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Label manufacturer DLS producing healthcare and logistics labels during COVID-19 crisis

April 9, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Diversified Labeling Solutions (DLS), a national converter of pressure sensitive labels, has stepped up to serve a vital role in producing essential supply chain and medical products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“DLS has consistently been a major producer of logistics labels,” the company said in an April 9 press release. “In the last month, the need for this type of label has grown exponentially. Nothing is manufactured, warehoused, distributed or shipped without a label on it. As the coronavirus pandemic has played out, the supply chain has become stressed, leading many manufacturers to ramp up production. Additionally, stay-in-place orders mean that many consumers and businesses are dependent on delivery of key products – leaving delivery businesses scrambling to meet demand. This had led to a significant increase in the demand for logistics labels such as warehouse barcode labels, shipping labels, and food delivery labels.”

Additionally, in the past several weeks the demand for healthcare labels has increased significantly. These important labels include medical supply and product/equipment labels, blood bag labels and laboratory labels. DLS is also helping to meet the demand for face masks and is running multiple shifts to convert face mask material that is delivered to manufacturing companies for assembly.

DLS is able to meet the increased demand for these products by keeping their four plants open and increasing throughput. This allows DLS teams to produce product faster and make sure it is delivered quickly and efficiently across the country.

“With our multiple production locations and redundant equipment, we can mitigate risk in the event of shutdowns, slowdowns in activity or supply chain issues. This is a significant strength of Diversified Labeling Solutions,” said DLS CEO Jim Kersten. “Labels are essential for allowing others to make, ship and use products; we recognize this, and our team is up to the task of maintaining this important production activity.”

DLS continues production while also working to protect the health of its employees. Team members who can perform their job functions from home have made that transition. In the plants where workers need to be present to process, produce and ship labels, the staff has been able to maintain productivity, quality and service while following appropriate safety and social distancing protocols.

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