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Hazen releases holographic sample book

September 27, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Hazen Paper Company has created a new brochure for design inspiration, exhibiting a range of unique holographic techniques and a metallizing alternative. Folded behind a supernatural cover image of cats’ eyes designed to radiate glitter and gleam, the piece contrasts two distinct metallic options: the outside is metallized in aluminum, while the inside is metallized with zinc sulfide branded Hazen Alabaster.

The six-panel brochure provides an interactive demonstration to designers, brand ambassadors, and printers of the potential of holography to capture consumer attention in a crowded retail environment. By diffusing, refracting and reflecting available light, holography creates the impression of motion, depth and dimension on a two-dimensional surface.

“You can’t resist the impetus to tilt the piece in all directions to see how the images move and transform at slightly different angles. It’s the reaction that makes holographic packaging and display so effective – shoppers are attracted by the appearance, and then compelled to engage with a product that entertains and appears to change as they examine it,” says Hazen President John Hazen.

Holography can be used to achieve a variety of effects, from prismatic fireworks to exciting enhancements. A sequence of stylized perfume flacons demonstrates the power of various types of holographic techniques to bring life to images, including white-motion, multi-channel, and free-form Hazen Lens. In addition to custom holograms, the brochure also displays a number of new Hazen Holography patterns, including Sun Beam Sparkle, Moon Beam Glitter, Tinsel Lantern, and Ocean Wave Dots. Hazen Alabaster is shown in just a dozen of several thousands of available holographic patterns, including Mosaic Weave, Hazen Tinsel, Tempest, and Sand Glitter. Hazen Alabaster can also be fully customized.
The stock, Hazen 3D Reflector CARD duplex film lamination, was wholly produced within Hazen’s Holyoke, Massachusetts manufacturing facilities, from origination of custom holograms to embossing, film coating, metallizing, laminating the film to .015 solid bleached sulfate (SBS) and sheeting in register.


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