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Harper Corp., Canflexographics celebrate 30 years of partnership

January 8, 2024  By PrintAction Staff

For almost 38 years, Canflexographics has been advancing flexographic printing in Canada. In 1993, a transformative relationship began between Dave Horsman and Ron Harper.

Kelly Roberts, Canflexo’s president,  joined Canflexographics in 2001, and reflected on his initial introduction and enduring relationship with the Harpers.

“Beyond business, the Harpers were keen on understanding the personal aspects of their associates, forging relationships that go beyond the corporate realm. This personal touch has been a hallmark of the Harper name, aligning seamlessly with Canflexographics’ values,” he said.

Before delving into sales, that initial  conversation between Kelly Roberts and Harper centred around education and the industry’s needs in 2001. Similarly, Kelly’s collaboration and work with  Clemson University, Toronto Metropolitan University, the Canadian Flexographic Training Committee and the Canadian Print Scholarships Fund demonstrates a commitment to advancing education in flexography.

Flexographic printing, once the youngest of all printing processes, has underwent significant changes, making it competitive in the evolving printing landscape. Despite the rise of digital printing, Canflexographics believes in the enduring strength of flexography.

Canflexographics acknowledges Harper Corporation’s role in their success story, considering Harper as more than a supplier but a partner in growth. The relationship has been characterized by mutual learning, support, and shared growth, making Harper one of Canflexographics’ longest and  valued partnerships.

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