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Mississauga’s Mayor, Hazel McCallion, was on hand to help 4over Inc. CEO, Zarik Megerdichian, officially open his new 50,000-square-foot plant in the city, which has quietly become Canada’s sixth largest metropolis.

“We have the potential to meet any expansion plans,” Mayor McCallion joked, while welcoming 4over Inc., a California-based trade printer, to Mississauga. The city is now home to 63 Fortune 500 headquarters, while holding 80 total locations of Fortune 500 companies, along with over 55,000 businesses – and a population of around 730,000.  

McCallion has been building Mississauga for 34 years as its Mayor, while 4over Inc. has been on its own rapid trajectory for the past decade, after Megerdichian and his wife, Tina Hartounian, President of 4over, founded the company in 2001. Today, 4over runs seven production plants across North America, including the new Mississauga location that began producing work in December 2011 under the leadership of printing veteran Tom Hogan.

Hogan played a key role in the printing of The Globe and Mail newspaper with outsourcing production to Interweb Ontario. He was also involved with the start-up and development of Transcontinental Metropolitain, which produces La Presse newspaper in Montreal. During the 4over Canada grand opening, McCallion spoke about closely working with Hogan, years ago, when he was involved with the Mississauga Booster community newspaper.

While Mayor McCallion was open to welcoming another 4over site in the city, Megerdichian is currently in the process of opening up a ninth facility in Seattle to boost his trade-only, hub-and-spoke business model in the Northwest region of North America. 4over claims to have served over 53,788 trade customers across its entire operation, experiencing annual triple-digit growth.

“We are very happy to be here and we will do our best to serve you,” Megerdichian told a sizable crowd of printers and suppliers gathered in 4over’s Mississauga plant. In addition to an existing 29-inch Komori, he spoke about plans to bring in a 40-inch press, as well as a press for plastic applications, while noting the close proximately of 4over plants in Ohio and New Jersey. “There is an organization that stands behind the [Mississauga location] for this plant to be successful.”

4over Inc. has a unique business model in North American printing, as a multi-facility trade-only printer, driving most of its business through a members-only online entity called The company is also a chosen printer for B2C online print retailer

Along with the 29-inch Komori sheetfed, which, as with all 4over plants, promises to run at 500-line screen, 4over’s Canadian plant also includes a sizable bindery area and a large-format inkjet department, which Megerdichian began to introduce into his facilities, under the name of Grand4mat, back in 2009.

C.J. Graphics, led by President Jay Mandarino, received a combined total of 71 Gold Awards in the International and Canadian Gallery of Superb Printing competitions, held annually by the IAPHC – known locally as the Craftsmen Club.

Six Toronto-area printing companies split a total of 197 awards – amid Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honourable Mention levels – within the IAPHC’s Canadian and International competitions, with C.J. Graphics taking home 153.

In the Canadian gallery competition, C.J. Graphics won the Best of Show award, sponsored by Heidelberg Canada, while Colour Innovations took home the Best Use of Ink award, sponsored by Taniguchi Ink. The remaining Gold Award winners from the Craftsmen competition included Colour Innovations, Metro Label, Polytainers, The AIIM Group, and The Lowe-Martin Group.

During the award celebrations, held last night at the Duncan House of Fine Dining, the Toronto Craftsmen chapter of the IAPHC organization also displayed its continued support of students pursuing post-secondary education in the graphic communications industry.

Student awards were handed out to seven people, including: Elina Shafigullina of Gordon Graydon Secondary, who will attend Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management (GCM) program next year; Daria Shepelenko of George Brown College; Nasereen Ahmad of Humber College; Katherine Pires of Ryerson GCM; Christopher Barry of Phoneix Print Shop; and Olesya Milosevic of Centennial College.

Milosevic was also the runner up in the Craftsmen’s inaugural Graphic Design Challenge, in which students from across Canada submit a single print project (poster, brochure, banner, stationery, etc.) to win funding for their graphic arts studies. The competition’s top award went to Lakia Won from George Brown’s School of Design program.

The evening also featured a presentation from Ryerson GCM students Brian Bako and Mark Brejnik, who shared their experiences from the recent Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) conference in Florida. As part of the RyeTAGA team, Bako and Brejnik described the process of creating RyeTAGA’s student journal, which included a thermochromic-ink cover and won three top awards at the TAGA conference, including: Best in Publication Design, Best in Production Quality, and Best in Overall Quality.

Bako and Brejnik took time to thank the Toronto Craftsmen Club for its continued support of the RyeTAGA initiative.

drupa Spotlight: In the third article of PrintAction’s online feature series, Barney Cox, a veteran industry consultant with InfoTrends Europe, discusses which technology trend will dominant the world’s largest printing exhibition this May.

By Barney Cox

Previous drupa's have been defined by a dominant technology trend, last time in 2008 it was the inkjet drupa and prior to that the show has been defined as the JDF drupa, the digital drupa, the CTP drupa and others further back in the mists of time. So what will the theme be for 2012? The clearest theme to emerge is that there will be multiple key trends rather than one over-riding theme in 2012. 

“It will be the & drupa,” says Kodak EAMER managing director Philip Cullimore. “The media is an & world – print & apps, print & online, print & tablets, print & mobile. And, it’s not just print & other media. There’s also the combination of different print processes, where the sum equals more than the parts. It’s digital and offset.”

Transformation and transition are also emerging as themes for drupa 2012, and how vendors can help with that change through business development tools. 

"At Ricoh we believe that drupa 2012 will be about transformation,” says Ricoh Europe Director of Production Printing Business Group, Graham Moore. “Technology will continue to progress but the challenge for the print service provider is bringing it all together and getting the real business development support to manage change. Examples of that transformation are from offset or digital to offset and digital, from supplying just print to supplying cross media services – and the related transition from print service provider to marketing services provider."

Maps and guides to the new business landscape
“For printers to become marketers, they need a lot of help, which is where the business development tools of the vendors become important,” says industry analyst Andy Tribute. 

“Historically drupa has been a technology show but it’s also about business processes and innovation,” says Canon Europe Professional Print Director David Preskett. “We will show how our clients have innovated in business processes; visitors can get a taster that may we hope will inspire them and lead to further things.”

There is recognition that for print to play its part in the cross-media world it has to prove that it is effective against, and with, other media. One of the phrases that will be everywhere at the show is ROMI – return on marketing investment.

Francois Martin, HP’s GSB Worldwide Marketing Director, believes that the perception of print by brand owners is already starting to change: “It is moving from being seen as slow moving medium in competition with online that also creates waste to one that adds value with desired documents that create positive feeling and emotion when properly used.”

Alongside the increased focus on the purpose and the business of print there will, of course, be lots of the latest technology on display, as whatever application you print and whomever you produce it for, better tools are an essential way of meeting the latest challenges.

Offset stands its ground
Digital, and inkjet in particular, may have been in the limelight at the last drupa, and will be this time, but it’s important to remember despite the inroads digital print has made just how much printing is still produced using analogue processes, and isn’t ready to go digital yet either. We’re nowhere near the turning point where digital print volumes overtake offset argues Agfa Graphics Head of Product Marketing, Ralph Hilsdon, who says, “The change is coming but you will see offset standing its ground.”

The focus in offset press development has been to improve the automation, which can reduce operating costs. Much of that focus is on reducing make-ready and changeover times to support shorter runs and quicker turnaround times. It isn’t the only benefit though. Every step towards automation helps to reduce the unit cost of the printed piece, an important factor when fighting to maintain a margin and print itself needs to prove its cost-effectiveness as a marketing medium.

“We will see improvements in sheetfed offset, to the point where you can almost eliminate the operator,” predicts Andy Tribute. He believes features such as on-press measurement, will evolve to measure and control colour faster, and to be able to read the whole sheet to identify print quality defects such as hickeys. These developments will help to continue to reduce the run length at which offset is viable to a couple of hundred sheets, firmly in the territory occupied by digital today.

Reducing makeready and changeover times through automation is crucial for getting work through the press hall quicker, but is only of limited use if the sheets then need to sit around for an age before they are dry enough to be handled for the next stage of production. Look out at drupa for several different approaches to eliminate that dead drying time. One approach is through UV-cured ink. The latest generation of lamps and associated inks are designed to run cool and long, promising low power consumption, longer lamp life, wider stock choice and no need for expensive cooling and ozone extraction. UV is just one option and may only be practical if you are investing in a new press.

Those not in the market for a new press should check out the latest development from ink suppliers, which promise rapid setting of conventional inks in some of their latest formulas. You can bet that even if they cost more than a bog standard offset ink, in comparison to toner or inkjet their price pales into insignificance. Another example of how offset suppliers are making the process more viable for shorter and shorter runs and quicker and quicker turnarounds to fight against the encroachment of digital.

The web-offset press sector will also see developments. “The focus is on reducing waste labour and ultimately the cost needed to produce a given volume of pages, whether that is through bigger presses or through automation,” says Goss International Marketing Manager, Greg Norris, who believes the next step may eliminate some changeovers and make-readies altogether.

This more agile form of web-offset may mean it can win some work that used to be the preserve of sheet fed presses too, proving that it’s not just analogue vs. digital but it’s also important to consider the type of paper transport employed and whether it makes sense to use sheetfed/cut-sheet or web-fed/continuous feed.

The inkjet drupa (again)
If 2008 was The Inkjet drupe then what will 2012’s predominant digital theme be? It will be the inkjet drupa, again. “2008 was the inkjet concept drupa, 2012 will be the inkjet delivered drupa,” predicts Fujifilm Europe Graphic Systems Marketing Communications Manager, Graham Leeson. “On show will be more inkjet machines for many more applications.” In the past four years, inkjet has made significant inroads into the digital printing market and is set to continue.

“In 2008, high-speed production inkjet printers only accounted for about 10 percent of the global digital colour print volume,” says InfoTrends Group Director Jim Hamilton. “That figure is rising rapidly and by drupa 2012 will be a quarter of the total volume and by 2014 will be more than a third.”

Developments in continuous feed inkjet have been rapid with most suppliers such as HP moving from a single machine to a range of widths, speeds and capabilities. Tribute believes that the next category of inkjet presses to emerge will be for more affordable continuous feed products with a speed of 50mpm with a price tag of $500,000, extending the range of printers who will buy the devices, the applications they are used for and the volumes of print produced using this technology.  But what of the cut sheet B2 inkjet machines? Leeson explains: “Continuous feed got off to a quicker start after the last show because the quality requirements and therefore technology employed is less cutting-edge than for sheetfed.”

The question is, will Fujifilm’s and Screen’s machines be joined by other B2 sheetfed inkjet machines? At the time of writing it was too early to call, although there will be developments. The picture that is emerging is that the next generation of digital (inkjet) presses, which we may see at drupa 2012, will be aimed at the applications that are currently the mainstay of the market, and as such are produced on B2 sheetfed offset presses. However, just because that is the form factor of the leading litho technology, doesn’t mean that it necessarily follows that whatever replaces the B2 offset press as the printing industry’s workhorse needs to be the same in all respects except the imaging method.

Automation and integration
Regardless of the printing processes employed joining up – that is integrating – the ordering, managing, producing and distributing a job are crucial to meet demands for lower cost, more effective and faster to market printed products. Once those processes are integrated, it also makes it easier to automate them. “One key aspect of digital print that is often overlooked is its ability to be used in automated workflows,” says Jim Hamilton. “Reducing operator intervention and expanding the tasks that a single operator can handle holds critical importance in today’s production environments.”

But it’s not just in production where the benefits can come from automation and integration. As run lengths reduce and the number of jobs swell administration and customer service become increasingly significant costs of each job, putting the emphasis onto upstream systems and how you deal with clients. “We will continue to see further automation in the workflow, and more integration of systems, especially beyond the walls of the business to customers and between content systems and business processes,” says Agfa’s Hilsdon.

Hybrid printing, more than the sum of the parts
There is undoubtedly competition between digital and analogue print processes. The wise visitor to drupa will investigate thoroughly the latest developments – whether it is offset’s shift to shorter runs, or digital’s migration to higher volume – which may mean that they need to reconsider their own production capabilities. At the same time, it is becoming clear that it isn’t just an either or situation but as Kodak’s Cullimore said it’s the & drupa. There are benefits of using the two technologies together. That may be in hybrid printing systems that use digital to overprint variable data onto offset, or by running both analogue and digital presses and routing the work to the most appropriate for that job.

“The transformation of printed pages to digital is not a jump from analogue, it includes blending and merging,” argues Cullimore. “For some printers it’s just not possible to move their applications totally digital, hybrid systems that use digital to customise higher-volume products, can add something to litho. 

Goss’ Greg Norris adds: “We see an opportunity to integrate web offset with digital print in hybrid systems.” While there may still be a battle between the two processes in certain sectors, there is also agreement that they each have strengths, and the best approach is to combine them.

 “We describe the job splitting between offset and digital printing as follows: printers can use their offset press for long-run jobs,” says manroland VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Thomas Hauser. “Consequently, when they also have a digital printing press, their offset operations are more profitable. The workflow is the central point in a mixed production environment. We want our customers to use existing workflows with a joint metadata workflow that controls the digital printing press and finishing equipment. Thus offset users can remain in their familiar environment with the digital printing press seamlessly integrated in the offset dataflow.” 

manroland isn’t alone in that. While it’s partnership with Oce may have been the first to be announced between an offset and a digital vendor it was followed by Heidelberg teaming up with Ricoh, and KBA with RR Donnelley, the former to resell Ricoh digital printers to complement offset and the latter to develop new digital printing platforms that combine KBA’s prowess for building presses with RR Donnelley’s digital and hybrid printing experience and intellectual property. There may yet be more alliances where firms that were thought of as adversaries become partners.

“To benefit from a trade show, one needs to  get away from the day-to-day pressures of business and  take the chance to meet people and exchange ideas,” says Canon’s David Preskett. “You can see applications, you can network allowing you to share information.  Big exhibitions are one of the few opportunities to get away from your business and gain a clear insight to future business ideas and innovation.”

Canon’s Preskett adds: “I think it’s difficult to call a theme. It only really becomes apparent a few days into the show when it becomes clear what it is that the visitors have come to see.“ 

Whether it’s automation drupa, the & drupa, the cross-media drupa, the inkjet drupa, the litho strikes back drupa, the transformation drupa, or any other drupa, the show is what you make it. To make the most of it you have to be there to experience first-hand, to form your own opinions and to take away what is relevant to your business. It’s your drupa, see you in Dusseldorf.

Frank Romano’s drupa through the ages:

1972 - The small commercial press drupa
1977 - The colour electronic prepress drupa
1982 - The phototypesetting drupa
1986 - The fully-composed-film drupa
1990 - The digital drupa
1995 - The improved productivity drupa (CTP, DI, digital colour printing)
2000 - The press and workflow automation drupa
2004 - The JDF drupa
2008 - The inkjet drupa
2012 - The inkjet on steroids and inline finishing drupa

A team of Ryerson University students acting under the RyeTAGA banner are preparing for the mid-March TAGA conference in Jacksonville, Florida, where they hope to recapture the prestigious Helmut Kipphan Cup.

RyeTAGA, comprised of students from Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management program, has been awarded the Kipphan Cup twice over the past four years, as part of TAGA’s annual competition amongst international post-secondary printing programs to produce the best overall technical journal.

