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Esko Text Recognition for text changes in outlined artwork

May 11, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Esko has extended its portfolio of solutions with Text Recognition, a new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that aims to make last-minute copy changes to outlined text fast, safe and simple.

The company says the Esko-unique OCR plug-in for Adobe Illustrator helps packaging professionals produce packaging in an optimal way, explaining that it eliminates cumbersome work-arounds.

Text Recognition, Esko explains, is the only OCR tool on the market that converts outlined text in artwork to live, editable text directly in Illustrator. When a copy change needs to be made, the software compares the character in the artwork to the fonts on the user’s computer, choosing the best matching active font. Esko explains this eliminates the need to manually evaluate every font and retype entire paragraphs to find the correct text layout. It works with foreign languages too, even with completely different glyphs like Chinese, Japanese or Korean; and the Compare function highlights copy changes in a ‘before and after’ view.


The Text Recognition plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is available as a part of the Esko DeskPack collection of plug-ins for packaging professionals, or as a standalone product for anyone working with Adobe Illustrator.

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