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Epson launches two label applicators for ColorWorks CW-C6000P

September 16, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Epson has launched General Data PAC5 and LabelMill LM3612CTT label applicators designed for the ColorWorks CW-C6000P on-demand label printer, to provide full colour print-and-apply labelling technology.

The ColorWorks CW-C6000P 4-inch model, as well as the CW-C6500P 8-inch model, are the first printers with peel-and-present as well as remote I/O control, enabling integration with an automated label applicator to print and apply the label.

“Both LabelMill and General Data are experienced leaders in the applicator market, with great depth of experience in creating products for any packaging need, whether food, transportation or manufacturing,” said Bonny Chou, product manager, commercial labels at Epson America. “In today’s world, workers must be vigilant about safety, often needing to wear gloves on the production line, which makes peeling and applying labels difficult. Using the peel-and-present option, or an automated label applicator, are ways to maintain an efficient workflow.”


The PAC5 prints full colour labels on blank media and automatically applies the label to a variety of products. After sending a label job, the printer detects the presence of a product and triggers the start of the application process. Once the label has been applied, the printer retracts the tamps, allowing the cycle to repeat with the next product in line. It is available as a manual or fully automatic print and apply system.

“Together with the CW-C6000P, the PAC5 offers the benefit of applying labels in the same place every time, which is a crucial aspect of the packaging aesthetics,” said John Roberts, vice president of General Data Automation.

The LM3612CTT was designed as a compact, semi-automatic tabletop label applicator for heavy-duty industrial use. It provides a user-friendly interface for changeovers and adjustments, and an adjustable product fixture, providing the flexibility to label a variety of products.

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