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ECO3 releases new version of Apogee software

June 8, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

ECO3 releases V13 of its workflow solution, Apogee. In V13, ECO3 introduces support for automatic job setup based on csv data from applications like Microsoft Excel. Key job metrics specified in the spreadsheet can now be imported automatically.

The latest release also sees a continued expansion of Apogee WebApproval with the introduction of multi-step online approval. Extending the existing functionalities, print jobs can now be set up to require the approval of multiple stakeholders in the value chain, helping to centralize, safeguard and simplify the process. Within this function, a new ‘force approval’ option is available which allows customer sales representatives to override the approval process and make the job ready for plating instantly.

“The enduring success of Apogee is founded on our ongoing commitment to enhancing our solutions, as we work side by side with our customers to help them meet the changing demands of the market,” said Andy Grant, ECO3’s global head of software. “This latest update homes in on the specific needs of users in industries such as pharmaceuticals and FMCG with new advanced automation and approval features that will help them simplify processes while safeguarding product quality and end users.”


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