Philippe Cloutier     PA50 2010 #4 ranking
Worldcolor Canada (Quad/Graphics)
Montreal, QC

As the pending acquisition of Worldcolor by U.S.-based Quad/Graphics was just days away from completion (at press time), Cloutier becomes instrumental in shaping the Canadian printing landscape. In mid-2010, Worldcolor Canada employed approximately 2,600 employees across 10 printing and print-related facilities, occupying some 1.5-million square feet. Cloutier joined Worldcolor in October of 2000 with extensive experience in finance, investor relations, operations, sales and contract management.

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Matthew Alexander
President & CEO
Colour Innovations
Toronto, ON

Founded as a prepress company 20 years ago, Alexander and his four partners leverage commercial-printing technical expertise with strong design-community and environmental positions.

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Company's environmental program   North American leader
Premier Print Awards   Past winner (The Bennys)
Applied Arts Awards   Perennial winner


Scott Crosby
Holland & Crosby
Mississauga, ON

After installing Canada’s first Inca Onset, Crosby leads one of North America’s most progressive large-format companies, in operation since 1938.

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Inca Onset description  

Cathie Ellis
Ellis Packaging
Pickering, ON

Through acquisition and organic growth, Ellis helped establish The Ellis Group as one of North America’s top paper-board producers, from design to distribution.

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Kevin Nicholds
President & CEO
Dollco Printing
Ottawa, ON

With his cousin Krista, Nicholds took on ownership of 92-year-old Dollco in 2001 and continues to run a complete shop with toner, sheetfed and web presses.

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Dick Kouwenhoven     PA50 2010 #3 ranking
President & CEO
Hemlock Printers

Burnaby, BC

Founding Hemlock in 1968, Kouwenhoven is arguably the most-respected commercial printer in Canada, based largely on decades of technological innovation and the company’s committed stance on environmental progress. With around 185 employees operating out of a 80,000-square-foot plant and generating sales in excess of $40 million, Hemlock produces the majority of its offset work at well over 400-line screen, while also innovating toner-based production. The company has won more than 20 Benny Awards.

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FSC Canada   Recent board member
Premier Print Awards (The Bennys)  Perennial winner/second most Canadian wins
Sappi Printer of the Year   Past & current winner

Peter Cober
Cober Printing
Kitchener, ON

Heavily involved in the OPIA and SWOB for years, Cober runs a highly respected, 4th-generation company and continually invests in new technologies for both offset and toner.

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OPIA & SWOB-OPIA   Perennial support/involvement
OPIA Government Affairs   Committee member


Jean Deschamps
President & CEO
J.B. Deschamps
Quebec, QC

With a 3rd-generation company, in business for over 80 years, Deschamps leads a large regional organization self-described as the leading security printer in Quebec.

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Marc Fortier
TI Group
East York, ON

After modernizing PLM Group and Transcontinental Yorkville, Fortier now leads a diversified company with creative support, premedia, DAM, finishing and 40-inch printing.

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Custom Data Imaging   Pioneering VDP division (purchased in 2009)

Dennis Low
Point One Graphics
Etobicoke, ON

In just over 15 years, Low built one of Toronto’s most-formidable trade printers, with five Heidelberg presses and a manroland web in a 70,000-square-foot plant.

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John Gagliano   PA50 2010 #2 ranking
St. Joseph Print & Documents
Concord, ON

Joining his family’s business in 1982, Gagliano is in charge of Canada’s largest privately held printing operation, with four major print facilities and 54 digital print centres across Canada. He is overseeing the final stages of a multi-million-dollar plant revitalization project, involving a 17-acre print communications campus in Concord. Gagliano played a major role in St. Joseph being named by Deloitte as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the seventh consecutive year.

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Young Presidents’ Organization   Member for past seven years
Children's Aid Foundation   Current board member
St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation    Current board member
Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies  Perennial winner/Platinum Club member

John Bacopulos
President & CEO
Ironstone Media
Toronto, ON

An early adopter of digital-content integration, Bacopulos’ Web Offset division produces traditional print, while IMprint and LinkPath focus on Internet-based publishing.

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Rick O'Connor
Chief Operating Officer
Black Press
Victoria, BC

With dozens of community newspapers across BC and Alberta in Black Press’ publishing arm, O’Connor is responsible for a vast network of printing assets and activity.

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David Odell
President & CEO,
The DATA Group,
Brampton, ON

Founded in 1959, Odell in 2009 generated $350 million in revenues out of 24 facilities across Canada, while employing close to 2,000 people.