In addition to compiling and preparing some of its research, students are involved in every aspect of the journal’s production, from imposition, proofing, and plate-making to press runs, binding and finishing.

Production of this year's journal began in January, with the support of Toronto-area printing companies Flash Reproductions and RP Graphics. The journal’s sheetfed-offset cover also applies a screen-printing process with thermochromic ink for a touch-sensitive effect. "We wanted to do something far-out and unique,” says RyeTAGA member, Mary Tran. “Standing out and setting yourself apart from the competition is how to get noticed, and we always like to push the boundaries of what print can do.”

While its ultimate goal this March is to once again capture the Kipphan Cup, RyeTAGA traditionally has done very well in all of the competition’s categories. The initiative also allows the student group to become engaged with Canada’s community of printers and suppliers. “It’s a really good opportunity for you to get out there and meet people and see what’s outside the school doors. Networking is a life skill that is important to have and going to a conference like TAGA is the greatest opportunity to hone that skill,” says Brian Bako, RyeTAGA’s Marketing Director.

RyeTAGA counts on Canada’s printing community for mentoring and financial support. “Printers and suppliers are a great help to us because they are the industry support we need to boost our book internally and externally,” says Kaneesha Serjue, Fundraising Director for RyeTAGA. “We value all forms of donations be it money, supplies, or expertise. And we help them get their name out, and get them in contact with student talent. Partnering with reputable companies in the industry is good moral support for students, which is important since students are the future of tomorrow.”

Contact RyeTAGA via email to help support its run for the Kipphan Cup and future.

Visit RyeTAGA for more information on the program.

Leading up to drupa 2012, May 3 to 15 in Germany, PrintAction presents a weekly series of feature-length articles written by journalists and consultants from around the world. The first online drupa Spotlight article is produced by Enrico Barboglio, President of Italy’s 4IT Group.

The Road to Digital Success: Being Analogue
By Enrico Barboglio

The next decade may be marked by some tough conditions. Firstly, instability as a structural condition because of the ever-deepening interconnectivity between different parts of the world and different people and the speed with which information and money can flow. Secondly, asymmetric economic and demographic growth in Europe, in the absence of important corrective measures, that will result in weak demand together with high-cost raw materials, as a consequence of demand in other parts of the world. Finally, high sovereign debt will become a driver for substantial changes in habits, behaviour and culture.

The ‘and’ paradigm
The consequences will be global changes in many sectors, because the difficulty of predicting demand will put extra strain on production flexibility and structural costs. The graphics industry will continue to see its structural model significantly challenged as it prepares to respond to ever more stringent demands in terms of time, and ever-changing, more integrated requirements with regard to production objectives.

We could say that the successful companies will be those that can address the needs of a digital nature (print/non print, long run/short run, paper/electronic) by adopting an analogue strategy, which can be summarized in what we could call the AND-paradigm: Innovation AND Tradition, Quality AND Quantity, Costs AND Revenue, Volume AND Margins, Short AND Long Term, Collaboration AND Competition.

In these six key areas, the Printing Service Provider (PSP), as an entrepreneur in graphics and communication, must therefore use its capabilities to satisfy its clients and also be prepared to respond to the new requirements that are emerging in the paper print sector.

It has been widely claimed and argued that paper print will not actually disappear, but what is certain is the market share of printed products will surely decrease. The importance of digital and mobile communication is growing by the day, as evidenced by usage statistics from sources like SMS, tweets, posts on various social media, email and Webpages in general. Integration of the communication channels is the challenge that has faced printing service providers for several years now, based on the fact that today’s user does not generally have information to consume, but a range of information to integrate, and very often also to share.

Initially, this process was more relevant to those who operated in variable data digital management systems (so-called 1:1 marketing), but today it also involves print where variable data is not the main feature or does not determine the need for a digital output.  

How to respond to B2B and B2C needs
Until today, PSPs were considered a link in the communication chain only when it came to producing the final document, brochure or direct-mail piece, and had to deal mainly with the client’s purchasing department or their communications agency.

Now, marketers are challenged to segment their markets more efficiently and effectively, attract new customers with continuity campaigns that cultivate engagement, support multiple distribution channels with comprehensive materials aligned to each specific channel, identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and maximize the lifetime value of the customer.  

All these are issues that a PSP with business clients cannot ignore. They must begin a transformation from PSP (Printing Service Provider) to CSP (Communication Service Provider) or MSP (Marketing Service Provider).

The world of photo-books is a clear example of this. The consumer’s increasing confidence in digital imaging is making the use of digitally printed photo albums more and more popular. The initial tendency to keep photos only in their digital electronic form is changing, and this may be further encouraged through an offering that is essentially Web based, available 24/7, and offers the consumer the chance to create unique and personalized products.

The photo album can become a true photo story or personalized book; sending greetings cards or party invitations can be left completely to the final user. This has been done, for example, by Penwizard or TinyPrints recently acquired by Shutterfly. The latter was one of the first companies to enable the creation of photo-books directly inside the Facebook environment. In these and similar, cases the support of digital printer suppliers has often been critical in the planning phase.

Opening up to clients through W2P
Whether PSPs are aiming to create an offering for the business market or for consumers, they must ensure that they open up their own production areas to clients. The proposition of on-demand services will be impoverished if clients are not allowed to generate their demand at any time in the 24/7 context that they nowadays consider it their right to ask for. This is why adopting Web2Print (W2P) is no longer merely an application to be included in the user interface in order to obtain online orders. It has become an important and integral part of the company management process. At the same time, it is a tool no longer the reserve of print companies specializing in online printing, but a solution which more and more traditional print companies are turning to, so that they can respond to new ways of managing demand and orders from their clients.

B2B solutions are provided by print service providers for their corporate customers. Corporations then use these solutions to manage their supply chain and print procurement process. These types of solutions are traditionally branded with the corporate logo and colour scheme and access to the site is typically restricted to employees or business partners who can log in to the system with a username and password. Some features that most B2B solutions offer include storefronts that can be branded with a corporate identity, configurable permissions for a variety of corporate users, catalogue and template ordering, approval workflows that automatically request management approval when necessary, and support for purchase order and cost-centre billing.

B2C solutions are used for selling print products and services directly to consumers. These solutions typically require intensive marketing efforts to drive consumer traffic to the site. Consumers can order print using a B2C solution without having a pre-established relationship with the PSP. Some features that most B2C solutions offer include adhoc file submission and template-driven ordering, support for credit card payment processing, real-time shipping quotes via integration with the parcel courier, and the ability for consumers to track the status of their job online.

The ability to integrate third-party solutions within a W2P solution is another added-value feature. This is the case, for example, with Hiflex Webshop, an open system that allows the integration of third-party functionality. Alongside the already implemented PDF Online Designer, for instance, it is possible to integrate external tools that offer Webshop visitors the functions of professional DTP applications.  In this way, individual print products can be created quickly and easily. is an interesting simulation of a printing Web shop

The optimization and automation of prepress is the key to being more competitive by reducing internal costs. Prisma Graphic Corporation strongly believes this. Originally a boutique print shop, it has added two successful Web-based storefronts known as Dokshop and Print Power to complement its commercial print business.

Dokshop serves corporate customers, while Print Power represents a Web-to-print solution targeting consumers. With the use of Prinergy Connect workflow and Kodak's Rules-Based Automation Software (RBA), Prisma Graphic has improved prepress processes with more automation. “We have to produce a product that costs less money today than it did five years ago,” said Steve Carlson, Operations Manager, Prisma Graphics. “The efficiencies we’ve gained with Kodak’s workflow have freed up some available time in the rest of the plant, either on the digital or offset side. We can do parts of a job ahead of time and optimize press utilization.”

“The main benefit of Kodak’s solutions are their scalability,” says Nigel Street, General Manager, Unified Workflow Solutions, EAMER. “They are also customizable and can integrate seamlessly with third-party systems, making it very easy for our customers to see immediate results.”

HP has partnered with RedTie and the combined offering creates an end-to-end solution that enables the production of personalized, effective and clever campaign materials. "Some of the world's most powerful brands are using digital print and web-to-print solutions to stand out in the marketplace with complex and creative cross-media marketing materials," said Julia Cole, HP Indigo UK & Ireland marketing manager.

Prepress is the area where the graphic firm can enhance competitiveness. The producers of software for workflow management and file management know it well. They are actually offering more advanced solutions in this field.

Global Graphics has more 20 years experience of developing printing and e-document technology. Its Harlequin and Jaws RIP products offer native PostScript and PDF processing for faster performance and more accurate file rendition. The Harlequin RIP’s rich feature set includes many prepress processes that normally run on separate applications, such as colour management, trapping and imposition. The Jaws RIP is a kernel interpreter around which application developers can wrap layers of functionality and incorporate third party tools.

Also a key market players is EFI, which since its inception in 1989 by Efi Araz (founder of Scitex) has always developed new products. It now has the richest portfolio of solutions for centralized management of printing and graphics workflows, variable data streams management and for the realization of comprehensive W2P solutions. Digital StoreFront is the tool that allows any PSP to implement a web platform that can meet the diverse printing needs of its customers, including the ordering of custom prints.

Customers can send new documents from their desktop computers from anywhere worldwide, using Digital StoreFront's automatic PDF conversion capabilities or the solution’s easy-to-use ticketing features to specify how they want their jobs produced. Site visitors can also choose pre-defined jobs from a visual catalogue, as well as variable data printing and non-print items like advertising specialties, logo merchandise and apparel, and even kits.

In July 2011, EFI also acquired Entrac Technologies, a  provider of self-service and payment solutions, and this could lead to further innovations in the way of providing print services 24/7.

Being relevant to customers in the cross-media era
Once the print provider has been transformed into a CSP offering services available 24/7, their next challenge is to become relevant to their clients.

To achieve this they need to start from an important consideration: the market is ready and the time for getting into cross-media marketing communications is now. Various market trends support this recommendation: Consumers are demanding more relevant communications, marketers need help identifying the right solution for improving marketing performance, and marketers are ready to participate in cross-media. They are actively seeking technology and partners to help make their lives easier by improving the productivity and ROI of their marketing efforts. While printers can provide more and more answers as they complete the transition from a print service provider into a marketing service provider (MSP). 

Providing the right information in the right context (Relevancy in Content), to the right people (Relevancy in Contact), delivering this information to the right device in the right format (Relevancy in Channel), when and as needed to meet the client’s needs (Relevancy in Time). To provide this level of relevancy, a printer must implement the infrastructure (technical, sales, and consultative skills) to develop solutions for efficient communications.

Demand and the embracing of customized communications are being fueled by technology enhancements and market awareness. Advances in the speed and quality of digital colour technology, along with rapid adoption of automation and online technologies, is driving application development. At the same time, the cost of producing digital colour pages is declining while Customized Communications adds value and market awareness is growing. Lastly, targeted and relevant cross-media marketing is now gaining traction in terms of market adoption.

Print providers who act as marketing service providers meet client needs by offering products and services that are targeted, relevant and measurable.  They remain competitive by differentiating their business with higher value products and services.  They generate revenue opportunities from the services associated with delivering customized communications. And customized communications can drive volume to digital press.

In this way we have an overall cycle covering both print and digital communication. Driving this cycle is the right path to take.

The first annual Canadian Printing Awards were presented last night in front of over 250 industry members at Graphics Canada.

The evening featured an appearance by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother City Councillor Doug Ford. The duo presented PrintAction, the gala organizers, with a special commendation and gave a short speech about the importance of small business. Doug Ford also encouraged visitors to consider Toronto's many industrial areas as prime locations to establish new printing ventures.

Earle O'Born of The Printing House received the first John A. Young Lifetime Achievement Award and kicked off the evening's theme of entrepreneurship, with many other award recipients acknowledging humble beginnings. Jay Mandarino, the recipient of the Community Leader of the Year Award, made it a point to highlight the importance of fostering ties with the community, and how it even led him to produce an award-winning annual report piece.

St. Joseph Communications' Tony Gagliano, upon receiving the Printing Leader of the Year Award, emphasized how Canada and Canadians were central to the growth of his father's basement printing business. Gagliano envisioned St. Joseph Corporation heading into the international stage as the company heads toward its next milestone.

The evening, presented by Dragons' Den Canada host, Dianne Buckner, was capped off with the presentation of over 60 awards for printing quality and environmental leadership. The award winning pieces and companies are as follows:

Self Promotion
Bronze: Parker Pad & Printing, Fantasy of Flight
Silver: C.J. Graphics, Lightening our Step
Gold: The Lowe-Martin Group, Zero C Invitation

Bronze: St. Joseph Print, 2012 Fiat 500
Bronze: C.J. Graphics, Ornge brochure
Silver: Colour Innovations, Arcadian Court Booklet
Gold: Kempenfelt Group, Hostmann-Steinberg Product Selector Guide

Business Cards
Bronze: Kempenfelt Group, Brandora
Silver: Flash Reproductions, Scratch Design
Gold: Flash Reproductions, Bucket & Whisk

Stationery packages

Bronze: C.J. Graphics, The White Room
Silver: Hemlock Printers, Level Ground Trading
Gold: C.J. Graphics, Sullivan Owen

Variable Data Printing
Silver: Pazazz Printing, My MNY
Gold: The Lowe-Martin Group, The Co-operators RRSP Mailer

Direct Mail
Bronze: Colour Innovations, Fairmont Hotels President's Club
Silver: C.J. Graphics, MINI Cooper Pamphlet
Gold: St. Joseph Print, Fiat 500 Welcome Package

Handset Printing

Bronze: Anstey Book Binding, The Anstey Portfolio
Silver: Ambrosi Printers, Handset Self Promotion
Gold: Anstey Book Binding, The Oscar Peterson Folio

Business & Annual Reports
Gold: C.J. Graphics, VF Corporation Annual Report

Magazines & Catalogues
Bronze: Rhino Print Solutions, Montecristo Magazine, Autumn 2011
Bronze: St. Joseph Print, Sharp, The Book for Men
Silver: Hemlock Printers, Finchley Paper Arts Passport
Gold: Hemlock Printers, Inventory Magazine, Issue #04

Bronze: Pazazz Printing, Samfet Corporate Showcase Book
Bronze: Hemlock Printers, Blood, Sweat & 10 Years
Silver: Specialties Graphic Finishers, Alberta College of Art & Design
Gold: C.J. Graphics, Edward Burtynsky, Pentimento
Gold: Flash Reproductions, 0 to 100 Faces

Display Graphics
Silver: Promoflex International, Campbell’s Food Roll Banner
Gold: Promoflex International, Budweiser Pennants

Bronze: Hemlock Printers, Butchart Gardens 2012
Bronze: Colour Innovations, Canadian Army Calendar 2012
Silver: Thunderbird Press, Wall Calendar
Gold: C.J. Graphics, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

Packaging Printing

Bronze: Goldrich Printpak, Dunlea Farms Tidy Feeder
Silver: Netpak, Snow Box
Gold: Goldrich Printpak, Euoko Cosmetic Box

Bronze: Pazazz Printing, Beaupre Labels
Silver: Pazazz Printing, Base Can Promotion
Gold: The Lowe-Martin Group, Year of the Rabbit, Souvenir Sheet

Bronze: Anstey Book Binding, Colourful Conventions
Silver: Specialties Graphic Finishers, The Secret to Making a Difference
Gold: Anstey Book Binding, Edward Burtynsky Pentimento

Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Project
Bronze: C.J. Graphics, Toronto Tree Portraits 2012 Calendar
Bronze: MET Fine Printers, Montecristo Magazine Summer 2011
Silver: MET Fine Printers, Connected World Magazine
Gold: MET Fine Printers, TED Conference Guide

Most Environmentally Progressive Packaging Project
Silver: C.J. Graphics, Ikea 2010 Sustainability Carton
Gold: Farnell Packaging, Gorton’s Fish Portions

Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Technology

Bronze: Sun Chemical, GFI MX12 Ink Dispenser
Bronze: manroland, Cold Foil Indexing with InlineFoiler Prindor
Silver: Webcom, BookFWD
Gold: Cascades Fine Papers, Breakey Fibres Deinking

Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company, 1 to 249 employees

Bronze: Promoflex International
Silver: Webcom
Gold: Hemlock Printers

Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company, 250+ employees
Bronze: St. Joseph Communications
Silver: Symcor ISS
Gold: The Lowe-Martin Group

Best of Show
The Lowe-Martin Group, Year of the Rabbit Souvenir Sheet

PrintAction would like to thank all the participants of the Canadian Printing Awards for making it such a huge success. For full coverage of the evening, please stay tuned to a future issue of PrintAction Magazine.

