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Gateway VC Installs NexPress SX-2700

June 14, 2013  By

Gateway Visual Communications of Mississauga, Ontario has installed a new Kodak NexPress SX-2700 into its facility. The company offers a variety of printed products, including signage and packaging, as well as interactive marketing and creative services.
According to the company, its new NexPress is the first system in Ontario that can handle extended format documents as large as 14 x 36 inches, either on coated or uncoated cover weight stock. This means Gateway VC can produce 3 and 4 panel brochures on the device. The company also plans to produce POP displays and signage on the device.
Gateway VC’s new NexPress also allows them to offer dimensional texured printing, spot coatings and gold ink effects. 
Gateway VC was founded as Gateway Reproductions in 1975 by Ross McConnell. In 1998, the company added interactive media to its offerings and in 2007 the company purchased a marketing services company by the name of Eristocrat Communications. From 2010, the company, comprised of these parts, started operating as Gateway Visual Communications.


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