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Hemlock Installs Brausse Finishing

March 27, 2012

Hemlock Printers of Burnaby, BC, added a new Brausse 1050SE automatic die-cutting and creasing machine, which includes a stripping station, to its production floor. Described as Western Canada’s largest commercial printing operation, employing a full bindery department, Hemlock previously subcontracted out its die-cutting work.

The 40-inch format (29 1/2 x 41 1/8 inches) Brausse system, weighing 15.5 tonnes, has a top-rated speed of 7,500 cycles per hour. It also features a non-stop feeder – with motorized side shift and non-stop delivery with counter and tape inserter – for continuous running. As well, a slow down device on feed board allows sheets to enter the head stopper at a greatly reduced speed for better register when running lighter-weight stock.


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