The first annual Canadian Printing Awards, built upon the 5-year Environmental Printing Awards program, will be presented this Thursday at Graphics Canada. Over 65 awards will be given out across a wide range of categories to celebrate the accomplishments of print and its proud creators.

Among the award recipients will be Earle O'Born, who will be honoured with the first John A. Young Lifetime Achievement Award. Young was the founder of Youngblood Publishing, the parent of PrintAction magazine.

O'Born will be joined by Tony Gagliano, who will receive the Printing Leader of the Year Award, as well as Jay Mandarino, who will be receiving the Community Leader of the Year Award.

Awards will also be given out for quality pieces of Canadian print, as determined by a diverse panel of 12 judges. Categories include Books, Magazines, Packaging, and many more. 

Environmentally progressive achievements will also be honoured in the form of environmental printing awards as well as awards recognizing companies who take the environment as a integral concern in its operation.

The Canadian Printing Awards gala will be held in the Orion Ballroom at the International Centre's Conference Centre. Tickets for the Canadian Printing Awards will be available online until 5:00pm on Wednesday, with an extremely limited number available at the door. 

More than 60 students from Ryerson’s School of Graphic Communications Management celebrated their academic achievements, which included the presentation of 42 scholarships supported by the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund.

The awards night, held in Toronto on November 2, was highlighted by the receipt of two $5,000 Warren Wilkins Prestige Scholarships to Graphic Communications Management (GCM) students Christine MacCallum of Mississauga and Jessica Klein of Hanover, Ontario. As well, fourth-year GCM student Andrew Wong received the prestigious $10,000 FFTA Rossini First Place Scholarship. 

The 40 remaining scholarship winners received $1,250 each, through the long-running (1971) Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund (CPISTF), which is supported by printers and technology suppliers across the country. More information about the GCM awards is available on the program’s Website,, which was just re-launched in September 2011 with a new interface design and content-management tools.

On October 4, 2011, Ryerson’s GCM program also announced the launch its new RyePAC Student Packaging Group, led by the Rossini scholarship winner, Andrew Wong. Mirroring the agenda of GCM’s very successful RyeTAGA group, RyePAC is structured to educate and create opportunities for students interested in the packaging industry. The RyePAC launch drew a crowd of more than 70 students.

RyeTAGA, the GCM student chapter of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, has formed its new executive team and is currently working on its 2012 Ryerson student journal for an upcoming competition associated with the March 2012 TAGA conference. ryeTAGA students will be at the Graphics Canada Show selling their 2012 desk calendar as a fundraiser. More information can be found at the dedicated RyeTAGA Website.

Graphics Canada 2011, the largest printing trade show in Canada, starts on November 10 and runs through November 12. Below is a comprehensive listing of what the exhibitors are highlighting at the show.

This listing, along with other features of the trade show, such as seminars and workshops, will be available in the Graphics Canada Show Guide published by PrintAction magazine.

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3L Display #1078
1205 Fewster Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L4W 1A2 (905) 602-5588
3L Display is a trade show display wholesaler, able to produce work on a wide range of materials including backlit film, canvas, vehicle wrap and more. The company, with nine printers and an assortment of finishing equipment, can turn around most jobs in two business days.

4over #3517
5900 San Fernando Rd.
Glendale, CA, 91202 (877) 782-2737
Describing itself as North America’s largest trade printer, 4over lists 440,000 square feet of office and production space in eight American states. At Graphics Canada, the company is describing its plans for a 40,000-square-foot production facility in Mississauga. The company also highlights its newest product lines: 4Tee (T-shirt printing), 4D prints, Akuafoil and customizable mugs.
“The wait is over, 4over is finally in Canada.”

Accenta Display #3402
250 Superior Blvd.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 2L2 (905) 362-9100
Accenta, which is headquartered in Canada with a U.S. sales and distribution centre located near Tampa, designs and manufactures a range of portable POP and trade show displays throughout North America. Consisting of two divisions, called Visual Impact and Modular Aluminum Display, the company’s products include ImageStand, Roll-It-Up, Supreme System and PopUp Elite, which are detailed in Accenta’s online e-Catalogue.

Access Imaging #3535
89 Tycos Dr., Unit 101
Toronto, ON, M6B 1W3 (416) 789-5542
Access Imaging, with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, is a national supplier of equipment, materials and services for the large-format printing sector, including plotters, scanners, RIPs, laminators and trimmers. In addition to being an “HP Elite Partner,” showcasing HP’s Designjet and Latex Ink machines, Access Imaging has also established technology partnerships with manufacturers like Apple, Howtek, Rimage, Epson, GBC-Protech, Heidelberg, Intergraph and Onyx, among others.

Accura MIS #2711
Lakesbury Mews Hiltingbury Rd.
Eastleigh, Hamphsire SO53 5SS 44 238024-0470
At Graphics Canada, Accura, a U.K.-based developer of Management Information System software, is demonstrating its new Accura MIS Version 4.5, described as having over 50 new features. Accura MIS is distributed in Canada through the UpLinX division of PaperlinX. The technology includes modules for CRM, estimating, production, job costing, inventory and invoicing, as well as the AccuraOnline E-commerce application.
“The Print MIS of choice for over 600 printers worldwide.”
Advantage Graphic Supplies #3921
2800 John St., Unit 14
Markham, ON, L3R 0E2 (888) 477-8884
Specializing in wide format and signage products, Advantage Graphic Supplies also deals in used equipment and servicing, including training. It offers popular brands such as Mimaki, Graphtec and HP.

Agfa Graphics #3607
5975 Falboune St., Unit #2
Mississauga, ON, L5R 3U8 (905) 361-6982
At Graphics Canada, Agfa is highlighting two of its newest inkjet systems, including the :Anapurna M2050 hybrid printer, with a white-ink option; and the Jeti 1224 HDC FTR, with production speeds of 500 f2/hr. In August, Agfa introduced a new, field-upgradable Flat-to-Roll (FTR) option for the 126 x 79-inch :Jeti 3020 Titan, which reaches a maximum speed of 1,000 f2/hr and a top resolution of 1,200 dpi. At the show, Agfa is also demonstrating its recently launched :Apogee 7.1 software suite.

AKR Consulting Canada #3214
7270 Torbram Rd., Suite 200
Mississauga, ON, L4T 3Y7 (905) 678-6368
AKR Consulting Canada specializes in government grants, tax credits and subsidies, including the Canadian Revenue Agency’s SR&ED Tax Refund, as well as EI Exemptions and hiring grants for print and related industries. AKR describes how its extensive knowledge of the print industry can assist with maximizing tax refunds through the SR&ED program – and what is needed to qualify for the program. AKR is also discussing industry-specific and regional grants available to print and related industries.
“Make AKR your cost savings consultants.”

All Graphic Supplies #2108
6691 Edwards Blvd.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 2H8 (800) 501-4451
Starting as a sign printing enterprise in Toronto, the company realigned to become a provider of supplies for its fellow printing businesses in 1995. Today, the company has offices across Canada and even services the Caribbean market.

Amazing Print #3413
1750 Steeles Avenue W., Suite 218
Concord, ON, L4K 2L7 (905) 669-9021
At Graphics Canada, Amazing Print is discussing its range of Web-to-print solutions, as well as the services of its development arm, RadaTech Inc. The company highlights its technological development and services for diverse areas such as B2B storefronts, B2C print shops, retail kiosks, VDP portals, online proofing, inventory, tracking, MIS integration, 15,000 templates, FTP, PDF conversion, eCommerce, WYSIWYG W2P, web2print marketing, fulfillment, production data collection, job tickets, invoicing, RFQ and estimating.

Announcement Converters #3909
13165 NW 45 Ave.
Opa Locka, FL (305) 685-8090
A wholesale supplier of specialty envelopes, cardstock, folders, cards and pouchettes, Announcement Converters is displaying over 100 new products that have been recently added to its product lines. This includes new papers and colours, as well as its new focus on heavy-weight papers of up to 165 lb cover. The company also highlights its new partnership with FedEx.
“Unleash your creativity.”

Anstey Book Binding #2224
946 Warden Ave.
Toronto, ON, M1L 4C9 (416) 757-9991
Anstey Book Binding was founded in 1882 in Toronto’s business district to provide services for the city’s printers. Today it specializes in producing limited edition books and portfolios for the art world, as well as custom boxes, paperwork, binders and more.

APD Printing #1257
820 Nipissing Rd.
Milton, ON, L9T 4Z9 (905) 878-9201
APD Printing, which operates in the trade-printing space, provides a range of products like business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, booklets, pocket folders, door hangers, folded cards, posters, letterhead, menus, rip cards and tickets. With over 25 years of printing experience, the company operates four- and six-colour offset presses in addition to wide-format inkjet and full in-house bindery.

ArtSoft Expo Solutions #1020
30 West Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 6
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K1 (866) 482-0588
ArtSoft provides design and execution of tradeshow displays and also offers print brokering and Web design services.

ATS Tanner Banding Systems #1038
1234 Old Carriage Way
Oakville, ON, L6H 2E3 (905) 815-9999
ATS supplies banding machines for both simple bundling and banding tasks, as well as providing fully automated technologies that can be integrated into a production line. At Graphics Canada, ATS is displaying the new generation of its US 2000 AD ultrasonic banding equipment, which features fix-length options. The company is also showing its MS 420 machine. The company describes banding as a fast growing packaging standard, particularly as it relates to environmentally progressive production techniques.

Au Vetement du Livre #4101
132 rue Giroux
Loretteville, QC, G2B 2Y2 (866) 842-3608
For over 60 years, this third-generation Quebec bindery has gone from a simple two person company to 125 employees today. In addition to book binding, the company manufactures boxes, binders, menus and even board games.

Avanti Computer Systems #1012
235 Yorkland Blvd., Suite 1100
Toronto, ON, M2J 4Y8 (416) 445-1722
At Graphics Canada, Avanti is demonstrating its new integration into Ultimate Technographics software, as well as its recent JDF certification for Print MIS to Prepress. Avanti has also expanded its Application Programming Interface library and is launching two new services at Graphics Canada: Avanti CRM Automated Lead Management and Automated Proof Tracking to speed up proofing approvals.

B & R Moll #3217
124 Railroad Dr., Northampton Industrial Park
Ivyland, PA 18974 (866) 438-4583
At Graphics Canada, while sharing its booth with distribution partner manroland Canada, B & R Moll is demonstrating its Moll Marathon folding system. The company describes the system, which allows for gluing, forming pockets, turning paper direction, and final folding, as fast and versatile, because of a unique folding plate coupled with the Tipper Plate. The secondary unit behind the Marathon is the Versa-Fold, while the system’s plow fold can be integrated with other paper folders.

Bard Business Solutions #2423
P.O. Box 69592, 5845 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON, M2M 4K3 (416) 410-2273
At Graphics Canada, Bard is demonstrating its database-driven Graphics Manager software designed specifically for the printing industry since 1995. All of Bard’s management products are bundled with FileMaker Pro database software for both Windows and Apple platforms.

BCT #1203
3000 NE 30th Place, 5th floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33306 (800) 627-9998
BCT is a wholesale printing network of more than 60 locally owned and operated shops across North America, as well as the Website for print brokerage. BCT claims to have processed over four million orders for more than 20,000 corporate clients through print brokers. The network specializes in short- to medium-run printing of stationery products in spot colour – flat or raised thermography ink – and four-colour process and toner-based print.
“More options, greater printing solutions.”

Bigstock #2227
60 Broad St., Floor 30
New York, NY, 10004 (646) 794-1094
Bigstock was founded in Davis, California in 2004 and has grown to offer over eight million royalty-free images for purchase. The company was purchased in 2009 by Shutterstock and now operates under the shorter name of Bigstock.

Boss Logo Print & Graphics #1008
3115 14th Ave., Suite 6
Markham, ON, L3R 0H1 (905) 474-2677
A trade printer since 1995, Boss Logo now offers short-run digital printing on its HP Indigo 5500 press. On the offset side, the company prints at 300-lpi with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for most items.

Brausse Group #3213
1-1500 Valmont Way
Richmond, BC, V6V 1Y4 (604) 278-2027
At Graphics Canada, Brausse, a global equipment manufacturer for the converting industry, is highlighting its new 106CE flatbed die cutter, as well as the 1050FCA. Described as a versatile foil stamper, the 1050FCA is designed to optimize foil usage because foil-stamped images can be laid out with no limitation of foil-pulling direction – either along or across sheet running directions. Many of Brausse’s facilities are ISO9001:2000, CE and/or CSA certified.
“Best value versus performance.”

Bunting Magnetics Co. #1070
500 S. Spencer Rd.,
P.O. Box 468 Newton, KS 67114-0468 (800) 835-2526
Bunting has over 50 years of experience in the world of magnets. For the printing world, it produces magnetic cylinders, including die cutting cylinders and printing cylinders.

Caldera Systems #2305
1 Rue des Freres
Lumiere France, 78002 33 38821-0000
At Graphics Canada, Caldera, which has developed RIP technologies for the past 18 years, is highlighting the colour management tools within its production software packages. This includes the company’s new initiative with software for inkjet printing on textile medias, Print-to-cut workflows and ICC profile creation.

Cambridge Label #1271
70 Thompson Dr.
Cambridge, ON, N1T 2E5 (800) 311-2363
Cambridge Label is a trade-only supplier of roll, sheet, laser and continuous labels and can produce runs as low as 1,000 labels at up to eight colours. The company has a turnaround time of four days on most jobs.

Canada Post #3427
2701 Riverside Dr., Suite 1200
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0B1 (866) 607-6301
Canada Post is a Crown corporation serving as this country’s primary mail operator. It was founded in 1867 as the Post Office Department, and rebranded in 1981 when the Canada Post Corporation Act came into effect. It services 14.8 million addresses and delivers 45 million pieces of mail per day.

