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Enfocus Unveils Connect 11

June 11, 2013  By

Enfocus of Ghent, Belgium, is introducing its new Connect 11 product line to be made available sometime in the third quarter of 2013. Enfocus Connect 11 combines PDF creation and quality control for press-ready file delivery. 

There are two editions in the product line, including Connect YOU ($99) for designers and Connect ALL ($2,999) for service providers.

“[Connect 11] addresses the most common problems with PDF files at the source – on the designer’s workstation, where they can be easily fixed,” stated Michael Reiher, Connect Product Manager at Enfocus. “By controlling the overall PDF creation process, and tying it to the correction and preflight capabilities of the built-in PitStop technology, common issues such as missing fonts, low-resolution images and other common problems are easily addressed before the PDF files are received for production.”

Enfocus Connect applets called Connectors, which sit on the user’s desktop and contain all necessary settings. Connectors can be created to handle what the company describes as one-click PDF creation through applications like Adobe Creative Suite, using Adobe Normalizer technology built into the Connector.


The Connectors can also allow for automatic PDF correction and enhancement based on Enfocus PitStop Action Lists; PDF verification using Enfocus PitStop Preflight Profiles; custom job ticket generation to help automate downstream processes; and secure delivery of PDF or any other file type to (S)FTP, HTTP, email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated flow.

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