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swissQprint is a privately owned company. The founders of our company are actively involved in the operational business – so they are part of our workforce that numbers 200 employees. We are proud to stand behind the swissQprint name – the acknowledged quality label for large format printers.

Agility is one of our strengths. 30 percent of the workforce at our Swiss headquarters focus on research and development. Right next door to our production facility. So new ideas and improvements quickly find their way into our series production – which means you can always rely on state-of-the-art solutions.

Each element of a swissQprint system is carefully matched to the cleverly thought-out whole: from the mechanics to the control system and the output software. Furthermore, we operate an in-house ink laboratory that is the interface to our ink suppliers. This ensures that the inks keep pace with our developments and perform consistently.

36 months warranty on new machines

Tired of having to pay expensive service contracts and not having the peace of mind that your printer will run flawlessly after your initial warranty period? We understand. Saving money and creating peace of mind for you is exactly the concept behind 36-month warranty.

You can count on swissQprint large format printers to run reliably. We manufacture 100% in Switzerland. As a rule, from only the highest quality components. Consequently, our machines are renowned for high quality and productivity:
• As precise as a swiss watch
• Utterly reliable
• Service life of over 10 years

This is our promise, and we are extending our warranty period on new machines so that you can experience our reliability and precision with peace of mind.
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swissQprint Greentech – Printing with a clear conscience

The Swiss way of designing profitable, high performance UV large format printers, leaving the smallest ecological footprint. swissQprint Greentech is, simply, good business and we'd like to show you why. Two clues: low ink waste and very low energy consumption.

What does a swissQprint large format printer have to do with kettles? Or with a Tesla?

Find out how swissQprint uses technologies and processes to help your print business meet sustainability goals, and how you can benefit from it.
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Built in Switzerland with a passion for reliability, precision and sustainability

We develop and build our printers with passion - 100% in Switzerland - so that our you can be confident in years of highly reliable and productive performance. All swissQprint printers are designed with the operator in mind, to make it easy to operate and to ensure maximum uptime and output. One way we ensure performance is through rigorous design and quality control. Did you know that…

Short delivery distances form the basis of our sustainable production and they ensure we have very good quality management.
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Colorchrome installs swissQprint Kudu. Want to hear how smoothly it went?

Atlanta-based Colorchrome has been the first swissQprint US customer to install a swissQprint Kudu flatbed printer. It was productive the same week and, according to Colorchrome, bears great potential for them. This is their second swissQprint printer, for good reason.

Christian Rhodes, COO of Colorchrome said: “Our business continues to grow, so we needed to add more production capacity at our high standard of quality while continuing to offer new applications and options for our customers’ projects at a competitive price.

Learn more about Kudu, swissQprint’s latest high-end flatbed printer, or contact us for a personal presentation and demo.
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