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Inkjet for Folding Carton

February 22, 2018  By PrintAction

Snapshots on Innovation – Close-up looks at the J Press 720S and 720F press platforms and how these innovative solutions from Fujifilm are changing how commercial and packaging printers approach their print production paradigm.

How are printers are leveraging the J Press in packaging?
We have been seeing a growing install base in the folding carton market as well. In the early days that was not an area that we focused on. We wanted to first get some traction into the commercial space but we have a lot of flexability to address the folding carton market, so we have been seeing very nice growth there as well.

And again some of the reasons why is higher fidelity in colour, repeatability, the ablity to reproduce colour in a larger colour gamut than what you are going to get off of competitive technologies, and then the flexibility of the ink. We are running an aqueous based pigment ink. UV inks and toners tend to crack when you cut, crease and fold. Aqueous-based ink does not. It can fit into your existing post printing operations. You do not have to retool. These are key areas for J Press gaining a foothold in packaging.

How is the J Press configured to handle packaging work?
Our configuration, every press that comes from the factory is a commercial version running a 3 point to a 14 point stock. However, with a couple of parts – and literally it is just a couple of parts – your configuration would become what is referred to as the F, or folding carton, version of the J Press [as opposed to the commercial J Press 720S version]. This version can run an 8 point to a 24 point stock.


Can it then handle most carton applications?
Yes. We do not hear request for anything more than 24 point stock. We see a lot of 18 to 20 point. We do see some 24 point. We have customers running dedicated presses to folding carton with 20 to 24 point.  

What advantages exist with the S and F versions running the same inks?
One of the advantages is we have customers that presses dedicated to the folding carton space, but we also have some who want to switch it back and forth, which is flexibility that the J Press provides. We have customer sites who have the parts and they

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