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Hazen Paper creates two-sided custom holography

August 31, 2020
By PrintAction Staff

Hazen Paper Company has launched a two-sided promotion to demonstrate cutting-edge holographic technologies. Hazen’s team designed the artwork on both sides to showcase specific visual effects with nano holography that provides a more dramatic three-dimensional effect than lenticular printing.

The front of the promotion features a fire-breathing dragon with glittering scales. In order to create a blast of moving flames, Hazen used registered, custom colour-motion and multi-channel holography. The back of the promotion features a random repeat custom holograph, “random burst,” which creates a moving, three-dimensional flash backdrop for a flock of butterflies.

Created at Hazen’s state-of-the-art holographic lab and manufactured at the company’s Holyoke facility, the promotion was created using Hazen Envirofoil, sub-micron transfer-metallized to use less than 1 per cent of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate and a recycled film carrier. The environmentally-friendly Envirofoil is repulpable as paper after de-inking. It was offset printed using UV-cure inks by AM Lithography.


According to Hazen, the most unique aspect of the promotion is that it is two-sided custom holography, transfer-metallized on both sides.

“It hasn’t been done before,” said John Hazen, company president. “The ability to transfer-metallize a lightweight stock on two sides with custom holography opens up the potential for use in many applications where consumer impact is key. It’s very exciting.”