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Herma adds continuous labelling capabilities for 132M labeler

March 12, 2021  By PrintAction Staff

Herma US, Inc., the subsidiary of Herma GmbH, a Germany-based provider of labelling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials, has introduced continuous labelling capabilities for its 132M HC Wrap-around Labeler.

The continuous operation is made possible by two new modules – EasySplicer and EasyCutter – that can be retrofitted onto existing machines. The new add-ons allow label and backing paper reels to be changed or disposed of without production interruption. Considering that reels on high-speed labelers such as the Herma 132M HC require replacement approximately every 10 minutes, the result is improved output through downtime elimination.

“With EasySplicer and EasyCutter, downtimes on the 132M HC caused by reel changes can be reduced to a minimum and, ideally, even be completely avoided,” said Ulrich Fischer, head of product management at HERMA.


The offering comes amid the push to produce billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines at an unprecedented pace., as the HERMA 132M HC Wrap-around Labeler was designed to meet the requirements of round pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including glass vials.

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