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Huge Paper adds new synthetic paper to portfolio

January 12, 2024  By PrintAction Staff

Huge Paper (Toronto), a digital substrate specialist, adds PaperTyger, a new type of synthetic paper, to its substrate repertoire.

PaperTyger is tear-resistant, like synthetic paper, but feels and prints like actual paper. It has two sheets of FSC-certified paper with a layer of biodegradable, durable film in between that makes each sheet tear-proof.

PaperTyger is suitable for maps, menus, manuals, scorecards, race bibs, wristbands, etc. It is also foldable. In terms of finishing, PaperTyger is foldable and perforated, die-punchable, and suitable for embossing, foil stamping, gluing and bonding, and sewing and grommeting.


“The durability of Paper Tyger results from a patented paper/film/paper solvent-less laminating process that delivers the toughness of a synthetic sheet with the benefits of an uncoated paper printing surface,” said Jeff Tapping, president of Huge Paper. “The technology places a polymeric film in the laminate, naturally water, weather, and grease resistant. One of its significant advantages is the ease of printing and converting. This high-white product’s smooth, consistent surface yields vivid graphic images and sharp definition of small text and barcodes, making it more versatile for a diverse range of applications. Printers will also appreciate that no special inks, setups, or prolonged drying times are required, further reducing production costs. If your substrate’s price, printability, and integrity are paramount, then PaperTyger is a wise choice.”

Huge Paper stocks the full range of PaperTyger products in digital and litho sizes, including coated and uncoated options – lower basis weights of 27#, 54#, and 74# for uncoated sheets and a heavier 108# cover stock that is coated on both sides.

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