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Jet Label celebrates 20 years with Mosaic showcase

Anniversary bash features unique beverage cans commemorating two decades of labelling

July 6, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

L to R: Rod Froment and Darrell Friesen, co-owners of Jet Label.

Jet Label & Packaging Ltd. recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary with uniquely labelled refreshments, showcasing two decades of labelling evolution. The feat was accomplished with HP SmartStream Mosaic printing, creating unique-to-unit labels from a finite number of original designs.

Jet Label explains Mosaic printing has a two-fold function of “uniquifying” products to make consumers feel special while differentiating a brand’s product from competitors, while staying true to overall brand consistency.

“The Mosaic beverages represent our commitment to prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction along parallel lines,” said Darrell Friesen, President and CEO. “Forward-thinking capabilities like Mosaic are what differentiate Jet as a company, and have allowed us to be a leader in the industry for 20 years – and hopefully many more to come.”

Beginning as a single-press, single-client startup in 1998, in a space so small that the owner/operator’s office was literally a closet, the company has grown into a label manufacturer with over 80 employees and $25 million in annual revenue. The label manufacturer says digital printing, precision colour-matching capabilities and a commitment to total platform redundancy have all been key factors to gain and retain customers.


With manufacturing facilities in Edmonton, Alta., and Vancouver, B.C., Jet Label produces labels and printed tape for a range of customers, including grocery stores, international forest product companies, consumer product companies, and industrial application companies. It also supplies parking and boarding passes and baggage tags to the Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton International Airports.

Jet Label’s growth has been largely investment-driven through the years. As the company extended its capabilities to service a broadening set of sectors, its equipment and technological evolved accordingly. Last year, Jet Label acquired United Label Company of Coquitlam, B.C. – a move that secured additional space and production capacity by means of a second facility in Vancouver.

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