO

Digital Print Solutions acquires Americas Print Show

Featured News 

Why it’s important to have marketing tools

You have built a strong business on promoting your clients’ messaging but is it the best it could be? Is there room for more business winning creativity? And how good are you at promoting your own operation? Ambitious print service providers recognize the need to continuously innovate and to offer clients new opportunities to amplify their communications. They also look to do the same for their own business. » Read full article

Harper Corp., Canflexographics celebrate 30 years of partnership

For almost 38 years, Canflexographics has been advancing flexographic printing in Canada. In 1993, a transformative relationship began between Dave Horsman of Canflexographics and Ron Harper of Harper Corp. » Read more

Color-Logic fully compliant with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

Licensed Color-Logic users can now access and download the latest Color-Logic Design Suite for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign on the Color-Logic website. » Read more

Crawford Technologies launches AI-driven translation solution

Crawford Technologies introduces the Instant Language Assistant, its latest communication acessibility solution powered by artificial intelligence. » Read more


The value of associations

Networking with peers, industry leaders, potential clients, and suppliers remains a key benefit of associations. Knowledge sharing for best practices, resources, technology, and shared experience is now conducted at in-person events and online. If you're not a member of an industry association, consider joining one, as association events offer unique opportunities to meet peers and find solutions for challenging issues. » Read more


2024 PAC Global Awards

February 6, 2024 | New York City, N.Y. » More info

TAGA Annual Technical Conference

March 12, 2024 | Dallas, Texas » More info