Canadian Metal-Ad #3113
2-140 Advance Blvd.
Brampton, ON, L6T 4Z8 (905) 459-6457
Canadian Metal-Ad specializes in the in-situ repair of damaged plates, blankets, impression cylinders, CI drums and rolls of all types, for more than 22 years. The company employs what it describes as a unique precision metal deposition process that is completely mobile, allowing technicians to permanently repair cylinders in press without the need for large-scale equipment or major press disassembly. Canadian Metal-Ad is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Canadian Printing Industries Association #4111
151 Slater St., Suite 1110
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H3 (613) 236-7208
At Graphics Canada, the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) is discussing its development of a new membership category, called Trial Member, which allows a printing company to access the benefits and services of the association at a reduced price. More information about the initiative is available at the Webpage.
“CPIA, look again.”

Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council #4117
151 Slater St., Suite 1110
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H3 (613) 688-0293
CPISC is a human resources-focused organization that assists employees and employers in Canada’s related printing industries. At Graphics Canada, CPISC is hosting two seminars, called Is Your Company Print-Ready and HR Tools for Succession. The organization also highlights its new online HR Toolkit, as well as various Skill Standards and reports.
“People in print.”

Canadian Signcrafters Supply #2709
75580 Wildwood Ln.
Bayfield, ON, N0M 1G0 (800) 663-9753
Founded in 1992 in Bayfield, Ontario, Canadian Signcrafters Supply started by selling sign painting brushes, but has grown to include inkjet-based sign printing equipment from vendors such as Roland.

Canamex Promotions #2621A
68 Centennial Rd., Unit 3
Orangeville, ON, L9W 1P9 (800) 266-6674
Canamex, which has been manufacturing portable signs and changeable letters since 1994, is highlighting its move into the advertising flag industry. Based in a 10,000-square-foot facility, the company performs all operations in house, from the design stage and printing of the flags (on a 74-inch direct-to-fabric printer) to the finishing process of the flags. Canamex describes its installation system as unique in the market, based on removable in-ground sleeves and pole adaptors.
“Promotions in motion.”

Cascades Fine Paper #2325
2 Rolland Ave.
Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 5S1 (800) 567-9872
Cascades’ history ranges back to 1883 with the Rolland mill but the company itself was founded in 1964. Today it employs over 11,000 people in North America and Europe. The company recently invested $4 million in upgrading its deinking equipment to produce better recycled paper in its Breakeyville plant.

Cascades Recovery #4125
66 Shorncliffe Rd.
Toronto, ON, M8Z 5K1 (877) 226-6608
Cascades Recovery is in the business of managing discarded materials for a wide range of customers in the industrial, commercial, retail and graphics sectors. Its mandate is to divert waste from landfills.

Case Paper Company #3107
499 East Tioga St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19134 (800) 237-2111
At Graphics Canada, Case Paper is highlighting its new specialty division, called Exceptional Specialty Products (ESP). This division is set up to provide market and production intelligence in relation Case Paper’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing and distributing graphical arts materials for packaging and publishing companies. Founded in 1943, Case Paper is a family-owned paper converting and distribution company with more than 1-million square feet of storage space.

CCM Die Supply #3215
531 Corning Way
Martinsburg, WV, 25405 (800) 451-7373
At Graphics Canada, CCM Die Supply, also known as Channel Creasing Matrix, is highlighting its expertise in trouble-shooting die cutting problems, such as nick breakage, angel hair, dusting, feathering, and cracking. The company, one of the few creasing manufacturers based in North America, has focused on ways to enhance the folding of die-cut products since 1964. CCM manufactures three styles of matrix products, as well as stainless steel shim tape and cutting plate cleaner.
“Our business is in creasing; let us increase yours.”

Central Die Supplies #3111
2051 Boul St-Regis
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC, H9B 2M9 (514) 683-0999
Central Die Supplies is a supply and distribution company of industrial products to the Canadian market. At Graphics Canada, the company is highlighting the support provided by its national field technicians and facilities with warehousing in Montreal and Toronto.

Channel Letter Depot #2021
434 North Rivermede Rd.
Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9 (877) 532-0112

Cheelo Graphics #2429
7400 Victoria Park Ave., Unit 6
Markham, ON, L3R 2V4 (416) 412-3889
Cheelo Graphics is a Markham, Ontario-based provider of signage and display products. The company specializes in tension fabric exhibits.

CiMa-Pak #1251
7290 Torbram Rd., Unit 3
Mississauga, ON, L4T 3Y8 (905) 612 0053
At Graphics Canada, CiMa-Pak, which supplies shrink-wrapping, poly-bagging, paper-counting and tabbing equipment, is highlighting the Countwise Paper Counter and the Shooter Tabber developed by US Paper Counters. (Robert Wagner, one of the principals of US Paper Counter, is participating in the show.) CiMa-Pak product lines are primarily geared toward the direct-mail sector and small- to medium-sized printers.
“A unique packaging company.”

Creativity International #2701
2410 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY, 40206 (866) 519-2571
The Creativity International Awards were founded in 1970 and is one of the longest-running independent international advertising and graphic design competitions. Categories range from annual reports to sales films, from magazine photography to consumer Websites, and from logos and trademarks to ambient media.

Crusader Paper #2204
350 Holt Rd.
North Andover, MA, 01845 (800) 421-0007
A retailer of paper products ranging from premium fine papers for high-end commercial printing to industrial grades for packaging uses, Crusader Paper was founded in 1967 and is based in Massachusetts.

Deco Labels & Packaging #3212
28 Greensboro Dr.
Toronto, ON, M9W 1E1 (888) 496-9029
Owned by the Ford family (including current Toronto Mayor Rob Ford), Deco Labels has been operating in the city since 1962. In addition to its Toronto location (a common sight for travelers on the Hwy 401), Deco also operates a facility in Chicago.

Design Edge Canada #2327
8-1606 Sedlescomb Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L4X 1M6 (905) 625-7070
Design Edge Canada is a print magazine launched in the spring of 2006. It is published six times per year to the graphic design industry in Canada and also offers a regularly updated Website. Also see description for Regional Design Awards, hosted by Design Edge.

Die Supply Guys #3904
3480 Laird Rd.
Mississauga, ON, L5L 5Y4 (800) 515-0748
The Die Supply Guys offer diemaking and diecutting machinery and supplies from its Mississauga, Ontario-based facility.

Dixie Reproductions #1281
2801 Clinard Dr.
Springfield, TN, 37172 (615) 382-6311
At Graphics Canada, Dixie is highlighting its 50-point inspection program for reconditioning sheetfed presses, including cleaning, painting, reconditioning, cylinder removal and repair. The company, in business since 1972, operates out of a 20,000-square-foot plant in Springfield, Tennessee.

DocketManager #3525
69209 Bronson Line
Dashwood, ON, N0M 1T0 (519) 237-3838
At Graphics Canada, DocketManager is demonstrating its self-named, Web-based job tracking system. The DocketManager system is designed to manage customer databases, schedule traditional mailing or email marketing campaigns, create quotes, place orders, and ultimately follow jobs/dockets through a production workflow. The software can also be used to track sales, control receivables, generate status reports, monitor and maintain inventory levels, schedule maintenance routines and create storefronts for clients.
“Always connected.”

Dolphies Promo Group Canada #1028
877 Alness St., Unit 13
Toronto, ON, M3J 2X4 (416) 840-0100
At Graphics Canada, Dolphies Promo is highlighting its various banner-stand and pop-up display products. In addition to portable banner stands, the company emphasizes that it carries a range of product sizes and shapes, including retractable, tension pole, multi-sided, rigid pole, outdoor and hanging designs. Dolphies Promo also provides large-format printing with in-house laminating, mounting and encapsulation.

Draabe #1275
2740 Fenton Rd.
Ottawa, ON, K1T 3T7 (613) 822-0335
At Graphics Canada, Draabe is exhibiting an operating humidification system designed specifically for printing companies. According to Draabe, its systems feature a complete hygienic design, patented titanium nozzles, silent and drip-free operation, and low energy consumption. The water treatment process of the system is designed to not leave scale deposits in pipes or mineral dust in the air.
“Success is in the air.”

Duracut #3431
54 Torbay Rd.
Markham, ON, L3R 1G6 (905) 475-6472
Duracut has been manufacturing paper cutting knives for the printing industry since 1997. Since then Duracut has expanded to develop products for the plastic, metal, wood, food and packaging industries.

Duo Display #2500
3700 St. Patrick St., Suite 300
Montreal, QC, H4E 1A2 (888) 767-4887
At Graphics Canada, Duo Display of France is highlighting its recent merger with another exhibit-display company called POP Displays of Canada. Both entities provide selling tools, in-house manufacturing and wide-format printing. At the show, Duo Display is also highlighting its tension fabric modular display system, Panoramic, as well as Duo.Xpressions. The company also develops all-in-one portable kits called Hello.Set and Hello.Xpress.
“Image Carrier.”

Durst Image Technology #1046
50 Methodist Hill Dr. # 100
Rochester, NY, 14623 (585) 486-0340
At Graphics Canada, Durst is highlighting its Rho line of large-format, UV-based inkjet printers. This includes the Rho 1000, 900, 800HS, 800 Presto, 750HS, 500R, and 320R models, as well as the Rhotex 320.
“The industrial inkjet specialist.”

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EZ Trade Signs #1044
518 Evans Ave.
Etobicoke, ON, M8W 2V4 (416) 252-3341
At Graphics Canada, EZ Trade Signs, which also runs under the name of Mr. Signs, is distributing new product catalogues and price lists for the upcoming year, as well as life-size guitar cut outs made with its Kronsberg i-Cut system. The company is focusing on supplying large-format signage to small- and medium-sized print shops across Toronto and Southern Ontario.
“Yes, you can sell signs.”

E. L. Hatton Sales #2214
135 Park Place, Suite L
Wellington, OH, 44090 (440) 647-3400
E. L. Hatton supplies banner finishing products for signage and display production. At Graphics Canada, ELH is introducing the Banner Ups PowerTabs DIY Banner Making Kit, which is designed to reduce banner-finishing costs. The company is also introducing its Banner Ups MegaTape, described as “super strong banner hem tape.”

Echolites #2623
25 Misty Brook Cres.
Brampton, ON, L7A 2S8 (905) 495-1688
Echolites is an importer of inkjet and speciality media from China. The company has also introduced bamboo display products, which it describes as a more eco-friendly alternative to steel and aluminum models.

Eliquo #2220
40 Eglinton Ave E., Suite 305
Toronto, ON, M4P 3A2 (888) 484-2933
Eliquo, established in 2002, is both an authorized Adobe Systems and Apple Computers training centre with French and English instruction on Mac and PC. The company runs training centres in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, providing hands-on courses, as well as span Web development, graphic design, video, usability and PDF forms.

EM Plastic & Electric Products #2309
14 Brewster Rd.
Brampton, ON, L6T 5B7 (800) 268-1252
EM Plastic has been serving the sign, graphic, screen printing, display and industrial markets for over 50 years. It distributes a range of substrates, including: pressure-sensitive vinyl and films, foam boards, PVC sheet, aluminium composite, signboard, styrene, and corrugated sheet (Hicore), among others. EM Plastic also carries specific sign supplies like translucent and cut vinyl, laminates, magnetic sheets or rolls, magnetic and electronic ballasts, lamps, and LEDs for channel letters or sign boxes.

EngView Systems #3520
5890 Monkland Ave., Suite 203
Montreal, QC, H4A 1G2 (514) 343-0290
At Graphics Canada, EngView Systems, which develops CAD-based packaging design software, is debuting its new desktop sample-making solution. Integrating Adobe Illustrator and the Pirina sample-maker, users can employ EngView’s system to create their own resizable designs and advanced 3D models. The Pirina machine, with touch screen control, can cut 40 x 27.5-inch sheets (or 55 x 40 inches with sheet rotation), while handling a range of materials. The software features drag-and-drop functionality and a large template library.

Epson Canada #1280
185 Renfrew Dr.
Markham ON L3R 6G3 (905) 940-3254 
At Graphics Canada, Epson is exhibiting the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, which the company describes as “the fastest 64-inch wide, roll-to-roll printer in its class.” Epson will also debut a new solvent-based ink designed to address environmental and health concerns. On the show floor, Epson is also highlighting the Stylus Pro 4900, Stylus Pro 3880 designer edition, and its computer-to-plate system called Stylus Pro 7900.
“Exceed your vision.”

Ernest Green & Son #1270, 3216
2395 Skymark Ave.
Mississauga, ON, L4W 4V6 (905) 629-8999
At Graphics Canada, Ernest Green, which supplies and services printing technologies across Canada, is displaying over 10 pieces of equipment, including HP’s FB500 UV, LX850 L25500, and Designjet printing systems, as well as an Oki-branded label printer. At the show, Ernest Green is also showcasing EskoArtwork software and cutting systems from Kongsberg (iXL 24 i-Cut table) and Graphtec. Ernest Green also has a second booth (3216) highlighting products within its flexo division.

EskoArtwork #3906
8535 Gander Creek Rd.
Miamisburg, OH, 45342 (937) 535-6060
At Graphics Canada, EskoArtwork is demonstrating its 3D design and production software called Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, which won a 2011 InterTech Technology Award. The company is also featuring its i-cut Suite and Kongsberg finishing tables.
“The clear choice.”

Extensis #2326
1800 SW First Ave., Suite 500
Portland, OR, 97201 (503) 274-2020
Maker of the Suitcase font management software, Portland-based Extensis has also grown to include digital asset management software and an Internet font serviced called WebINK.

Factor Forms #1054
8411 McIntyre Rd.
Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 6G3 (780) 468-1111
Factor Forms was founded in 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, and has grown to over 175 employees and three production plants: Edmonton, Niagara Falls and Victoria. The company produces business forms, traditional printing, digital printing, and digital labels.

Fastar Printing #1024
50 Silver Star Blvd., Unit 207
Scarborough, ON, M1V 3L3 (416) 291-8918
Fastar Printing describes itself as an instant/rush printing and binding company, which uses the Xerox Digipress DC7002 as its primary toner-based system, as well as two Heidelberg PM46 presses for one and two colour production. Fastar also explains how it leverages a programmable Polar cutter to produce up to 1,000 business cards in 30 minutes. The company recently expanded its finishing department to offer coil, wire and perfect binding.

Flagship Courier Solutions #3919
3767 Thimens #205
Ville St. Laurent, QC, H4R 1W4 (514) 739-0202
Flagship, self-described as one of Canada’s largest Web-based shipping companies, works with major couriers like Purolator, UPS, FedEx and DHL to provide volume discounts. The company’s SmartShip system allows users to instantly view the best rates from these leading carriers, choose the service, then automatically create compliant shipping labels for each package. Flagship also provides insurance, truck freight, warehousing and international freight.

Flap & Seal Envelopes #3312
60 North Queen St.
Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 2C4 (416) 236-1284
At Graphics Canada, Flap & Seal is highlighting its knowledge base of over 1,500 envelopes and years of messaging strategy, whether applied to small invitation-style envelopes or large catalogue mailers. The company specializes in the quick turnaround of full-colour envelopes in quantities between five to 250,000. In addition to its experienced Customer Service Representatives, Flap & Seal provides instant estimating, written job confirmations and soft proofing.
“We know envelopes.”

FloClear LLC #3527
3 Johns Landing Ct.
Poquoson, VA, 23662 (678) 787-1234
FloClear provides a fountain solution recycling system designed to reduce a printer’s impact on the environment, while also saving on chemistry costs. Equipment from half-size offset presses to wide web presses can be fitted with FloClear units.

