A Comprehensive Guide to DTG Pod Printing

Learn More About Epson DTG Printers

Some of the world's largest DTG printers rely on Epson to help them create printing solutions to meet virtually any production goal – now and in the future. Considered a benchmark for print quality, t-shirts and other garments printed using our latest printhead technology are simply stunning. Learn more  

5 Ideas for Effectively Growing and Scaling Your DTG Printing Business

The custom-printed t-shirt industry is booming. It seems like everybody wants a custom t-shirt and they want it quickly. One of the big changes in the industry is that while more orders are being placed, there’s now an increase in orders for smaller amounts or fewer units. So, instead of one customer ordering 200 of the same t-shirt design, you have 20 customers ordering 10 different t-shirt designs each. DTG (direct-to-garment) print shops are uniquely positioned to take advantage of these growing opportunities in short-run t-shirt printing. Read more to find out how to grow your DTG print business.

How to Maximize Productivity, Workflow Automation and Profit Potential with DTG Pod Printing

The custom-printed t-shirt industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. And that tremendous growth rate is projected to continue. Download this eBook to learn how to maximize productivity, workflow automation and profit potential with DTG Pod Printing

How Direct-to-Garment Pod Printing Works

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing pods can help print shops maximize production and improve workflows to make the most of the growing demand for custom-printed t-shirts. By grouping two or more production-level DTG printers around a conveyor dryer — where they run at the same time — one operator can manage the entire process. You can potentially increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing training time and labor costs. Download an example of a customizable pod-printing workflow.

Scaling up for Success with Gotham City Online

"Choosing Epson to run our print operation was really a fantastic decision in retrospect because it allowed us to scale up the business as we needed to." By integrating Epson DTG printers into their workflow, Gotham City Online has been able to expand their capabilities and efficiently deliver a variety of high-quality, customized products for their customers

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