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Rich Pauptit
Flash Reproductions,
Etobicoke, ON

Joining the family business in 1999, 34-year-old Pauptit and business partner David Gallant took ownership of the innovative and youthful printing company in 2009.

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Peter Fargey and Craig McEwen, co-owners of ION Print Solutions, have installed one of the largest sheetfed offset presses in Western Canada.

Purchased through Mississauga-based K-North Inc., the new 40-inch Komori LS1040P+C has been integrated with a tower coater and extended delivery. The press also features Komori's KHS-AI system, as well as fully automated plate changing and colour control. According to K-North, it is the largest sheetfed press installed in Alberta.

Installation of the Komori represents ION's first move into the 40-inch market. The company was formed in 2008 following the amalgamation of two well-known commercial production facilities in the region, Nisku Printing and Dial Printing.


Brian Reid  PA50 2010 #1 ranking 
Transcontinental Printing
Montreal, QC

Appointed to lead Canada’s largest printing operation in November 2008, Reid is responsible for some 8,500 employees and annual revenues of more than $1.5 billion. He has been with Transcontinental since 1992, which included five years as Senior VP in charge of the Catalog and Magazine Group (seven plants). Transcontinental continues to invest in its printing arm, currently focused on implementing a hybrid newspaper/ flyer platform across Canada, before the end of 2010.

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Gala Gutenberg   Perennial winner
Web Offset Association Awards   Perennial winner
Gold Ink Awards  Multiple past winner

Ronald Arends
President & CEO
Canadian Bank Note
Ottawa, ON

A global provider of high-security print, CBN has four divisions: Lottery, Identification, Shareholder and Payment Systems, which includes the ultimate production challenge – currency.

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Élan Awards   Perennial winner
McAra   Subsidiary


Murali Dorai
Vice President, ISS National Operations
Mississauga, ON

With 900 employees producing around 800-million personalized transactional statements per year, Dorai has the backing of Bank of Montreal, TD Bank and the Royal Bank.

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Andrew Hrywnak
Print Three
Toronto, ON

With over 55 Print Three locations in Canada, Hrywnak leads Canada’s largest print-franchise network, supported by a 150,000-sq-ft production facility in Toronto since 2008.

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Xplor Canada  member

George Mazzaferro
RP Graphics Group
Mississauga, ON

Founded in 1978, Mazzaferro teamed with tech specialist Brian Auty to build a diverse 60,000-square-foot plant with 40-inch offset, flatbed inkjet, and three Xerox iGens.

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2010 Marketing Awards   Platinum sponsor


After nearly three months and 10,000 individual votes, the final five printers have been named in PrintAction's program to determine Canada's Most Influential Printer, 2010.

Jean Deschamps, JB Deschamps
John Gagliano, St. Joseph Print & Documents
Dick Kouwenhoven, Hemlock Printers
Jamie O'Born, The Printing House
Brian Reid, Transcontinental Printing

Voting was completed on October 20, 2010. To find out who was named the most influential printer in Canada, please read the November edition of PrintAction.


About the Program

The new PA50 program is built on a 3-round voting system for the printing public to decide which leader is Canada’s Most Influential Printer in 2010. (Please see Changes to this Year's PA50, at the bottom of this page, for a brief explanation or read PrintAction's July issue.)

The Top 10 printers from the PA50 are ranked and seeded into one of 10 groups, while the names of the 40 remaining PA50 printers, who are unranked, have been randomly drawn and placed into one of the 10 groups.

Your voting should be based on two primary areas of influence:

1. Which PA50 printer most influences the direction of Canada’s printing industry, and

2. Which PA50 printer most influences the direction of your company.


The Top 10 printers on this year's PA50 list are:

1. Brian Reid, Transcontinental Printing
2. John Gagliano, St. Joseph Print & Documents
3. Dick Kouwenhoven, Hemlock Printers
4. Philippe Cloutier, Worldcolor Canada (Quad)
5. Allen Hallis, R.R. Donnelley Canada
6. Sean Murray, Advocate Publishing & Printing
7. George Kallas, Metropolitan Fine Printers
8. Ward Griffin, The Lowe-Martin Group
9. Jamie O'Born, The Printing House
10. Gulam Jaffer, West Star Printing

 The Voting Process

To promote objectivity in the process, the voter must choose one individual from each grouping for their vote to count. After Round 1 of voting, the top two vote receivers in each group move onto Round 2, from where the final five finalists will vie for the title of Canada’s Most Influential Printer 2010.