Formax #3630
44 Venture Dr.
Dover, NH, 03820 (800) 232-5535
New Hampshire-based Formax designs and manufactures paper processing equipment for the office environment to large mail centres. Formax products include pressure sealers to process one-piece mailers, as well as inserters, document folders and other complimentary equipment.

Fotolia #2323
41 E 11th St., 11 Floor
New York, NY, 10003 (888) 674-2299
Over two million people use Fotolia for royalty free images and videos. The New York-based company boasts 14 million images and videos in its market, starting at 75 cents each.

Francotyp Postalia Canada #3430
82 Corstate Ave.
Concord, ON, L4K 4X2 (905) 339-3227
Francotyp Postalia is a manufacturer of digital postal meters, mailing systems, software and related products. The German company’s Canadian subsidiary was established in 1960.

Fujifilm Canada #1200
600 Suffolk Ct.
Mississauga, ON, L5R 4G4 (905) 755-2780
At Graphics Canada, Fujifilm is exhibiting its new Acuity LED 1600 wide-format printer. Based on an inkjet LED-UV design, Fujifilm describes the Acuity LED 1600 as a versatile, entry-level system. Also at Graphics Canada, Fujifilm is running its wide-format Acuity Advance HS printer designed for high-speed production, as well as the associated Kongsberg i-XL24 finishing system. In terms of software, Fujifilm is demonstrating XMF, CGS Oris, ColorGATE Production Server, and Web-to-print applications, as well as the company’s pressroom consumable products.
“Road to profitability.”

G.T. Specialties #3531
2901-A Edith Blvd. N.E.
Albuquerque, NM, 87107 (505) 343-0600
G.T. Specialties is a supplier of diamond-coated, machine-grooved and urethane-coated gripper fingers, pads and bars, and related products, for North American printers. The company provides products for brands such as AB Dick, Akiyama, Harris, Hashimoto, Heidelberg, Itek, Komori, Meihle, Miller, Mitsubishi, KBA, manroland, Ryboi, Sakurai and Solna machines.

GBC Canada #1290
5 Precidio Ct.
Brampton, ON, L6S 6B7 (905) 595-3100
At Graphics Canada, GBC is demonstrating the recently introduced Magnapunch 2.0. This tabletop paper punch features GBC’s proprietary edge detection technology, as well as tools to speed set-up and changeover times with custom and odd-size applications. Also at the show, GBC highlights its new partnership with Canon, based on product packages, to integrate large-format printing and finishing techniques like laminating and mounting.
“Printing transformed.”

Globalink Imaging #2625
6-295 Queen St. East, Suite # 357
Brampton, ON, L6W 4S6 (905) 488-6141
At Graphics Canada, Globalink is showcasing its 2012 production line, including the Flexhibit modular display system based on twist-and-lock components. At the show, the company is also highlighting its distribution of Frontline Systems Flexikrome products.
“Your display professionals.”

Glue Dots International #2319
5515 S. Westridge Dr.
New Berlin, WI, 53151 (877) 512-8086
Glue Dots International, based in Wisconsin, develops and manufactures adhesive solutions that offer an alternative to tapes, liquid glues and hot glues. First introduced to the commercial printing industry, Glue Dots are now used in direct mail, product assembly, beverage distribution, packaging, point-of-purchase, and material handling.

Grand Valley-Direct #3625
24 Corydon Pl.
Cambridge, ON, N1R 7L5 (877) 526-6848
A Canadian and family-owned company based in Cambridge, Ontario, Grand Valley-Direct provides finishing equipment and supplies – new, used or even rentals.

Graphic Arts Magazine #2011
72 Main St.
Mount Albert, ON, L0G 1M0 (877) 513-3999
At Graphics Canada, Graphic Arts Magazine is highlighting its coverage of the printing and related graphic arts industries in Canada. Distributed 10 times a year, Graphic Arts publishes articles on topics like new technologies, design, prepress, print, bindery, sales and marketing.

Greenflow Environmental Services #2611
4151 Morris Dr., Units 2, 3, & 4
Burlington ON, L7L 5L5 (800) 287-5416
Servicing the printing industry for nearly 20 years, Greenflow provides waste removal services, recycling as well as air-quality management equipment. Greenflow Environmental also operates a licensed waste disposal (transfer) site at its Burlington facility.

GTI Graphic Technology #1255
211 Dupont Ave.
Newburgh, NY, 12550 (845) 562-7066
At Graphics Canada, GTI Graphic is highlighting its Graphiclite lighting systems, including a line for large-format viewing. The metal wall-panel system – allowing for vertical inspection – is available in custom sizes up to a maximum of 4 x 8 feet. The panels, each fitted with four magnets, are neutral gray (Munsell N8).

Gyford Productions #2308
891 Trademark Dr.
Reno, NV, 89521 (775) 829 7272
Gyford manufactures aluminum and stainless-steel mounting components and displays, called Gyford StandOff Systems. The company provides products with wire suspension, EZ Rod, and custom colours and finishes, as well as internal designers to assist in display creation.
“Bring your designs to life.”

Have Our Plastic #3117
6990 Creditview Rd., Unit 4
Mississauga, ON, L5N 8R9 (800) 263-5995
Have Our Plastic has been producing binding and related finishing equipment since 1985. The Mississauga, Ontario, company also sells synthetic paper, menu covers as well as a range of stationery products.

Heidelberg #3000
6265 Kenway Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 2L3 (905) 362-4400
At Graphics Canada, Heidelberg highlights its new distribution agreements with Ricoh, beginning with the Pro C901, and EFI, including the large-format VUTEk printers. The company is discussing the Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 VLF presses, as well Varimatrix die cutters and Diana folding-carton gluers. At the show, Heidelberg is also focusing on flexographic plates from Kodak and Asahi. The company also highlights its Saphira consumable lines with inks and coatings. It is also demonstrating colour management, Web-to-print and business management software.
“HEI Flexibility.”

High Print #2231
250 West Beaver Creek, Unit 4
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1C7 (888) 739-0279
A printer of wide-format signage, this Richmond Hill, Ontario-based company has a special focus on signage and marketing materials for realtors and also provides wide-format printing for the trade, including vehicle wraps.

Hybrid Software #1257
1709 Newtown-Langhorne Rd., Suite 6
Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 550-6243
Hybrid Software, formerly Hybrid Integration, provides software solutions for Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) in the graphic arts industry. The company’s Frontdesk OLM software allows a printer’s key clients to log in, create new print jobs and upload files to get the production process started. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, but has offices in Belgium and Germany.

IAPHC Toronto Craftsmen #4121
209-5 Weldrick Rd. W.
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 8S9 (905) 884-9778
Established in 1919, the Toronto Craftsmen Club was at one point the third largest division within the International Club. The Club’s mission is to be an “EPIC” organization, one that educates, promotes, informs and connects people employed within the graphic communications industry.

Imprintor #3532
345 N. Lewis Ave.
Oglesby, IL, 61348 (866) 663-8373
Imprintor is a provider of custom imprinting equipment and supplies. Its devices are commercial grade and can imprint on many promotional items (which it also sells), such as badge holders, flashlights, pens and even ceramic mugs.

Indel-Davis #1004
7902-10th St. N.E., Deer Point Tech Centre #B
Calgary, AB, T2E 8W1 (800) 885-7100
A supplier of wide-format consumables and media, Indel-Davis is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma but here in Canada has offices in Calgary and Toronto.

Insource #3605
85 Citizen Ct., Unit 6
Markham, ON, L6C 1A8 (905) 709-3344
Founded in 2005, Insource is a provider of mailing equipment and supplies and features products from Buhrs, W+D Direct, Norpak and Kirk Rudy. The company has offices in Toronto, St-Leonard, and Vancouver.

International Binding & Laminating Systems #2508
204, 19232 Enterprise Way
Surrey, BC, V3S 6J9 (604) 574-9508
At Graphics Canada, International Binding is showcasing various perfect binders for hard and soft cover books, as well as a new 17.75-inch stack cutter – part of a line with a size range from 17 to 54 inches. Also on the show floor, the company features its new 24-up, full-bleed Therm-o-type business card slitter, as well as its FastBack line for photo-book production. International Binding also carries products from Akiles, Banner, Bryce, ChannelBind, CP Bourg, Daige, Dry-Lam, Duplo, Drytac, Dura Products, EMSeal, General Graphics, GHL, Ideal MBM, Ledco, Maping, Minipack, Neschen, Protect-All, PDI, Powis Parker, ProBind, RB Sun, Renz, Standard, Tamerica and Unibind.

iStockphoto #2322, 2324
1240 20th Ave. SE, Suite 200
Calgary, AB, T2G 1M8 (866) 478-6251
Established in May 2000 in Calgary, iStockphoto is a stock photography provider now owned by parent company Getty Images. The site today has over seven million users both buying and selling photography around the world.

J&J Manufacturing #1263
15 Keefer Rd.
St. Catharines, ON, L2M 6K4 (905) 685-8353
Jay-Line was established in 1977 and is a supplier of custom-branded promotional products including pens, pads, door hangers and photo frames. The company features a line of Canadian-made products as well as products which are environmentally minded.

Jasdi Magnetics Canada #4115
155 11880 Hammersmith Way
Richmond, BC, V7A 5C8 (604) 271-1679           
At Graphics Canada, Jasdi, which is a new Canadian subsidiary of the parent Jasdi Magnetics, is highlighting its latest flexible magnet products in plain, self-adhesive, white or colour vinyl finish. These products are designed to complement processes like silk-screen, UV inkjet, hot-foil stamp, pad printing or vinyl lettering. The company is also highlighting its most-popular magnetic paper, which is a 12 x 18-inch sheet with a white art paper finish. This sheet features a 0.014-inch thickness with a variance to 0.015-inch thickness. Jasdi also now carries “rare earth magnets” like ceramic and neodymium for special projects.
“Jasdi is my name and magnetics is my game.”

Jelly Labels #3314
250 The East Mall, Suite 1273
Etobicoke, ON, M9B 6L3 (416) 907-0128
At Graphics Canada, Jelly Labels is launching its LogoTilez branded labels. Catering to small-business owners, these domed labels can be ordered – for the first time – in format sizes as small as 50 square inches. The domed labels are available by the sheet in either 1 x 1-inch or 1 x 2-inch sizes.
“LogoTilez, make use of your logo.”

Jilca International #2617
3680 Victoria Park Ave., Unit 7
North York, ON, M2H 3K1 (416) 847-0655
In business for over 20 years, Jilca supplies and services tradeshow display products across North America. Its product lines include portable displays, EZTruss systems, banner stands and tradeshow accessories, as well as dye-sublimation fabric printing. The company provides marketing, printing and graphic design services.

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Kalima Paper #2225
800 Rene Levesque Blvd. W., Suite 1050
Montreal, QC, H3B 1X9 (800) 411-7011
Kalima is a division of the Tembec Paper Group, which is a Canadian paperboard manufacturer that started up in 1990 to focus on lightweight coated board. Products sold under the Kalima brand include various Coated Cover and Web Coated Cover stocks, as well as Kalima Digital, CIS Folding, Litholam, Preprint, and Direct Print.

KBR Graphics #3230
170 Graveline St.
Saint Laurent, QC, H4T 1R7 (514) 739-5656
At Graphics Canada, KBR is exhibiting the recently launched (June 2011) MGI Meteor DP8700 XL press, which is described as a four-colour, multi-substrate system suitable for diverse production floors, such as commercial printers, in-plants, plastic-card manufacturers, book printers, government operations, and photo printers. KBR is also featuring equipment from Standard Horizon, including the BQ-270 perfect-binding system for short-run book production. The company is also highlighting the vertical VAC-100 air-suction collator, with the SPF-200A/FC200A unit and off-line HOF sheet feeder.

Keng Seng Enterprises #3903
103-4000 Rue St. Ambroise
Montreal, QC, H4C 2C7 (514) 939-3971
At Graphics Canada, the Pantone distributor Keng Seng highlights the PANTONE PLUS SERIES. The system addresses colour accuracy and specification – in both spot and process – colours, including applications in packaging, Web display and digital design. PLUS SERIES preserves all of the colours of the previous PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, while adding 566 new colours – 224 new spot colours, 300 metallics and 42 neons. Keng Seng has offices in Montreal and Mississauga.

Konica Minolta Canada #1260
369 Britannia Rd. E.
Mississauga, ON, L4Z 2H5 (905) 890-6600
At Graphics Canada, Konica Minolta is demonstrating the bizhub PRESS C8000, which recently became the first toner press to receive IDEAlliance Digital Press Certification. In addition to the C8000, Konica Minolta also showcases its C70hc and C6000L machines. The four-colour C70hc prints with a High Chroma toner, designed to produce a wide colour gamut. Konica Minolta describes the C6000L an ideal entry-level production machine.
“Count on Konica Minolta.” #2704
400-450 Matheson Blvd. E.
Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1N8 (855) 494-8800 is a new royalty free photography repository which is completely advertising driven. To date, the site offers over 18,000 free stock photos.

Laser Cheque #2629
1159 Rue Du Sud
Cowansville, QC, J2K 2Y7 (450) 263-0362
At Graphics Canada, Laser Cheque is showcasing its new online solution for printing cheques. The company is also highlighting its complete Lasercheque system, which is designed to produce a range of codes, including MICR (magnetic ink), sequential barcodes and numbering for applications like cheques, tickets, invoices and statements. The company is able to produce customized cheques with features like logo, address, and identification, as well as NCR cheques and multiple cheques on the same sheet.

Longford International #3307
41 Lamont Ave.
Toronto, ON, M1S 1A8 (888) 298-2900
Longford is a Canadian company founded in 1969 in Toronto. The company designs and manufactures high-speed automated paper handling and packaging machinery, as well as high-speed machinery for leaflet inserting and other paper dispensing applications for a wide range of applications. Its equipment has been installed in over 65 countries.

LumaPix #2427
2220 Lapiniere, Suite 203
Brossard, QC, J4W 1M2 (877) 586-2749
LumaPix is a Montreal-based vendor of three software packages for the photography market: FotoFusion Enchanced, FotoFusion Extreme, and FotoFusion Yearbook. The software is aimed at streamlining the creation of albums.

Macaron #2605
8639 8th Ave.
Montreal, QC, H1Z 2X4 (800) 530-4383
Founded in 1981 in Montreal, Macaron provides both promotional products and the equipment to assemble them. Products include badge holders, lanyards, guillotines, laminating films and key tags.

manroland #3217
119 Westcreek Dr.
Vaughan, ON, L4L 9N6 (905) 265-6300
Sharing a booth with distribution partner B & R Moll, manroland is focusing on its recently introduced ROLAND 700 HiPrint HS (High Speed) press. The 40-inch, sheetfed press is rated for a maximum run speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. In addition to its PRINTVALUE portfolio of services, manroland is also discussing its developments in the packaging sector, including the ROLAND 900 XXL with perfecting capability. B & R Moll is displaying the Moll Marathon folding system.

Maxmedia Graphic Supplies #1215
1001 Denison St., Unit 5 (905) 474-9128
Markham, ON, L3R 2Z6
Maxmedia Graphic Supplies provides equipment and materials for the signage sector. The company specializes in the distribution of wide-format inks, banner stands and a range of vinyl materials.

