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Lowe-Martin integrates XMPie Storeflow with Print MIS

October 15, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Ontario-based Lowe-Martin, an XMPie customer, has recently optimized its web-to-print workflow by integrating XMPie StoreFlow with its EFI Print MIS using MyVirtualCSR from Fraysen.

A printing and omni-channel marketing provider, Lowe-Martin has been using XMPie’s Enterprise Cross Media solution and web-to-print solution, PersonalEffect StoreFlow, since 2008 to serve large enterprises, financial organizations and retailers with omni-channel marketing programs, marketing document management and other communications services. It recently consolidated its web-to-print services and sought to integrate its print ordering system with its Print MIS.

“The XMPie software platform includes a rich and powerful set of APIs that partners can use to create solutions which integrate XMPie software with other subsystems, such as print MIS. Fraysen took advantage of these capabilities by linking XMPie’s web-to-print solution, StoreFlow, with EFI Pace, enabling Lowe-Martin to streamline its operations,” said Doug Pike, VP Sales, XMPie.


Lowe-Martin has always strived to achieve a fully automated workflow on its web-to-print solutions, including not only pre-press automation but also a production plan (Estimate) for every job part. Utilizing XMPie’s job specification export as XML has allowed Lowe-Martin to utilize the EFI Pace MIS estimate templating functionality to ensure web-to-print jobs have a production plan and follow a schedule like other jobs manually created in the MIS.

“Today when efficiencies determine the level of profitability of any job, achieving a full and seamless integration without a compromise, is imperative. Having XMPie as the best-in-class web-to-print solution integrated with EFI Pace MIS has helped Lowe-Martin achieve a fully automated workflow. Fraysen Systems’ dedication and flexibility have made this process very simple and easy,” said Denis Muslimovic, Vice President, Information Technology and Digital Services, Lowe-Martin.

“MyVirtualCSR allows XMPie users to connect their StoreFlow storefronts with any industry-leading Print MIS including EFI Pace, PrintSmith and more. The integration turns StoreFlow web-to-print orders into production-ready jobs, and XMPie customers can keep track of every order,” said Finbar Gallagher, CTO and Founder, Fraysen, Inc. “Instead of the storefront administrator manually transferring orders from StoreFlow to the MIS and manually updating order status and shipment tracking numbers to keep clients informed, they can now spend time on other higher-value tasks such as closing more sales.”

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