PrintAction readers will be updated on the voting progress through the magazine’s weekly e-newsletter until the winner is announced this Fall. Votes are limited to one per person.


The original groups were (click each name for biography, bolded names moved on to Round 2) :


Brian Reid
President, Transcontinental Printing

Ronald Arends
President & CEO, Canadian Bank Note

Murali Dorai
Vice President, ISS National Operations Symcor

Andrew Hrywnak
President, Print Three

George Mazzaferro
Owner, RP Graphics Group


John Gagliano
President, St. Joseph Print & Documents

John Bacopulos
President & CEO, Ironstone Media

Rick O’Connor
Chief Operating Officer, Black Press

David Odell
President & CEO, The DATA Group

Rich Pauptit
President, Flash Reproductions


Dick Kouwenhoven
President & CEO, Hemlock Printers

Peter Cober
President, Cober Printing

Jean Deschamps
President & CEO, J.B. Deschamps

Marc Fortier
President, TI Group

Dennis Low
President, Point One Graphics


Philippe Cloutier
President, Worldcolor Canada

Matthew Alexander
President & CEO, Colour Innovations

Scott Crosby
Owner, Holland & Crosby

Cathie Ellis
President, Ellis Packaging

Kevin Nicholds
President & CEO, Dollco Printing



Allen Hallis
President, R.R. Donnelley Canada

Jamie Barbieri
President, PDI (Phipps Dickson Integria)

Mike Collinge
President, Webcom

Jeff Ekstein
President, Willow Print Group

Rob van Velzen
President, The FSA Group


Sean Murray
President & CEO, Advocate Publishing & Printing

Bruce Berry
President & CEO, Winpak

Curwin Friesen
President & CEO, Friesens

Jay Mandarino
President, C.J. Graphics

Ralph Misale
Chief Operating Officer, Eclipse Imaging


George Kallas
President & CEO, Metropolitan Fine Printers

Al Carbone
Executive Vice President, Rosmar Litho

Paul Henderson
VP & Plant Director, VistaPrint North America

Sandeep Lal
President & CEO, Metro Label

Warren Werbitt
Founder & CEO, Pazazz Printing


Ward Griffin
President & CEO, The Lowe-Martin Group

Jean Grégoire
President & CEO, Imprimerie Solisco

Juan Lau
President & CEO, Icon Digital Productions

Richard McCallum
President & CEO, McCallum Printing Group

Dean Zavarise
Executive VP & GM, Torstar Printing Group


Jamie O’Born
President, The Printing House

David Allan
President & CEO, Rhino Print Solutions

François Chartrand
President, Imprimerie L’Empreinte

Dave Harb
President, Trade Secret Printing

Dean McElhinney
General Manager, Unicom Graphics


Gulam Jaffer
President & CEO, West Star Printing

Mary-Jean Irving
President & CEO, Master Packaging

Edward Kouwenhoven
President, Generation Printing

Damian McDonald
VP & General Manager, Ampersand Printing

Glen Warren
Owner, Warren’s Waterless Printing


For the past several years, PrintAction worked to remain true to the program title of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications, when listing the leaders shaping the near-future of such a far-reaching business arena. We realize, that in the past, the PA50 listing unsettled many people in the printing industry. We certainly heard about it. But, at the turn of this past decade, it was more important to illustrate the external forces in graphic communications effecting the business of printing.

With these forces now well understood, we have decided to revamp the PA50 to focus entirely on printers. The new PA50, which marks the ninth year of the program, will remain true to the title of Canada’s 50 Most Influential Printers. To this end, we have excluded sectors like technology supply and service, education and brokerage from the listing, while acknowledging such individuals are vitally important to Canadian printing.

You will also notice that only the Top 10 printers are now ranked, with the 40 remaining PA50 printers listed in alphabetical order. This is largely because it would be nearly impossible to assess influence among so many private companies. It is easier, of course, to assess the fiscal position and investment practices of public companies, which constituted the majority of PA50 listings in previous years.

The new PA50 program is also structured in a way that allows the printing public to determine Canada’s Most Influential Printer in 2010, who will be named this Fall after three distinct rounds of voting, lasting nearly four months.

Industry veteran Stephen Rider has passed away after a battle with cancer on June 20, he was 61.

Rider was Sales Manager at Magnum Manufacturing, the Canadian distributor of Magnum offset web presses and Ryobi offset presses.

Canadian Printer, a trade publication which traces back to 1892, has announced it will be ceasing its quarterly print edition. Replacing it will be an annual magazine and a bi-weekly e-newsletter.