Metafix #1016
1925 46th Ave.
Lachine QC, H8T 2P1 (800) 667-8921
At Graphics Canada, Metafix is highlighting its Developer Recycling System designed to reduce CTP developer consumption. By filtering the operating developer, this system keeps the processor’s developer tank cleaner and, therefore, increases the amount of plate throughput between cleanings. The company is also highlighting its Fountain Solution Control system, which includes access to the MetaTrax database, to monitor conductivity, pH, temperature, water, and concentrate volumes during press runs.
“It is only waste if it is wasted.”

ML System #1245
5910-146 Greensboro Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5M 5Z6 (905) 785-7531
At Graphics Canada, ML System, a manufacturer of high-pressure humidification systems, is showcasing its technology with ceiling and wall-mounted heads. The company’s stainless steel products combine a fan with the fog nozzles set in a circular pattern, which enables 360 degrees of exposure. The pump unit consists of a high-pressure Danfoss pump that is oil-free water lubricated and covered by warranty for 24,000 working hours.

MPI Print #1201
139 Basaltic Rd.
Concord, ON, L4K 1G4 (800) 731-4674
Formerly Millenium Printing and through its merger with KingsWeb Print, the company has launched a new identity known as MPI Print, with three divisions: MPI Full-Web, MPI Sheet-fed, and MPI Turbo Print. The company’s sheetfed operation is based in Concord, Ontario, with its web printing division located in Mississauga.

Muller Martini Canada #3207
37 Caldari Rd.
Concord, ON, L4K 4N8 (905) 660-9595
At Graphics Canada, Muller Martini is highlighting its VSOP printing unit. This web-offset technology is primarily designed for label printing and packaging. The company is also focusing on its Sigma Trimmer for the high-quality finishing of work produced on toner presses. The system, with a 3-knife trimmer, can handle one-off book production. At the show, Muller also highlights its MMServices program organized into seven categories of training and machine maintenance.
“Grow with digital, packaging and MMServices.”

Multi Color Tech #3408
3796 Victoria Park Ave.
North York, ON, M2H 3H7 (416) 671 4919
Multi Color supplies and services wide-format printing equipment, medias, and consumables for a variety of brands like Roland, HP and Kodak. The company provides laminate film, inks, printer parts, and finishing equipment, as well as display systems like Velcro and textile pop-ups, promotional counters, and LED light boxes.

MultiCam Canada #2208
15-701 Millway Ave.
Concord, ON, L4K 3S7 (905) 738-7954
At Graphics Canada, MultiCam is demonstrating its Digital Express cutting machine, engineered to provide features traditionally associated with X/Y/Z cutting systems. The MultiCam Digital Express is designed for high-speed registration, routing and cutting within a sheet-fed or conveyor cutting platform. 

Multiple-Pakfold Business Forms #2613
7765 Tranmere Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5S 1V5 (905) 678-2351
Self described as Canada’s largest trade-only forms manufacturer, Multiple-Pakfold is organized into three divisions, including: MP Short Run, which produces snap-sets and cheques within four-day turnarounds; MP Label, which handles six-colour printing and formats of up to 11 x 22 inches (500 dies in stock); and Multiple-Pakfold Business Forms, which handles long runs of forms and snap-sets, as well as products like MP LaserCard, form/label combinations, wraparound books and register forms. The company recently upgraded its bindery with new folding, padding and shrink-wrapping machines.
“Multiple-Pakfold in 3D.”

ND Graphics #2001
55 Interchange Way, Unit # 1
Concord, ON, L4K 5W3 (416) 663-6416
At Graphics Canada, ND Graphics, which supplies and services large-format technologies across Canada, is demonstrating Agfa’s direct-to-substrate (UV) flatbed printer. The company is also demonstrating the Aristo Digital flatbed cutters, which are manufactured in Europe. At the show, ND Graphics is also showcasing its consulting capabilities with large-format applications and materials.

Neo Tech Industries #3417
2800 14th Ave., Unit 7-8
Markham, ON, L3R 0E4 (800) 297-8454
Neo Tech is a supplier of tension pole banner stands, retractable (roll up) banner stands, pop-up booths, fabric walls, literature stands, high-impact branding and advertising signage, including bow banners, teardrop banners, and flag banners.

North American Euro Products #2200
516 Lepine Ave.
Dorval, QC, H9P 2V6 (514) 739-2795
North American Euro Productions was established in 1999 to facilitate the entry of technologies from European companies into the North American market. This includes products from Diatechnologies and Normandy Coatings, as well as the full line of Neolt Trimmers and Kala laminators. North American Euro Productions also carries finishing equipment lines.
“Quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg.”

nTouchMediaWorks #2212
202 Bentworth Ave.
Toronto, ON, M6A 1P6 (647) 427-1401
nTouchMediaWorks is a multifaceted communications company that helps clients develop their brands through Web design and development, graphic and print design, SEO and e-commerce solutions. In providing these services, the company also concentrates on strategies to decrease promotional budgets while enhancing their client’s brand value proposition and increasing sales.

Océ Canada (Canon) #2408
4711 Yonge St., Suite 1100
Toronto, ON, M2N 6K8 (416) 224-5600
At Graphics Canada, Océ is exhibiting its new Arizona 360 GT flatbed system. The large-format, UV inkjet printer reaches an express-mode speed of 35 square metres per hour. At the show, Océ is also demonstrating its ProCut 2500L system, running Onyx software, as well as various Océ and Canon products employing Prisma workflow software.
“All roads lead to Arizona.”

Online Print Solutions #1062
Somerset Ct., 281 Winter St., Suite 310
Waltham, MA, 02451 (415) 651-4157
A Web-based print provider for clients around the world, OPS also handles design, cross-media marketing, variable data and retail solutions for its clients using an integrated platform and branded online storefronts. The company has offices in San Francisco, Sydney, and London, U.K.

Ontario Printing and Imaging Association #3100
14-2601 Matheson Blvd. E.
Mississauga, ON L4W 5A8 (905) 602-4441
The OPIA describes itself as the printing industry’s voice for the province of Ontario. Its mandate is to promote the health and success of the industry primarily through its working committees.

P.O.P. Displays #2500
3700 St. Patrick St., Suite 300
Montreal, QC, H4E 1A2 (888) 767-4887
See description for Duo Display.

Paulymark #4101
340 Grande-Caroline
Rougemont, QC, J0L 1M0 (450) 469-3705
Paulymark is a chipboard converter based in Rougemont, Quebec, 30 minutes East of Montreal. It was founded in 1973 and creates a wide range of products including binders, POP displays, and slipcases.

Pearson Technology Group #2222
195 Harry Walker Parkway N.
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 7B4 (800) 567-3800
As a publisher of computer and technology books, Pearson Technology Group represents a number of imprints including Que Publishing, Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall Professional, as well as Peachpit Press.

PEFC #2329
4792 Tourney Rd.
North Vancouver, BC, V7K 2W5 (604) 984-8094
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification claims to be the world’s largest forest certification system. Its network of 35 worldwide independent national forest certification systems represent more than 210 million hectres of certified forests.

Posters Unlimited #3412
170 Esna Park Dr., Unit 14
Markham, ON, L3R 1E3 (905) 470-9002
Posters Unlimited has been providing wide-format printing for the Greater Toronto Area since 1988.

Pressdown Services #3101
5230 Finch Ave. E., #6
Toronto, ON, M1S 4Z9 (416) 297-7996
At Graphics Canada, Pressdown Services (PDS) is demonstrating the DigiXpress system for producing four-colour envelopes, as well as the DigiUltrabind, which is a floor model perfect binder for book production. In addition to various tabletop folders, Triumph cutters and Royal Sovereign laminators, PDS is also displaying bookbinding products from its Akiles Wire, coil and cerlox lines. The company is also highlighting a metal, chemistry-free CTP system from Glunz, as well the Kimoto 410 polyester system.
“Your print and print finishing solutions providers.”

Presstek #1250
55 Executive Dr.
Hudson, NH, 03051 (603) 595-7000
At Graphics Canada, Presstek is demonstrating its 52DI-AC press, which includes an aqueous coater with anilox metring to support both flood and spot coating. According to Presstek, the automated 52-cm press goes from digital file to sellable sheet in 10 minutes, printing up to 10,000 full-size sheets (or 20,000 letter-sized pages) per hour, while producing 300-lpi resolution and FM screening. The 52DI-AC, with a maximum sheet size of 20.47 x 14.76 inches, prints on a range of stocks from 0.0016 to 0.024 inches thick (.04 mm to .6 mm).

Prime UV Equipment #1010
416 Mission St.
Carol Stream, IL, 60188 (630) 681-2100
For more than 20 years, Prime UV has manufactured UV curing and IR drying systems for printers, converters, packagers and industrial coaters, worldwide. Based in Illinois, the company offers both new installations and retrofit options for a wide variety of presses.

Primera Technology #2312
Two Carlson Parkway N.
Plymouth, MN, 55447 (763) 475-6676
At Graphics Canada, Primera is highlighting its CX1200 press, which is based on a laser engine for full-colour label production, as well as the FX1200 finishing system, designed to produce rolls of finished labels from narrow-web output devices like the CX1200. Primera also develops the LX-Series label printers and the AP-Series label applicators.

PrintAction #1207
610 Alden Rd., Suite 100
Markham, ON, L3R 9Z1 (416) 665-7333
At Graphics Canada, PrintAction magazine highlights the 50-year anniversary of Youngblood Publishing’s news coverage of the Canadian printing industry. In addition to hosting the Canadian Printing Awards gala on the first night of the trade show, PrintAction is also highlighting its production of this year’s Graphics Canada Show Guide, as well as its monthly publication, PrintAction Buyer’s Guide, weekly e-newsletter, and
“Canada’s graphic communications magazine.”

Printer Gateway #3631
146 30th St.
Toronto, ON, M8W 3C4 (416) 840-0884
Printer Gateway, which operates in the trade-printing space across North America, produces a range of products like brochures, booklets, stationery, postcards, catalogues, door hangers and presentations, among other applications. The company describes its production services as providing up to 24-hour turnaround, with client access to a 24/7 telephone support centre.

Printer’s Parts & Equipment #2100
60 Howden Rd.
Scarborough, ON, M1R 3E4 (800) 268-6577
Printer’s Parts & Equipment supplies parts for every step of a printer’s workflow, from prepress to press consumables to finishing equipment. Through its Web catalogue, the company offers free shipping for orders over $300 through most of Canada and the U.S.

PrintLink #1239
466 Speers Rd.
Oakville, ON, L6K 3W9 (905) 842-2600
At Graphics Canada, PrintLink is discussing its professional placement programs that are specifically designed for related printing industries. With offices across North America, including a location in Greater Toronto, PrintLink provides permanent placement for senior and middle management, as well as technical professionals.

Prisme Technologies #1229
1693 Plaec de Lierre
Laval, QC, H7G 4X7 (888) 505-3235
Founded in 2004, Prisme Technologies develops and hosts the PrintSYS Web-to-print software as a service solution. The Laval, Quebec-based company offers both business to business and business to consumer options.

Proveer #2401
680 Steeprock Dr.
Toronto, ON, M3J 2X1 (800) 263-1421
Proveer specializes in the supply of display-graphics equipment, with 50,000 products sold across 21 locations throughout North America. The company was formed in 2009 with the merger of Sign Supply USA and East West Plastic. In Canada, Proveer is served by six locations and is headquartered in Toronto.

Quality Displays and Exhibits #2633
150 Ferrier St., Unit # 17
Markham, ON, L3R 3K3 (905) 474-9393
Quality Displays focuses on portable display products, including its pop-up trade show displays, banner stands, counters and literature stands. At Graphics Canada, the company is exhibiting its Q-VuSion Multimedia Projection System, which was introduced one year ago.

Ram Imaging Products #2218
1040 Martin Grove Rd., Unit 6
Etobicoke, ON, M9W 4W4 (416) 748-8455
Now in its 23rd year of business, Ram Imaging supplies and services large-format printing technologies, including partnerships with HP, KIP, Contex, Summa, Seal, Royal Sovereign, Neschen, Hexis, Value Vinyls and Onyx. At Graphics Canada, Ram Imaging is exhibiting the HP DesignJet L25500, featuring HP’s Latex Ink technology, HP DesignJet Z6200, for reproducing high-quality graphics, and the Summa Cut Series vinyl cutter.

Regional Design Awards #2226
8-1606 Sedlescomb Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L4X 1M6 (905) 625-7070
An initiative of Design Edge Canada, the Regional Design Awards aim to recognize the best in graphic design across the nation.

Reveal Marketing Group #2413
6185 Tomken Rd., Unit 8
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1X6 (905) 795-3327
Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Reveal Marketing Group is a provider of tradeshow booth designs in various styles including modular, pop-up and kiosks. Reveal provides end-to-end service from warehousing displays to creating and constructing designs.

RGD Ontario #2233
96 Spadina Ave., Suite 210
Toronto, ON, M5V 2J6 (888) 274-3668
In 1996, the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario became the self-regulatory, professional body for graphic designers in the province of Ontario. Its membership are certified graphic designers who have met a rigorous set of standards that includes documented levels of relevant, professional education and experience.

Ricoh Canada #1240
5520 Explorer Dr., Suite 300
Mississauga, ON, L4W 5L1 (905) 795-5646
At Graphics Canada, Ricoh is exhibiting its recently released Pro C651EX production system, with a printing speed of up 65 colour pages per minute, and Pro C751EX, with a speed of 75 colour pages per minute. Using Ricoh’s PxP toner, the Pro C751EX series reaches a top printing resolution of 1,200 x 4,800 dpi, while handling print media from postcard-size to 13 x 19.2 inches, at weights between 52.3 to 300 g/m2. At the show, Ricoh is also focusing on software applications for print-for-pay, CRD and corporate in-plant environments.
“Think production. Think RICOH.”

RISO Canada #3524
2-1 Valleywood Dr.
Markham, ON, L3R 5L9 (905) 475-7476
At Graphics Canada, RISO is exhibiting its ComColor series of toner printers, including models 9050, 7050, 7010, 3050, and 3010. The top model in the series reaches a speed of 150 colour pages per minute (ppm). The company rates the ComColor series, which can be integrated with an optional 40 ppm scanner and multifunction finisher, for a monthly duty cycle of 500,000 pages. Riso also highlights its MZ1090 single-pass, two-colour duplicator, with a speed of 150 pages per minute and 600 x 600-dpi resolution.

Robert E. Thistle #3615
171 Idema Rd.
Markham, ON, L3R 1A9 (905) 940-4440
At Graphics Canada, while sharing its booth with On Demand Machinery and C.P. Bourg (distributed in Canada by Thistle, Canadian Printing Equipment, and MD International), Thistle is demonstrating an end-to-end solution for both soft- and hard-cover bookbinding. At the show, the company is highlighting C.P Bourg’s BB3002, BB, BSTE and BSF finishing models, as well as case-making, sticker casing, die cutter, and smasher spine technologies from ODM.
“Hard cover and soft cover book binding made easy.”

Rochling Engineering Plastics #3907
21 Tideman Dr.
Orangeville, ON, L9W 3K3 (519) 941-5300
Rochling is a manufacturer of HDPE, nylon, acetal and other plastic products. The company can die-cut such products into virtually any shape for advertising and promotional use.

