The rising demand for Digital color labeling

In the past, the only way to achieve high-quality labels was by a commercial label press. It is now cost-efficient with high throughput, to produce color labels from a single printer for nearly any commercial or industrial application on-demand. If you are new to digital labels or considering printing labels in-house, we’ve put together this eBook to help you understand the advantages of digital label printing.

Nearly Three in Four consumers plan to keep buying private label

- In June, the Food Industry Association (FMI) released a report that said 41% of shoppers bought more private label items during last year’s spring months than before the pandemic. Inflation for a variety of commodities — including rent, fuel, and other consumer goods, in addition to food at home — has only gotten steeper in the last six months, so it makes sense that more consumers have looked to less expensive store brands. While higher prices from inflation likely led consumers to buy more private label items, a concentrated effort to improve their quality also could be a factor. In 2021, a survey from FMI found 91% of food retailers and manufacturers planned to ramp up their private label efforts significantly or moderately in the next two years. In addition, 58% of companies said they were adding new offerings focused on innovation.

Importance of Custom Labels for Handcrafted Products

Custom labels can make an excellent first impression on a customer. Whether you’re trying to attract the attention of children, young adults, or Baby Boomers, an eye-catching label with your branding is an easy way to catch their attention and inform them about your products or services.

Most of the sellers of handcrafted products use plain boxes to deliver the stuff to customers, but you can take advantage of this situation by using personalized sticker labels and premium packaging to drive more sales. According to the Shopify survey, 52 percent of consumers will likely make repeat purchases from an online merchant that provides premium packaging. While you may need more time to be ready to create custom shipping containers, a good label can help your handcrafted products stand out.

Using personalized labels or stickers for advertising and branding your handcrafted products can provide several benefits. It contributes to increased brand recognition and visibility. Remember, choose durable colors and print them on long-lasting materials if you want your stickers to stand out.

These should be waterproof and will stick in varying weather conditions, which makes them perfect to be applied to containers, bags, pallets, or wherever you need to label your product, and they won’t smudge or bleed under most outdoor conditions.

The Benefits of Digital Labels

Adding color to your labels and supply chain brings much more than just aesthetics. Brand recognition, product appeal, and competitive advantages have direct correlations to how items are packaged and designed. Improving your brand’s outward appearance isn’t the only reason to use color-label printers. Industrial compliance for certain products can depend on proper labeling (i.e., hazard labels), and distributors, warehouses, and logistics can make significant improvements to their supply chains by adding color-coded picking and packing label systems.

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