Publisher Pamela Kirk describes this new development as an exciting new direction for the brand, which is held by Rogers Publishing.

"Canadian Printer is once again positioning for the future, and evolving as a brand to reflect the changing industry it serves, with a view to not only grow its audience online but by continuing to serve our constituency with valuable editorial coverage," writes Kirk in an announcement.

Canadian Printer has had its frequency slashed in recent years from 10 times a year to six and finally four. As of June 2009, the magazine has had a circulation of 12,010. It is the second print-specific publication in recent months to cease publication: in April, Reed Business Information shuttered Graphic Arts Monthly (circulation 77,000 and published for 82 years) and 22 other trade publications in the United States.

Michael William (Bill) Burke, founder of Toronto-based Grenville Printing, has passed away at the age of 83 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Burke was born in Montreal and graduated from Sir George William University (now Concordia) with a bachelor's degree in commerce. In 1968 he founded Grenville Management and Printing Ltd., which soon became recognized as one of the top printers in the region.

In 2005, the company separated into Grenville Printing and Grenville Management Inc., the former of which was purchased by Grafikom in October 2006. Grenville Management continued as a holding company for Inplex Facility Logistics before Inplex was reabsorbed as Grenville Management in 2009. With the demise of Grafikom, Grenville Management restarted its printing arm and today once again operates as Grenville Management and Printing.

Burke is survived by his wife of 56 years, Dorothy, three sons and eight grandchildren. Condolences can be forwarded via Humphrey Funeral Home.

Dr. Hadi Mahabadi, Vice President and Centre Manager for the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, is honoured in the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of the Year” program, produced by Canadian Immigrant magazine.

According to a press release about his achievement, Mahabadi arrived in Canada from Iran in 1981 with his wife, infant son, and $15 in his pocket. Today, he leads one of the world's most-important imaging research centres and holds more than 70 U.S. patents.

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is primary driver of technological innovation for Xerox, which generates around US$22 billion in annual revenues.

Prior to joining Xerox, Dr. Mahabadi was Chair of Chemical Engineering at the Tehran University of Technology. He received his Ph.D. in the field of polymer engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1976. Currently, Dr. Mahabadi is Chair of the Chemical Institute of Canada and a fellow of several scientific societies, including the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Within the national program produce by Canadian Immigrant magazine, Dr. Mahabadi was first named as one of the Top 75 Immigrants earlier this year, and was subsequently voted into the Top 25 by May 2010. More than 10,000 votes from across the country were cast in the inaugural awards program in 2009.

“There are many individuals that have contributed to my professional success,” says Dr. Mahabadi. “I can’t speak for everyone who has adopted Canada as their home, but it’s been a land of opportunity for me. My culture and educational background were not only welcomed, but encouraged at every level of my career. Xerox is a company that embodies Canada’s inclusive culture, and its diverse approach to innovation continually enriches the company’s employee base, and bottom line.”

(For the past six years, Mahabadi has been ranked in a top-10 position on PrintAction's annual PA50 listing of The 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications, holding the number-one position for the past two years. The PA50 listing for 2010 will appear in PrintAction's July issue.)

April 23 is Canada Book Day. The day was chosen to coincide with UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day, which is now in its 15th year. In Canada, the event, which was first organized by the Writer's Trust of Canada, has not been celebrated since 2008.

Despite the Canadian government pledging an additional $39.5 million for the Canadian book publishing industry last September, no other organization has stepped in to lead the celebrations this year and no promotion has been done at any level of government. The government now gives over $70 million annually to promote Canadian books and publishing.

In the past, book publishers and sellers have issued special Book Week coupons which gives a $2 discount to readers towards any book at bookstores. Canada Book Day became Canada Book Week in 2003.

The TD Canadian Children's Book Week, usually in the autumn of every year, will also not be holding an event this year: a decision to move the event to the spring means the next event will not be until May of 2011. The event was started in 1977 and now over 35,000 across the nation participate each year.

UPDATED Feb. 11: Twenty-six hours before the first event of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, George Kallas, President of Vancouver-based Metropolitan Fine Printers, carried the flame through Burnaby toward opening ceremonies at BC Place.

While ski jumping qualification is scheduled to begin this Friday at 1:00 pm, the opening ceremony of the 2010 Olympics is set for a few hours later at 9:00 pm (EST). Organizers have not yet named who will officially light the Olympic flame in the stadium, with speculation centering on Wayne Gretzky, Rick Hanson, or family members of Terry Fox. 