Rollem International #3201
1650 S. Lewis St.
Anaheim, CA, 92805 (714) 935-9130
At Graphics Canada, Rollem is launching its 2D Finisher with bi-directional slitting, scoring, trimming and perforation capabilities. According to the company, the 2D Finisher is well suited for photo card, greeting card, and postcard applications. At the show, Rollem is also highlighting its CHAMPION II system for slitting down sheets of postcard or business-card products, as well as the MAILSTREAM system to create mail-ready products via an uninterrupted production stream.
“Hello Canada! Automating print finishing with Rollem.”

Royal Sovereign Canada #1050
1025 Westport Cres.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1E8 (866) 961-6673
Royal Sovereign is a multi-national provider of office equipment, including laminators, shredders, binding machines and small appliances. The New Jersey-based company services over 100 countries with several international distribution and manufacturing facilities.
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SAM*INK-Canada #1074
1006-1211 Melville St.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 0A7 (877)-404-4Dot
At Graphics Canada, SAM*INK-Canada, which is the country’s master franchisee for the Singapore-based parent company, is highlighting its cartridge and bulk-ink systems for inkjet production. SAM*INK-Canada is operated by Dot4Dot Trading Ltd. The company provides ink products for various wide-format systems such as HP, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh (both solvent- and water-based).

SaviGrafix #1072
1558 55th Ave.
Lachine, QC, H8T 3J5 (855) 728-4439
At Graphics Canada, SaviGrafix is highlighting its technology partnerships in the supply and service of wide-format printing equipment, materials and consumables. This includes products from SAM*INK for HP, Canon, Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland, as well as Neolt Trimmers, and Kala banner stands and trimmers. SaviGrafix is displaying the NeoFlex printer and Neotex DTG Inks along with the Hotronix Heat press and GCC America Contour cutters. The company also supplies used wide-format printers, solvent and aqueous medias from Diatec Technologies and its own line of medias, as well as Onyx and Wasatch software. While handling Canada’s eastern regions, SaviGrafix works in cooperation with Burnaby-based Canadian Sign Supplies that oversees distribution of similar technologies in Western Canada.

Scube Graphics #3530
2370 Midland Ave., Unit A27
Toronto, ON, M1S 5C6 (416) 292-6966
Scube Graphics is a Toronto-based display graphics printer which provides prints in various formats, including translucent vinyl, backlit signs and cotton canvas for both interior and exterior applications.

SGS #2706
6490 Vipond Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1W8 (905) 364-3757
SGS has been established in Canada since 1948 and provides auditing, monitoring, inspection, sampling and laboratory testing for raw materials, bulk, containerized and finished products. It operates 1,250 labs and offices with 67,000 employees around the world.

Shutterstock #2232
60 Broad Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY, 10004 (866) 663-3954
Shutterstock is an online vendor of stock photography founded in 2003 and offers 30,000 images for purchase. Today, the site has over 16 million royalty-free images, with thousands added weekly by a pool of over 320,000 photographers.

Shelf Talkers Manufacturing #2409
1055 Middlegate Rd., Unit 1
Mississauga, ON, L4Y 3Y4 (888) 755-0750
Shelf Talkers is a supplier of POS, Display and Merchandising products with a range of products that include sign and leaflet holders, sign hanging systems, pegboard and merchandising aids, shelf edge labeling systems as well as display connectors, fasteners, adhesive tapes, magnetic tape and Velcro. The company is based in Mississauga and was founded in 1998.

Sign Media Canada #2313
15 Wertheim Ct., Suite 710
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3H7 (800) 409-8688
Sign Media Canada, owned by Kenilworth Media, is published seven times per year. Kenilworth is a publisher of magazines for various industries, including jewelry, construction, pools as well as signage. The company was founded in 1987.

Sign Supply Canada #3626
6635 Kitimat Rd., Unit 42
Mississauga, ON, L5N 6J2 (905) 608-2680
Sign Supply Canada has been selling its products to sign makers in Canada since 1995. The company offers various lines of vinyl, cutters and wide-format equipment from its Mississauga facility.

Simple Signman #2621
1999 Patrick-Farrar
Chambly, QC, J3L 4N7 (450) 658 8795
At Graphics Canada, Simple Signman, in business since 1969, is exhibiting new magnetic technologies for inkjet printers, including MagneCote biodegradable magnetic paper, flexible strip extrusions and permanent magnets. At the show, Simple Signman is also providing its new 2012 price lists.
“It’s what our clients’ value. It’s what we add.”

Sina Printing #1000
39 Riviera Dr., Unit 8
Markham, ON, L3R 8N4 (866) 899-2499
At Graphics Canada, Sina, which operates in the trade-printing marketplace, is highlighting its two-year-old SinaLite division, which is built around an online business portal. Through drop-down menus, the SinaLite Website provides production options for common business products like business cards, brochures, flyers and postcards, as well as marketing products like magnets, banners and coroplast signs.
“Your trusted trade printer with the lowest prices in Canada.”

Sinclair Computer Forms #1279
51 Covington St.
Hamilton, ON, L8E 2Y4 (905) 578-2922
At Graphics Canada, Sinclair, which operates in the trade-printing marketplace, is showcasing its range of snap sets, continuous forms, cheques and cut sheets. The company, based in Hamilton for the past 25 years, also highlights its direct-mail services, graphic design, and CTP-driven prepress capabilities. Sinclair is an FSC-certified printing manufacturer.

South Asia Plastics Group #3421
1160 Tapscott Rd., Units 8, 9, 10
Scarborough, ON, M1X 1E9 (416) 291-3934
As a provider of plastic films and sheets for nearly 35 years, South Asia Plastics has a 20,000-square-foot warehousing facility which is used as a staging ground for LTL (less than truck load) shipments to dealers and customers across the country, including same day/overnight service to customers in Toronto and Montreal.

Southwest Bindings #1221
20 Dovedale Ct.
Toronto, ON, M1S 5A7 (416) 285-7044
At Graphics Canada, Southwest highlights its exclusive distribution of the new PDI Rhin-O-Tuff SW 7650 Power Punch. With a new gunmetal exterior, the 7650 Power Punch is designed with the same features as the 7000 model, while also including the 7700 model’s motor. Southwest is also featuring the TB1000 tabletop perfect binder, which the company describes as its best-selling perfect binder.
“Documents bound for success.”

Spaark #1048
6315 Shawson Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1J2 (877) 565-7560
Spaark is a provider of presentation solutions, including folders, binders, door hangers and vinyl-cutting equipment. The company was founded by Peter Pacione in Europe in 2001.

SPC Canada #1205
43 Teal Ave.
Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 3B1
At Graphics Canada, SPC, which supplies stocked plastic coil, is focusing on its new SP-Coil program, which includes a range of colour plastic coil for the binding of books and presentations. The company is also highlighting a coil inserter and its line of punches, including manual one-, two- and three-hole punches designed to cut 70 to 300 sheets. SPC also carries electrical models that can drill up 1,000 pages.

Spectracolor Trade Printing #3331
800 Cochrane Dr. Unit 2
Markham, ON, L4R 8C9 (877) 477-0433
Spectracolor is the trade printing arm of Mi5 Digital and has recently moved into larger operations in Markham, Ontario. The company has been listed on PROFIT Magazine’s Profit 100 list for 2009 and 2010, which names the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Surgically Clean Air #3533
3451 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
Toronto, ON, M8W 1N2 (877) 440-7770
Headquartered in Toronto, Surgically Clean Air’s line of air purifiers/sterilizers were developed by two medical physicians as a response to the SARS outbreak. The company serves many segments including dental, general office, labs, printers and retirement homes. For printers, its machines help filter VOCs as well as other contaminants such as paper dust for front office areas.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative #2228
900 17th St. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20006 (202) 596-3450
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program was launched in 1994 as one of the forest sector’s contributions to the vision of sustainable development established by the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. The SFI 2010-2014 Standard is based on principles and measures that promote sustainable forest management and consider all forest values.

Sydney Stone #3600, 3601
388 Evans Ave.
Toronto, ON, M8Z 1K6 (416) 251-6546
At Graphics Canada, Sydney Stone is exhibiting on two booths, including one with new finishing equipment from Morgana, Duplo, EBA, Triumph, Akiles, Bostitch and Challenge, and a second booth dedicated to the company’s reconditioned equipment and services. At the show, Sydney Stone is highlighting the smart-screen-driven Morgana DocuFold Pro and the new Duplo DC 10/20 collating tower, which connects to Duplo booklet-makers like the entry-level DBM 120, mid-range DBM 350, and high-end DBM 500 systems. The company is also celebrating its 60th anniversary with a Saturday 1:00 p.m. cake cutting.
“Giving meaning to expertise.”

T.A.S. Films #1032
1990 Dagenais West Blvd., Suite 100
Laval, QC, H7L 5W2 (800) 949-7119
T.A.S. Films is a provider of wide-format, plaquing, and laminating products. It was founded in September 1992 by Tony, André and Serge Bernardi. The company now can provide film conversions up to 30 inches wide.

Teckmark Label #1022
850 #23 Legion Rd.
Burlington, ON, L7S 1T5 (800) 565-2235
Since 1989, Teckmark has been a provider of custom labels for print brokers and other printers. It produces custom die-cut pressure sensitive labels including prime labels, wine labels, meat, produce and bakery labels, industrial labels, bar code labels, block out labels, tamper evident labels, custom tags and more.

Terry C. Stapley #3422
35 Green Ct.
Ajax, ON, L1S 6W9 (905) 686-5585
Terry C. Stapley, in business for over 75 years, is an importer and distributor of various bookbinding products. The company provides Fibermark, James Burn, spiral, polyurethane, loose-leaf rings, and metal products, as well its new, flexible Snake Skin Wire-O line that protects the wire while gaining more loops per box. With its by-the-spool core, this product allows for packaging three to five times as many loops into a box, which results in fewer changeovers in bookbinding operations.

TG Graphics #3317
670 rue Deslauriers
Montreal, QC, H4N 1W5 (888) 686-0132
Founded in 1981 as a computer retailer, T.G. Graphics now sells wide-format printers from Roland, CNC Routers from Techno, laser engraving and cutting systems from LaserPro, hot and cold laminators from Vivid, direct dye sublimation equipment from US Sublimation, substrate cutters from Fletcher, heat presses from Geoknight, and a variety of media and accessories.

The DFS Group #1277
330 Cranston Cres.
Midland, ON, L4R 4V9 (800) 490-6327
The DFS Group is a supplier of business forms, labels and stationery printed in one to six colours. The company produces forms on either small format offset printing or with its HP Indigo press and claims to have the widest range of products in the segment.

The Drafting Clinic Canada #2318
1500 Trinity Dr.
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1L6 (905) 564-1300
At Graphics Canada, The Drafting Clinic, which supplies wide-format-imaging technologies, is highlighting products from Canon, Contex, Seiko Teriostar and Mark Bric. This includes machines designed for both indoor and outdoor work, when printing on banner, photo, art, vinyl, technical and fabric materials. The company also supplies hybrid wide-format systems with scanning, copying and printing capabilities.
“Customized multi function solutions.”

The Drawing Centre #2008
1821 Albion Rd., Unit 1 & 2
Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5W8 (416) 749-3970
At Graphics Canada, The Drawing Centre (TDC) is exhibiting Seiko Infotech’s ColorPainter W-64s wide-format printer, which uses the company’s new IX Inks. Seiko Infotech’s new inks are described as being low-solvent, with low odour and no hazardous air particles (HAPs). TDC is also exhibiting Seiko Infotech’s new Teriostar LP-1030, which includes an integrated network controller and TerioStation (a PC-based software suite), as well as automatic roll paper width detection, dual output slots, touch-panel control, and user-replaceable cartridges. At the show, TDC is also highlighting the Web-ready HP DesignJet T2300, which, in addition to printing, scanning and copying, allows for mobile printing through HP ePrint & Share.

The PaperlinX Canada Group of Companies #2430
200 Galcat Dr.
Vaughan, ON, L4L 0B9 (877) 790-2335
PaperlinX is one of the largest multi-national paper merchants in the world. In Canada, it is based in Vaughan, Ontario, has a converting facility in Winnipeg and operates Coast Paper, Roll-o-Vert Paper and Spicers brands. PaperlinX also supplies pre-media solutions to the graphic communications market through its UpLinx division, as well as industrial and packaging supplies.

The Printing Klub #2627
1580 Trinity Dr. Unit 1-2
Mississauga, ON, L5T 1P8 (416) 930-7098
Based in Mississauga, The Printing Klub is one of the newer trade printers in the region. It emphasizes quality and a quick turnaround time for its customers.

Therm-O-Type #1225
509 Church St.
Nokomis, FL, 34275 (941) 488-0123
A Florida-based vendor of foiling and thermography equipment, Therm-O-Type offers a full line of supplies for various finishing special effects. The company’s Website also has an extensive collection of video clips of its equipment in action.

Tiimports #1243
50 Six Point Rd.
Toronto, ON, M8Z 2X2 (877) 329-8393
Since 1969, Tiimports is an importer and distributor of papers, whether it is invitations, envelopes, napkins or even placemats. The company operates two Internet portals: and

Toronto Public Health (ChemTRAC) #4119
277 Victoria St., 7th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5B 1W2 (416) 338 7038
At Graphics Canada, Toronto Public Health (City of Toronto) is informing local printers about the ChemTRAC program, which is focused around a city bylaw and a pollution prevention initiative. The bylaw requires printers (among other sectors) to annually report their use and release of chemicals to the City of Toronto. At the show, ChemTRAC is providing information about upcoming deadlines, resources and the technical assistance program. Experts will also be on-hand to discuss how the bylaw applies on a facility basis.
“Toronto printers, are you ready to report?”

Ultima Displays Canada #1058
160 Cochrane Dr., Unit 2
Markham, ON, L3R 9S1 (905) 470-7499
At Graphics Canada, Ultima, a division of the P3 Group, is highlighting its modular and portable display systems. In particular the company is discussing its 2010 initiative to expand its graphics department with an eco-solvent printer and dye sublimation systems for producing wide-format, fabric-based graphics.
“Portable marketing solutions.”

Unigraph International #3132
51 Beauvais St.
Delson, QC, J5B 1W5 (800) 996-9918
Founded in 1982, Quebec-based Unigraph International is one of the largest North American manufacturers of chemicals for the printing industry and graphic arts professionals. The family-owned company offers a line of environmentally progressive products which go towards maintaining a safe work environment.

Unisource Canada #3121
50 East Wilmot St.
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3Z3 (905) 771-4130
At Graphics Canada, Unisource is demonstrating several of the products it distributes across the country, including the Océ ColorWave 600, HP Z6200, HP L25500 Latex, C2S Proofer, Epson GS6000, Graphtec FC8000 Cutter and a Seal EL-54 Laminator, as well Expolinc display systems and Neschen print media. The company is also presenting its eCommerce platform and sustainability practices. Unisource also operates the Website for its wide-format division
“Customer solutions in a global market.”

Value-Rite Business Products #1235
67 Steelcase Rd., W., #2
Markham, ON, L3R 2M5 (800) 242-8069
At Graphics Canada, Value-Rite is showcasing several of its distribution partnerships, which primarily centre around large-format production technologies. This includes partnerships with Mutoh and Epson inkjet printers, Anajet’s direct-to-garment systems, Sawgrass direct- and dye-sublimation ink, sublimation blanks, Graphtec cutters, Neenah transfer papers, Ilford wide-format medias, Royal Soverign laminators and films, as well as HP, Canon, Mimaki, Roland, and Xerox.

