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GMG Releases OpenColor 1.1

December 17, 2013  By PrintAction Staff

GMG has updated its breakthrough proofing technology with the release of GMG OpenColor version 1.1, which improves measurement data import and adjustments with profiles and dot gain.

Since its commercial release earlier this year, OpenColor software has received several accolades for its ability to predict print results for spot colours with less data, including an 2013 InterTech Award, the 2013 Flexographic Technical Association Technical Innovation Award and an Innovation Award from the European Rotogravure Association.

A key new feature in GMG OpenColor 1.1 includes the extended import of measurement data and the automatic averaging of data, which the company describes as especially helpful when importing data collected at different pres- run times. As a result, GMG states any possible deviation is included in the final profile calculation.

Version 1.1 of GMG OpenColor also provides tools to adjust colour intensity and dot gain. Users can define a target dot gain from a specific printing process or adjust dot gain measurements to compensate for possible faulty printing conditions, which can occur during reference print runs or colour standard productions.

GMG points out why flexography prepress companies, in particular, will profit from this colour and dot-gain adjustment, as such operations can define target dot gain for a spot colour or for a complete data set. Prepress operations will be able to adjust dot gain and ink density to suit optimal press conditions. Operators can adjust parameters and modify highlight, mid tone or shadows are per channel and colour as needed for production.

GMG continues to explain how OpenColor 1.1 also gives users the ability to correct the substrate white point and add dot correction to the profile – without the need to recalculate the profile – to simulate the correct substrate colours and produce contract-level proofs.

“This has been an exciting year for GMG and GMG OpenColor,” stated Victor Asseiceiro, Director, Business Unit Packaging at GMG. “It has received significant recognition by respected associations and, more importantly, has been adopted by a number of leading companies throughout the world. However, we are not complacent and will continue to build features that will make GMG OpenColor even more powerful and easy to use.”

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