Canadian Printing Awards


E2: Most Environmentally Progressive Technology Company

Awarded to a supplier of services or technologies to the Canadian printing industry based on its holistic strategy to address environmental impact with emphasis on initiatives undertaken in past year (September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024).

  1. Please refer to the Awards Entry page at for making final submissions, which includes filling out an online Company Information form and payment.
  2. Eligible companies/facilities must be located in Canada.
  3. Complete the Environmental Achievements section of this form, which must not exceed three letter-size pages.
  4. Up to three supplemental documents may be included to support environmental claims.
  5. Email this form and supplements directly to or mail to the address below. The samples must reach no later than September 18, 2024.

Mail Entries To:
PrintAction, Canadian Printing Awards
111 Gordon Baker Rd., Suite 400
North York, ON
M2H 3R1

Nomination deadline: September 13, 2024

If you have questions about the entry process, please contact:
Nithya Caleb, Editor,, 437-220-3039
Kim Barton, Sales Manager,, 416-435-9229

Environmental Achievements
The following list of environmental factors is only a guide to assist in defining areas where your company demonstrates leadership. It is not necessary to address all of these factors in your submission.

• Environmental Policy – Highlight any company-wide commitments to instill and environmentally-conscious company culture. • Facility Engineering – Demonstrate specific building features or functions to lessen your facility’s environmental impact.
• Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Compliance – For example, Certificate of Approval for air/noise and municipal sewer-use-bylaw compliance. • Energy Use Programs – Energy-saving strategies or initiatives applied directly within your facility. (for example, heat reclamation or alternative-energy sources.)
• Technology Implementation – Integration of new technologies within your manufacturing process to lessen environmental impact. • Environmental Certifications – Recognized environmental accreditations for facilities or for the use of manufacturing inputs like inks, papers, plastics and plates.
• Pollution Prevention Programs – Highlight involvement in programs designed to address air or effluent pollution through source reduction, source neutrality (recycling) and/or source control (third-party disposal). • Carbon Footprint Assessment – Internal and/or third-party assessments to understand the total set of greenhouse gas emissions as the result of a facility’s operation or the manufacture of a product.
• Environmental Marketing – Define initiatives to promote your environmentally progressive strategies, services or products. • Environmental Committee – Highlight a group of employees with a mandate to enact environmental initiatives.
• Environmental Community Programs – Initiatives by your company to promote the environmental responsibility of printing in the public domain or within a defined community. • Distribution Management – Logistics employed by your company to lessen the environmental impact of delivering products/services to clients.
• Supply Chain Programs – Initiatives instigated by your company to influence suppliers in the adoption of environmentally progressive practices. • Not-for-profit/Association Participation – The efforts by your company, or one of its employees, to develop an environmental mandate for a not-for-profit or association.

Submission for E2: Most Environmentally Progressive Technology Company

Provide answers to the following three questions: (keep responses to three pages in total. Up to three supplemental documents (i.e. copies of certifications/reports) may be attached as well.

Please provide stated objectives and achievements where possible
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

(Award finalists will be notified in October. The Canadian Printing Awards Gala will be held Thursday, November 7, 2024, at Palais Royale, Toronto.)
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