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InlineDensity Control camera from Manroland Goss reaches 5,000th installation

May 22, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Down with waste: the 5,000th InlineDensity control ink density measuring camera has been installed on a LITHOMAN at Weiss Druck.

Manroland Goss and Grapho Metronic’s record 5,000th InlineDensity Control camera has been installed on a Lithoman press at Weiss Druck during a comprehensive retrofit.

The InlineDensity Control from Manroland Goss and Grapho Metronic has already helped reduce waste since 2015 and has set standards worldwide for excellent print quality. The system ensures fully automated, precies, standard-conforming ink density measurement, which improves the quality of the printed product.

Since the product’s introduction, 50 webs have been retrofitted, showing the support for this technology by customers worldwide. In addition, Manroland Goss says presses from competitors have also been equipped with InlineDensity systems and other control systems with great success, both on older and newer presses.


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