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Kodak to Introduce NexPress Upgrades

October 7, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Kodak plans to introduce three new printing capabilities standard to all NexPress presses built in 2015. The company states the majority of currently installed NexPress systems can be integrated with the new features.

The three primary upgrades include an expansion of long sheet capability to one metre, the addition of Dura Coat Mode and the inclusion of Light Black HD Dry Ink for the NexPress’ fifth imaging unit. An automated imaging cylinder cleaning system will also be added.

The NexPress’ current long sheet capability of 36 inches will be expanded to support sheets up to one metre (39.37 inches) in length, with the use of an optional long sheet feeder. Kodak explains the currently available long sheet delivery unit already supports 1-metre long sheets.


The NexPress Dura Coat Mode, leveraging the press’ Digital Front End, uses Clear Dry Ink to produce a clear thin matte layer over locations on the sheet that have CMYK ink. Kodak explains this approach protects the underlying ink in mailing applications and uses less clear ink than other forms of flood coating. Dura Coat Mode is available on presses configured with System 15.1 software.

NexPress presses built in 2015 will be configured with a Light Black HD Dry Ink Station, which Kodak states can reduce the amount of CMYK ink used on the sheet. The new cleaning system will automatically clean the imaging cylinders on a periodic basis. It will be standard on all presses using HD inks and optional for presses using non-HD Inks.

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