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Peters Achieves G7 First at GCM

November 28, 2017  By Abhay Sharma

GCM's Jenna Peters holds testing sheets from her G7 Grayscale calibration on Ryerson's Epson 7900 inkjet proofer.

GCM student Jenna Peters achieved a number of firsts relating to G7 calibration at Ryerson University. Peters is the first student to create a pass for G7 Grayscale calibration on the school’s Epson 7900 inkjet proofer.

This was the first time that the new version of Curve software was used, with Peters having access to the latest release Curve4 through support from Chromix. This was the first time that Don Hutcheson’s new horizontal format target – P2P51H – was used.

Peters generated the required correction in Curve4 and applied it using curves in Photoshop. This was a project in a new course called GCM 360 Colour Management. Peters, a third-year student in Ryerson’s School of Graphic Communications Management, is studying print media, magazine publishing, sign and display graphics, and 3D printing.


Ryerson invites industry members to contact them for further information on the projects its students are doing in colour management involving CRPC6, GRACoL, expanded gamut, spot colours, and colour management for 3D, among others.

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