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Hemlock teams with Rolland to expand ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program

October 8, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Hemlock Printers, often recognized as one of North America’s most sustainable commercial printers, has announced a further expansion to its ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program. Hemlock has teamed up with Rolland, a Quebec-based mill, as part of the initiative to embrace “the companies’ commitment to the circular economy by reducing and mitigating CO2 emissions throughout the paper and printing supply chain lifecycle.”

Over the last two years, Hemlock’s ZERO program has expanded its availability of carbon neutral papers and products. Now, the program is expanding with the addition of Rolland Enviro 100% PC, an FSC and Ancient Forest Friendly certified 100 per cent post-consumer waste paper, which is now automatically carbon neutral when specified by the customer.

“Collaborating with Rolland was a natural fit for us, as they continue to show exemplary leadership in driving our industry towards the use of recycled, environmentally progressive papers,” said Hemlock’s president, Richard Kouwenhoven. “We share the aligned goals of reducing carbon emissions across our operations and throughout our supply chain while working towards the protection of critical forest landscapes through the use of high-post consumer content paper products. We look forward to working with Rolland on this important initiative in the months and years ahead.”


Rolland says its manufacturing processes demonstrate the company’s commitment to the circular economy and reducing emissions. “From recycled fiber sourcing to biogas energy supply to closed-loop water systems and hydrogen peroxide bleaching processes, their recycled paper is one of the most environmentally sustainable in North America.”

“At Rolland, sustainability is simply ingrained in everything we do, and transparency and credible, science-based information have been key in getting us here,” added Renée Yardley, senior VP sales & marketing. “With our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report and Sustainability Plan, we’re leading the charge in sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship. We believe this strategy will take us and our partners to the next level. As such, we are proud to be a partner with Hemlock to expand the ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program.”

The now-100-per-cent carbon neutral sheet also provides Hemlock’s customers with high quality and cost-effective options with Enviro Satin and Enviro Cover sheets that can be used for both offset and digital print projects. Swatch books, samples and more information is available from Hemlock and its representatives.

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