George Kallas has been a major part of the Vancouver Olympics initiative for several years now, beginning with Metropolitan’s printing of the official Vancouver bid book back in 2004. In October 2009, Kallas traveled to his birth country of Greece, as part of the Governor General of Canada’s delegation, for the official flame handover at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

A few days later, the Olympic flame arrived in Canada and began the longest domestic Torch Relay in Olympic history, reaching 1,030 communities on a 106-day journey across the country – 45,000 kilometres. A total of over 12,000 torchbearers will have participated by the time the flame reaches its destination.

Kallas – torchbearer number OTR105-092 – will start his Thursday 11:00 am run at 6875 Aubrey Street in Burnaby and carry the flame along Sperling Street, ending at Charles Street.

The torch’s progress can be followed live on CTV’s Website.

UPDATE: Photo of Kallas bearing the torch, courtesy of CTV's web video feed:

The Globe and Mail this morning reports on the strong reaction from Montreal unions and business leaders after Pierre Karl Péladeau, Quebecor CEO, published an open letter criticizing unions in le Journal de Québec.

Quebecor Inc., the parent company of Quebecor Media, has been in a yearlong battle with unions at the le Journal de Montréal. At the same time, The Globe reports Montreal business leaders are supporting Péladeau’s comments about "entrenched [union practices] that have no place in a global economy.”

Read The Globe and Mail article

Bob Thistle service information

Date: Saturday, February 6th at 2:00 pm.
Location: First Alliance Church, 3250 Finch Avenue East, Scarborough.

Bob Thistle passed away over the weekend at the age of 77. As founder of Robert E. Thistle, he became one of Canada’s most-important figures in distributing printing technology over the past few decades.

Bob Thistle began his career in printing back in 1953 when he was hired as a Toronto-based service technician for AM International, where he worked until 1969. At that time, he decided to attend a seminary full time but continued to service equipment on evenings and weekends to support his family.

Then in 1972, Thistle started his own equipment company, under the name Offset Machine Services, to repair and rebuild Multilith presses. Within a few years, his brother Harry and eldest son John, joined the company as it grew by leaps and bounds. They needed to open up a machine shop to build parts for all of the Multilith presses they were servicing. While still a teenager, Steve Thistle joined his father’s operation, which soon after purchased the Multilith inventory from AM International’s bankrupt Canadian division.

In the late 1970s, Steve and Bob Thistle developed the Thistle Dampening System for small-format offset presses. This technology was sold across North America through various manufacturing channels. Later, they also introduced the Smart Plate CTP system to Canada.

Then in the late 1990s, Steve Thistle began steering Robert E. Thistle to focus on the distribution and servicing of finishing technologies. In 2006, Steve purchased the business from his father, who was starting to wind down his career. Maintaining the strong brand name built by his father, Robert E. Thistle around 2006 moved to its current location in Markham, Ontario. Today, Thistle is a major distributor of CP Bourg collators and perfect binders, as well as Challenge cutters and folders, among other finishing technologies.

Bob Thistle passed away peacefully early in the morning on Saturday, January 16, while in residence at the Mount Hope Centre long-term-care facility in London, Ontario.

The British Columbia chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers (GDC) have partnered with Hemlock Printers Ltd. to establish the Jim Rimmer Community Scholarship for Design.

Jim Rimmer passed away last week at that age of 76. Over his 50-year career in design, book design and typography, Rimmer became one of Canada’s most important typographers and was revered within the local and international graphic arts industry.

The scholarship was actually announced in November 2009 at an annual GDC/BC event called Practivism, which Rimmer could not attend because of his battle with cancer.

"We are very proud to support the next generation of designers in our community, and feel it's fitting to honour Jim Rimmer's contributions to the field with this scholarship,” said Dick Kouwenhoven, President and CEO of Burnaby-based Hemlock Printers.

The Jim Rimmer Community Scholarship for Design will be awarded annually to two students “who demonstrate the use of design thinking to benefit their community, and have used print to effectively communicate a message, effect action, or promote change.”

Applications for the two $1,000 scholarships are due at the end of September and will be judged by representatives of Hemlock Printers and GDC/BC. Recipients will be announced each November at Practivism.

“Jim Rimmer is an icon of Canadian design, craftsmanship and ingenuity. This scholarship is a reminder to the new generation of design thinkers that we need to retain the principles of our craft,” said Marga Lopez, MGDC, President of GDC/BC.

Read Remembering Jim Rimmer

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