Vertex Graphic & Business Equipment #3908
1656 SE Marine Dr.
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2R6 (604) 875-6700
At Graphics Canada, Vertex, a printing-equipment supplier based in Western Canada, is highlighting various Duplo systems, including the DP-U950 air feed system. In cooperation with distributor – and neighboring exhibitor – Sydney Stone, Vertex is also highlighting Morgana finishing systems. In addition to Duplo and Morgana, Vertex also distributes Challenge, Baum, Astro, Kompac, Drylam, Mitsubishi and Ideal products in Western Canada.

Vistek #1289
496 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON, M5A 4G8 (416) 644 8030
At Graphics Canada, Vistek, which distributes professional-imaging supplies, is highlighting DSLRs, medium-format camera systems, professional HD camcorders, and inkjet printers, as well as systems for on-location audio and lighting. Within its market, Vistek describes itself as Canada’s largest rental operation.
“It’s all about the image.”

Volpe Paper Fibres #1002
201 Snidercroft Dr.
Concord, ON, L4K 2J9 (905) 660-5048
Volpe Paper Fibres (VPF) Waste and Recycling is a waste-management company with technologies and services geared toward printing and finishing companies. In addition to paper shredding, the company, which is an AAA Member of the National Association for Information Destruction, creates and implements turnkey waste management programs.

Wingenback #3900
Bay “F” Century Park, 707 Barlow Trail SE
Calgary, AB, T2E 8C2 (403) 221-8120
Wingenback is a Canadian company that specializes in industrial and commercial moving and manufacturing of surrounds and kiosks for ATMs and related products. The company was founded in 1975.

Witz Learning Centre #2025
72 Carnforth Rd.
Toronto, ON, M4A 2K7 (866) 907-WITZ
Witz, recognized as the first Apple Authorized Training Centre in Canada to be awarded Apple’s Gold Level designation, runs facilities in Toronto and Vancouver. Witz is also an authorized Adobe Systems training centre. At Graphics Canada, the company is running several sessions in the Witz Learning Centre, formerly known as the Graphics Canada Software Theatre.

Worden Insurance & Financial #2708
32 King St. E.
Oshawa, ON, L1H 1B3 (800) 887-7309
Worden Insurance has been in business for over 40 years and offers both personal and commercial insurance products. The company has a specific printer program for graphic designers, printers, binderies, typesetting/pre-press, and allied graphic trades.

Xerox Canada #1220
5650 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON, M2M 4G7 (416) 733-6788
At Graphics Canada, Xerox is exhibiting the new 770 Digital Color Press designed for producing between 20,000 and 75,000 pages per month, while reaching a top speed of 70 pages per minute. Xerox is also exhibiting the recently introduced DocuColor 8080 (80 pages per minute), as well as the ColorPress 1000 and Color 560.
“Ready for real business.”

Zund Canada #1064
91 Gunn Ave.
Cambridge, ON, N3C 2Z5 (416) 578-4696
At Graphics Canada, Zund is exhibiting the new Zund G3, which the company describes as a system with the ability to through cut, kiss cut, shape cut, square cut, crease, perforate or rout without the need for purchasing a custom die. The machine, which employs a conveyor system for continuous feeding and cutting, works with roll and rigid materials of up to two inches thick. As well, the Zund colour camera system is designed to cut or crease any shape, while providing registration marks through pre-mask. This permits through or kiss cutting of pre-masked rolls. (
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Earle O'Born, Chairman and CEO of The Printing House, will receive the inaugural John A. Young Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Printing Awards gala, November 10, in Toronto.

The John A. Young Lifetime Achievement Award, named after the founder of Youngblood Publishing and PrintAction magazine, will be awarded annually to an individual who has made significant, pioneering contributions to the printing industry over their career. This award, determined by PrintAction magazine, is being introduced as part of the new Canadian Printing Awards program, which builds upon the past five successful years of the Environmental Printing Awards.

Mr. O’Born is being recognized for enormous industry contributions made during his 50-year entrepreneurial build of The Printing House Ltd. (TPH), as well as his incredible philanthropic efforts made through the TPH Charitable Office. He continues to be actively involved with TPH.

In 1961, O’Born founded TPH as one of the first instant-printing companies in North America. Over the past five decades, O’Born made sure TPH remained on the leading edge of printing technology and strategy, which has resulted in what is today's largest privately owned network of printing operations across Canada. From a single 1961 location, TPH now operates 70 printing locations across Canada. 

The TPH Charitable Office was formed in 1983 by O’Born and his wife, Janice, to “help others, help themselves.” Through the continuing efforts of four full-time staff members, the TPH Charitable Office has raised millions of dollars for various charities across Canada. In 2005, and again in 2006, TPH received the CIBC Spirit of Leadership Community Award.

Earle and Janice O’Born are active supporters of Sick Kids Hospital and, in May 2007, were awarded the Outstanding Philanthropists Award by the Children’s Circle of Care Woodmark Group. In May 2009, the O'Borns co-chaired the Brazilian Ball, which raised over $2.9 million in net proceeds donated to Sick Kids Hospital. In 2010, Earle and Janice O'Born were recipients of the Canadian Centre for Diversity’s Human Relations Award.

Earle O’Born has also received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial achievements, including in 2004, and again in 2007, as a provincial finalist in Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. He was recognized by Ernst & Young as a 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year for Ontario in the Business-to-Business category.

Mr. O’Born’s achievements will be recognized by leaders of Canada’s printing industry during PrintAction’s Canadian Printing Awards gala, taking place on the first evening of the Graphics Canada trade show in Toronto, November 10.

PrintAction breaks down the technology highlights from some of the larger vendors at Graph Expo, where offset made its presence felt once again and inkjet continued to advance.

A full Graph Expo report will appear in the next issue of PrintAction magazine. It will include further details about the following vendor highlights, listed alphabetically:

Agfa Graphics highlights the launch of :Apogee 7.1, which includes the :Apogee Impose and Prepress software modules. The company also highlights the North American debut of its :Azura Vi violet, described as a chemistry-free photopolymer plate. Agfa also highlights its latest inkjet systems, including the 63-inch-wide, 4-colour :Anapurna M1600, which jets G2 inks and white ink; the UV-based :JETI 3020 Titan FTR, a flatbed UV inkjet system with a flat-to-roll option; and the 80-inch, 6-colour (plus white) :Anapurna M2050.

Canon highlights its new free software application for imagePRESS C1 + users, Clear Editor Viewer, which prints with clear toner to create the look of a varnish coat on a printed piece. It allows users to simulate spot varnish coatings. The latest additions to the company’s toner-based imagePRESS line include the new C7010VP, C6010VP and C6010 presses. The imagePRESS C7010VP and C6010VP presses are equipped to handle an expanded range of media types, from 16-lb bond to 120-lb cover weight, while delivering rated print speeds of up to 70 letter-sized pages per minute and 60 pages per minute, respectively, in color and black and white, regardless of paper weight.

Duplo highlights the debut of its DBMi system, a heavy-duty, high-volume collating and saddle-stitch booklet-maker. The DBMi, operated from a Windows-based controller, configures a DBM-S booklet-maker with up to six DSC-10/60i collators. The DSC-10/60i collator has an optional bin extension kit for feeding sheets up to 14 x 24 inches, as well as an optional intelligent feed function (IMBF). Producing up to 4,500 books per hour, DBM-S automatically transitions from CD size to letter landscape and can produce a book up to 14 x 12 inches. An optional DKT-200 2-knife trimmer and gutter cutter can be added for full-bleed inline books and 2-up applications, which increases output to 9,000 books per hour. Optional 3- or 4-stitcher head kits are also available.

EFI highlights the launch of its Fiery System 10 platform, which includes a new job-based Fiery Calibrator to provide calibration status and alerts. Fiery System 10 also ships with the new Image Enhance Visual Editor (IEVE). It allows users to edit each image in a job without going back to the native design file, as well as manually adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, colour balance, and sharpness, and make red-eye corrections. EFI also highlights its Rastek H652 UV hybrid printer, which handles rigid and flexible materials – such as Fome-Cor, PVC, corrugated plastics, plywood, aluminum, and glass – up 65 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick. Rastek H652 can reach a maximum speed of 455 square feet per hour and a 1,200-dpi resolution.

EskoArtwork highlights the release of Automation Engine 10.1 software for processing production files through its ArtPro and Nexus workflow systems. Version 10.1 features a new processor module to fully automate trapping, distortion, and screening parameters, tasks that are normally carried out manually in the ArtPro editor. It also allows users to draw XML-based job data from non-JDF compliant business systems like FileMaker Pro and Excel. Automation Engine 10.1 includes Enfocus PitStop preflighting tools.

Fujifilm, the master global distributor for Inca, highlights the North American debut of the Onset S40, which handles a maximum substrate size of 3.14 x 1.6 metres and produces at 470 square metres per hour. The S40 produces various finishes, from satin to gloss, on both rigid and flexible materials with thicknesses up to 500 mm in manual mode or 10 mm in auto mode. The company also highlights the debut of its Acuity LED wide-format machine, as well as the new Acuity Advance HS (high-speed) wide-format UV flatbed printer, which hits a speed of 430 square feet per hour in production mode. The HS, jetting Sericol Uvijet inks (using Micro-V dispersion technology), reaches a new express-mode speed of more than 700 square feet per hour.

Goss highlights its new Sunday Vpak packaging presses, with variable-sleeve technology for packaging applications, which are available in web widths up to 75 inches. Goss describes Vpak as a new web-offset alternative to sheetfed, gravure and flexo presses for folding carton, film, and label applications. The company also highlights the continued expansion of finishing options that integrate with its presses, including equipment from Ferag, Akiyama, Purlux, and Yawa.

Heidelberg highlights the launch of Prinect Business Manager, its new Management Information System (MIS), which focuses on costing, equipment capacity, and material inventory, as well as a new version of Prinect Image Control and Prinect Web-to-Print tools. Along with two Speedmaster presses (SM 74 with Prinect Axis Control and SM 52 with Anicolor), Heidelberg also notes the booth presence of equipment based on recent distribution deals, including the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition toner machine, which hits 90 pages per minute, and the EFI VUTEk GS3200, a UV inkjet machine for rigid and roll-to-roll printing.

HP highlights a speed increase to its 20.5-inch-wide T200 Inkjet Web Press, which can now run at 400 feet per minute (up from 200 feet per minute) in colour production. The company also highlights its flagship Indigo 7500 press, first launched in late 2010, which can print up to 120 A4 pages per minute in full colour or 240 pages per minute in either monochrome or two colours. The press, available with up to seven ink stations, is rated to produce up to 3.5 million colour pages or 6.5 million monochrome pages per month. In addition to its Indigo line, HP highlights the breadth of its imaging portfolio, which includes numerous products under the Designjet, Scitex, and Specialty Printing Systems brands. HP also highlights enhancements to its Exstream and SmartStream software portfolios.

Kodak highlights a new family of eight Versamark Printing Systems with single-engine duplex designs. The monochrome Versamark 100N/100W and 150N/150W models are designed as entry-level, while the 300N/300W and 500N/500W models produce full-colour work. Kodak also highlights the debut of its MarketMover Managed Campaign Services for market-related consulting, as well as a new chemistry system called 400 xLo for processing Electra XD thermal plates.

Komori highlights the North American debut of its Lithrone G40 press, which prints up to 16,500 sheets per hour. The press features Komori’s KHS-AI self-learning technology to aid in make-readies, as well as a fully automatic plate-changing system that employs a bender-less clamp for easier plate discharge and feeding. The Lithrone G40 also features a new Suction Tape Feeder Board designed to handle a variety of paper weights. The new 40-inch press is also compatible with Komori’s H-UV curing system.

Konica Minolta highlights its bizhub PRESS C8000, which this August received IDEAlliance Digital Press Certification. The toner-based device, with a monthly duty cycle of 500,000 pages, can print up to 80 pages per minute. It runs Konica Mintolta’s third-generation Simitri HD + toner, reaches a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi, and carries a paper capacity of 10,700 sheets with vacuum belt feeding. The company also highlights its smaller bizhub PRESS C7000, bizhub PRESS C70hc, and the monochrome-based bizhub PRO 1200 Series, as well as advances to its Printgroove production software.

manroland highlights the Graph Expo launch of its technical performance consulting program, TOP. The program is designed to benchmark current performance levels and enhance the performance of existing presses by improving consumable quality, press settings, colour management, and workflow organization, and by reducing waste. manroland also highlights its ROLAND 700 DirectDrive press, which uses a double-clutch mechanism and alternating drive technologies to perform changeover functions simultaneously. The company also debuts the ROLAND 700 HiPrint HS press (offsite at its Chicago-based Print Technology Centre) whose maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour and maximum sheet size of 740 x 1050 mm makes it suitable for applications like folding cartons, labels, and books, and producing commercial products.

Muller Martini highlights the debut of its Orbit 3-knife trimmer, designed for book applications, which allows for setting changes on the fly. The Orbit’s crossover capabilities allow users to handle a range of stock weights and sizes – from offset to toner and inkjet printing. It is powered by Muller’s Book Data Center, which allows for wrench-less make-ready and the separation of the driveline. The Orbit can trim up to 80 mm at 7,200 cycles per hour. Muller also highlights the launch of SigmaTrimmer, which uses a barcode scanner to read each book individually during infeed and then automatically adjust settings. SigmaTrimmer works at a speed of up to 1,000 cycles per hour.

Xeikon highlights its flagship Xeikon 3500 label press, which has a full rotary printing architecture with variable repeat length. The company describes the 3500 as the only toner-based label press that can handle web widths from 9.8 inches to 20.3 inches. The press, with true 1,200-dpi resolution and 1,200 x 3,600-dpi imaging addressability, can be integrated with inline finishing for UV-varnishing, super-glossing, slitting, and rewinding. The Xeikon 3500 has a monthly duty cycle of 3.8 million square feet.

Xerox highlights the North American debut of its CiPress 500 system, which the company describes as the world’s only high-speed waterless inkjet device. The twin-engine machine (listed at US$3.8 million) prints at 500 feet or 2,180 full-colour pages per minute. Xerox also highlights the launch of its new 770 toner press rated for a top speed of 70 pages per minute, as well as its upgraded 700 press model, called 700i. Both presses, available in October, can handle media weights of up to 300 gsm.

At this year's Graphics Canada show this November will be the 2011 Postal Forum presented by the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU).

The association will present a variety of topics over two days at the Mailing Technology Theatre on the show floor in Hall 3 of the International Centre. All topics are free of charge and include:

• POCAD: Improve your Accuracy, Improve Your Results
• VAM (Value Add Mailer) - Canada Post's Partner Program
• The Five Best Ways to Incentivize Mail Use
• Mail Works: Mail Performs in a Multimedia Campaign
• The Mail Clinic: The Mail Docs Are at Your Service

NAMMU was established in 1983 and according to the association, represents over 500,000 jobs in the country and over 85 percent of Canada Post's revenues.

Graphics Canada is November 10-12 at the Toronto International Centre. For more details about the Postal Forum, click here.
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