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EyeC integrates automated prepress inspection into Hybrid workflow

September 25, 2019  By PrintAction Staff

In a move to help streamline inspection processes, EyeC and Hybrid Software have launched the EyeC Driver, a new application that integrates EyeC’s PDF proofing technology — the EyeC Proofiler Graphic — into Hybrid Software’s CloudFlow.

The EyeC Driver aims to help prepress studios reduce the time, effort and money spent on quality controls. The integration triggers inspection procedures within the CloudFlow automatically, retrieving job data, files and inspection parameters from the workflow system, the companies explain. Prepress files are inspected and released automatically if they match the approved artwork, and prepress operators only intervene when deviations are detected. A task appears in their workspace that opens the EyeC Proofiler Graphic to review for discrepancies.
The EyeC software verifies the entire content of prepress files against the approved artwork. Text, graphics, Braille, 1D and 2D codes are checked in a single inspection cycle. Users can create as many inspection procedures as needed to compare, for instance, prepress files against customer files, one-up against step-and-repeat files or different versions of a file.

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